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Are We Hardwired to Need Gods?

Religion is part of human nature and our brains are hard wired to believe in God, scientists believe.

The evidence includes studies of babies and children which have shown the brain is programmed to think of the mind as being separate from the body.

As we grow older, we concentrate more on the moral dimensions of faith and less on its supernatural side, studies show.

The Daily Mail

Mind/body dualism causes us to think we are more than meat with brains.

We like to think about this other world, thoughts, where things are pure and we are immortal… where everything we do is deliberate… where death and horror do not exist.

That’s massively illusory.

Only idiots think that eliminating religion cures us of this failing. In fact, the only thing that eliminates it is mental discipline — and that only in the ten percent or so with the brains to do it.

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