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Anarchists are stupid scumbags part III

Correct Mr Corrupt. We will not publish comments from openly racist gobshites, so you are getting NoPlatformed.
Claims that you have “debunked” evidence of a link between the imaginary anarchist organisations listed above might be more convincing if you provided evidence more solid than an assertion by a racist fool.

For one thing, I note that the site itself hasn’t attempted to defend itself but is relying on you, a racist, elitist pseud to claim that the above story is wrong. It is not.

There is racist crap on that site, racist crap on your site and uncritical weblinks found between the two.

Give it up and get some fucking politics you thick as shit fascist.

Glasgow Anarchists

I posted informed contesting their assertions, including proof. Their response was to censor it and spit about the above chain of insults.

These people are comical and vicious.

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