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Antifascists beat un-fascist punk vocalist

this message is to the [people] who came to the madrid show and attacked wattie from behind with metal bars.

you are morons …not men 12 guys on to one guy how brave.

{ snip }

you so called anti nazis attacked wattie with no warning or discussion because you think we are nazis. wattie had his picture taken with some one 20 odd years ago from a band that he didnt even know at the time that picture was taken.

he has had his picture taken with hundreds of people in hundreds of bands.

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As long as you don’t appear to be fascism or Nazi, you can be an authoritarian and hurt whoever you want, and others will think you’re Doing The Right Thing, Man.

So if Satan comes to earth and paints the word GOOD on his forehead, we’ll let him do whatever he wants.

Civilizations make it too easy to manipulate one another.

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