Furthest Right

Barack Obama: Prelude to Oligarchy


What do you call it when a candidate is popular with two groups:

  • The self-described proletariat, or those with low self-esteem and low performance, who really hate anyone who’s doing well.
  • The media and government and social elites, who are doing well because they’re able to fool the above group into buying their products.

I call it a prelude to oligarchy.

The rich elites get their candidate.

The middle class, traditional values, hard-working people who generate the actual wealth and create the social stability of the nation — they get revenged upon by the people who aren’t making it and have ended up disillusioned underachievers.

Hipsters, the impoverished, criminals, media elites, Hollywood glamour cases, and big multinational business all agree: vote Obama. Vote for the image and not the reality. Defer any difficult decisions.

Let us continue the plunder, and ruling from behind the scenes.

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