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Affirmative Action Killed The Supreme Court

I walked around town completely unaware that 100,000 children were in emergency rooms right now because of the Xi Variant of Covid-19. Perhaps this is because I watch and read all the wrong news sources. Another reason might be that this is like 57.419% of other statistics. It was made up on the spot for the convenience of political argument. This is a blatantly false and political argument from supposedly apolitical US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

“We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, and many on ventilators” due to the coronavirus, Sotomayor said Jan. 7, 2022. Her claim is not supported by data. In all, 82,842 COVID-positive children 17 and younger have been admitted to the hospital since Aug. 1, 2020, according to CDC data. The most recent data available as of Sotomayor’s remark showed 3,342 children were currently hospitalized for confirmed COVID-19, according to federal data. That number rises to 4,652 children if suspected coronavirus cases are included.

Where to start…. If a population of 328 Million has never had 100,000 kids in an emergency room, then they play everything two-hand touch. They probably even play Monopoly two-hand touch. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was hardly the only kid in his generation crippled in his youth by polio. Given the numbers from the CDC above, 3.3% of her statement is true while 96.7% is political fertilizer. The Framers of the quaint and amusing US Constitution gave Supreme Court Justices lifetime appointments to avoid disingenuous political statements like the one recently made by Justice Sotomayor.

Let us consider another frightening possibility. What if Justice Sotomayor believes Dr. Fauci? Maybe this woman sits on the Supreme Court while being stupid enough to assume Anthony Fauci is not just joking when he talks about Covid. I wish I could completely rule this out and assume that our Wise Latina was actually wise enough to be knowingly evil. She could be dumb enough to be the Barbara Boxer of the legal profession. She could have gotten her break in politics the same way. Therein lies a sad, sad tale of why demotism incestuously conjugated with magical thinking makes democracy an ongoing disaster.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor ascended via three things. She achieved for her political views, she ascended because of her racial phenotype, and she was selected for her gonads. It is a b*tche*s’ brew that supposedly concocts a magical potion. A magical potion that casts a condign spell that will heal Amerika of our purportedly sinful past. This particular potion does not purposively include intelligence, ability, or moral integrity.

Not every important Leftist lacks each of these things. Rather, if they have them, it is a fortuitous accident. Some Leftists that possess these qualities have them on the down low. They keep it quiet the way a person with characteristics from an expressed allele from a recessive gene would rather not discuss it. Leftists want leaders to be down with the struggle rather then being able to evaluate the battlefield. Sotomayor’s appointment occurred to signal virtue and hope to people without any rigorous requirement that Sonya Sotomayor actually inspire either.

Therefore, Justice Sonya Sotomayor is not either stupid or evil just because she happens to be a Leftist. It is just that neither of these hideous defects disqualifies her from fortune and fame in a democracy. There is no Cursus Honorem designed to weed idiots or liars out. Historians argue that The Roman Republic had effectively expired by the time an inveterate scumbag like Gaius Julius Caesar could ever make it to the top. To paraphrase the old Asterix the Gaul comic, all that people like him are thinking about is how to make it a triumvirate of one.

Our Senate votes to confirm liberal racial grift queens like Sonya Sotomayor because they lack the decency to carve them into stew cubes with their daggers. That decency, that courage, and that fortitude to fire the stupid and incompetent regardless of race or gender are all genetically inferior traits within the ecosystem of a demcracy. Give it a few generations and these admirable qualities will completely disappear. When they are gone, nobody can resist the spell of a Wise Latina like Sonya Sotomayor. We then get the benefits of her wisdom.

There is an old, corny joke that asks, “How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?” The answer can be something surreal like “potato.” Justice Sotomayor would estimate it requires five or six. She would do this with a straight face. She has no qualifications to be where she is in life beyond her views, her race, and her gonads. You get that with demotism. You get it good and hard.

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