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Anticipating The Great Separation

Humanity finds itself rapidly approaching a breakpoint. What we have been doing for the past millennium has not been working so well, but because of a lack of real competition, we were able to keep taking on loads of parasitic programs and parasitic people and still live a good life.

Most functional people pay no attention to the world around them. Occasionally they read or hear something that makes them wonder what people are thinking. Functional people assume that others are functional, therefore the condition of most of humanity baffles them.

Your average functional person can be heard saying, several times a day, something like “Why don’t they just do the obvious thing?” The answer is that these people are not functional, and what is obvious to the functional people is a mystery to them.

That includes their government. A functional observer finds democracy to be the equivalent of an asylum with extra layers of bureaucracy. The bureaucracy exists to legitimize popular tendencies, namely toward wanting free stuff, minimal accountability, and babysitters and janitors. These are not things functional people need.

It seems to be a problem with civilization itself. Any time a society is set up, someone figures out how to do some task the first time, and then imitation of that method becomes the norm. Society shifts to means-over-ends thinking, forgets the why, loses sight of any goals, and becomes alienated from reality.

Fast-forward a few centuries and most of the people in the society are non-functional. They can go to jobs and do tasks at them, but without being told what to do, they lapse into individualism, or behaving as if they were the only people in a world that does not require any input to keep it from going off the rails.

To such people, society exists for them, just like nature exists for them. The world is their ashtray and a mirror for their emotions. When they are happy, the world is joyous; when they are sad, the world is a dark and cold place. Individualists see all of reality as an extension of their personality and believe it will never change on its own.

In their minds, the world is exactly as it was when they came of age, just with a few cosmetic variations. Nothing really ever changes, in their view, which is why such people are forever on a quest for novelty. They have no duty to make things work or conserve them, since the world is there for them and merely one facet of their being.

As you can guess, such people can never build civilization, only destroy it (slowly) through taking everything they want, doing nothing to keep the rest operating, and then flitting on to their next blithe fascination without a second thought. These non-functional people are erosion and entropy in human form.

No one knew what to do with them. Once a society is formed, people feel an obligation to others. They do not want to eject the insane, criminal, perverse, and idiotic because that looks bad to middle class neighbors. Instead, they write checks in a process called “welfare” or “socialism,” and invent jobs for these people through the bureaucracy.

The process has gone on for generations and now the burden of supporting all of these people — many of whom work, albeit at jobs where they do only what is instructed and invest no affirmative effort in thinking — has crushed this society and made it unable to act.

They wrote millions of lines of law, implemented thousands of agencies, stacked up business with lots of conventions, and clogged cities with lots of yes-men who have no leadership ability but will gladly be middle managers for the extra salary. Their presence has transformed society into a corporate job environment where mediocrity is rewarded.

Functional people are ready to split from this group, much like our ancestors would pack up and leave the caves in a caravan in spring, leaving behind anyone who was not capable enough. When the subsidies and jobs created by regulation fade, the dysfunctional are going to head to easier living in the third world.

The functional will then create a new version of the society that has always worked for them, one which rewards results instead of obedience or victimhood. This is the type of civilization that can rise again, where the reign of the non-functional in the present day is headed nowhere but to the abyss.

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