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Alec Baldwin is Going to Walk and His Lawyers Are Morons

American justice has gone the way of everything else in America, “trial by peer pressure.” This shows us how groupthink, not some mythical conspiracy, is responsible for the decline of this nation and its civilization, and how it furthers its agenda by trying to make people think it is legitimate.

We can see this play out in the Alec Baldwin drama:

Baldwin, the lead actor and co-producer of the movie, had been practicing wielding the weapon when the gun fired.

He, has maintained that he pulled back the hammer, not the trigger, and the gun fired. Friday’s indictment followed an independent forensic test concluding that Baldwin would have had to pull the trigger of a revolver.

Baldwin is accused of causing a death by “negligent use of a firearm” and by acting “without due caution or circumspection.”

In a sane society, we recognize a total lack of intent or negligence on his part. He clearly did not mean to kill the person who died, and he relied on an industry standard group of armorers and assistants to keep the guns in working order as blank guns.

For murder, you need intent to kill; for negligent homicide, you need some evidence of negligence. Following the standards of your profession goes against the latter, and the former makes no sense since this was a movie set where people were acting out drama with what were thought to be blank guns.

However, our neurotic society sees only a problem, an emotional crisis, and the need to “do something” so it does not happen again, but cannot see that the locus was far removed from the action itself. Somewhere, someone bungled this gun so badly that a blank gun was loaded with live rounds and had its barrel cleared.

My guess is that Hollywood is hiding the obvious: its union labor had a snit and left behind a lurking time bomb, figuring that the coked-out armorer would not notice, and Baldwin was oblivious to this until the gun went off. We will see how far American “justice” has degraded, one assumes.

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