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As Chaos Spreads, Government Gets More Powerful

Suspects arrested in cases as minor as shoplifting would have to give a DNA sample before they are even charged with a crime if a controversial proposal is approved by the Legislature.

State criminal defense groups and the American Civil Liberties Union say the House bill is unconstitutional. It would mandate that police or jail staff collect DNA from all adults and juveniles arrested on suspicion of a felony or gross misdemeanor.

More than a dozen states already allow law enforcement to collect DNA from suspects before they are convicted. Three more states, including Washington, are considering such proposals this year.

Seattle Times

Anarchists and other dummies tell you that government exists to prey on you.

More realistically, it exists because of the decisions made by you and your fellow citizens.

Electronic surveillance and collection of personal data are “pervasive” in British society and threaten to undermine democracy, peers have warned.

The proliferation of CCTV cameras and the growth of the DNA database were two examples of threats to privacy, the Lords constitution committee said.

Those subject to unlawful surveillance should be compensated while the policy of DNA retention should be rethought.


When you demand society tolerate parasites, those parasites go and commit tons of crime, causing your fellow citizens to scream for enforcement.

That’s what empowers government to control you.

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