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Anti-racism for Conservatives

The principle of conservatism is that we conserve, or protect and nurture, the good things in life.

What’s good generally doesn’t change through the years. We will always like brave, honest, forthright, honorable, gentle, assertive, intelligent, healthy, attractive and morally upright people. We will also always like the great works of culture from ancient Rome and Greece, the classical and Romantic periods of European art, and others. We don’t throw out these good things when the trend changes, because they are eternally good.

When it comes to race, Conservatives face a quandary.

We don’t like racism, because racism is the idea of a universal preference against a certain race. Wherever you are on earth, whatever the circumstance, you don’t like X race and prefer Y race. With that tends to come scorn, cruelty and violence. Even worse, we see that our young men who get caught up in racist movements tend to become embittered, adjusted to futility and violent.

However, we conserve. And part of conservation is saying that any ethnic group should be able to preserve itself. Sounds OK so far, but then you realize that part of self-preservation is not outbreeding. In turn, that requires not letting other people into your local area. And so conserving ethnic groups is inevitably accused of being racist.

The real racism however is insistence that there’s one superior race everywhere on earth, at every time, and that it’s always preferable to pure ethnicity. That superior race is the mixed race, which is both convenient for industry and gives us warm fuzzies because it means no more ethnic conflict, or so we think. But in order to demand that this race exist, we must also become racists and demand the forced destruction of all ethnic groups in the name of diversity and anti-racism.

As a Conservative, I loathe well-intentioned attempts by a small minority to “fix” what nature has created. I loathe them mainly because they don’t work. They always end up creating a public dogma that because it’s unrealistic, creates a witch-hunt for people rational enough to deny it. I fear anti-racism is one of these because of the paradox I relate above.

My solution is to stop pushing an agenda on people. Stop the diversity mania, because it’s actually racist. Instead, conserve culture and heritage everywhere on earth. Thank you for reading.

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