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Are Republicans racist? — or are Democrats?

Conventional wisdom: Latinos are a growing voter base in this country, so Republicans should reach out to them, or they’ll get left behind!

Sudden revelation: no matter what Republicans do, Latinos (and blacks, and most Asians) are never going to vote for them. They’re going to vote for Democrats because the Democratic platform includes the idea of entitlement payments and preferred status to minorities.

And that will never change.

In a year when Democrats are struggling to energize supporters, Hispanic voters appear significantly less motivated than the rest of the U.S. to cast election ballots even though two-thirds of Latino registered voters say they’ll vote Democratic in their congressional race, a Pew Hispanic Center study shows. – AP

We always get this cart-before-the-horse problem in politics. We assume that Latinos aren’t voting Republican because Republicans appear racist. But then when you look into the history of it, you see that Latinos never vote Republican in any significant numbers. The Republican platform is “support business and social institutions.” What Latino voters like is what the Democrats offer, which is “support anyone who is not business or social institution.”

Even more disturbing is the realization that Latinos are here because Democrats imported them, knowing they’d be solid Democratic voters. But it’s racist for you to disagree. And you don’t want to be seen as racist, comrade citizen…

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