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Anarchists are jerks pt II

Meanwhile the lawyer for the two police officers arrested over the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos said a ballistics report showed the 15-year-old was killed by a ricochet rather than a direct shot, according to news wire reports. A coroner’s report shows the boy was shot in the chest.

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Police say the shooting happened in a restive Athens neighborhood after six young protesters pelted a patrol car with stones. Grigoropoulos, was killed as he tried to throw a fuel-filled bomb at the officers, they said.

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The leader of the left-wing opposition party SYRIZA has called for protesters to topple the government, but Karamanlis ruled out early elections.


Throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, Greek police cars or Russian sentries will get you killed. A thrown rock can kill them, and they know that if they don’t respond, the attacks will get worse.

So what these anarchists did was to provoke violence against themselves.

This kind of passive aggression — the defensive offense of self-identified weaklings — allows them to both start the violence and claim to be victims, so that their mainstream leftist party can get ahead.

No society should tolerate this stupidity.

Anarchists are basically brats who want the advantages of society without the obligations. Sure, we all don’t want unnecessary authority over us (that’s hopefully not the news to anyone). But deciding that all authority is bad, we want to riot and… well, keep those grocery stores and air conditioning and free food coming, please!

Anarchy is a philosophy for people who have given up on making sense of the world and want to destroy. It attracts bratty teenagers who have a chance to be big shots for ten minutes and go for it, then get winged by police as they try to throw firebombs at them. That gives all of them a chance to moan together.

In the West, our societies are awash in fatalistic people like anarchists. They can’t figure out a solution because they are so afraid for themselves, they insist on drastic “rights” for everyone. But that leads to social failure. So they lash out in futility and anger.

The result is that the working class, the people they claim to be defending, face a worse life and greater political instability and, while the leftist part gets ahead, it’s as corrupt as the other parties, and so nothing changes. But at least it was an excuse to feel really alive and righteously angry for a few minutes.

Anarchists are jerks and cowards. We should not tolerate these fatalistic parasites.

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