Furthest Right

An underworld

He might not be a household name, but Ricardo Fanchini is one of the world’s most well-connected gangsters, with mobster friends as far afield as Moscow, New York, London, Antwerp, Naples, Poland and Israel.

“He was like the CEO of crime and used to organise crime summits in Austria, where people from the Camorra [Neapolitan mafia], the Colombian cartels, the Russian mafia, met up and divided up the world,” said a Belgian reporter who has investigated Fanchini for years but does not wish to be identified.


The difference between conspiracy and reality: it’s feasible that underworlds and black markets exist because they have some means of support.

That weird conspiracies exist — for what gain? — and rule invisibly is less logical.

But it’s not illogical to recognize that media elites, mafia underworlds, black markets and others produce profit, which can be used to purchase the loyalty of public officials.

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