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And the consequences of immigration are…

Displacement: of your population, economy and leadership.

“I have two degrees but I am a waitress. There is no opportunity for young people here any more but I don’t think this is confined to Greece. The economic situation leaves a lot of young people across Europe feeling bleak and hopeless.”

The Guardian

What these idiots are really rioting about — brave anarchists! — is money.

They’re impoverished.

They blame the free markets. This is true, to a degree: the free market allowed importation of thousands of guest workers who, by taking up the lower cost jobs, encouraged competition for all jobs with livable salaries.

This has happened across Europe and it’s why people are discontent.

Unfortunately, The People everywhere are dumb as bricks, and vote in liars who promise them “free money” through social welfare, etc. Where does that money come from? No one knows.

So the cycle continues.

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