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Adoption, Abortion And Miscegenation: Detachment From Biological Origins

As it turns out, adopting a child who is unlike you can kill you:

A 17-year-old boy was arrested in Texas Wednesday for murdering his adoptive parents after a 12-hour stand-off with SWAT teams that ended in tear gas being deployed.

…The reason for the murders isn’t yet known, but a pastor said that Brewer and his two older biological brothers – who were all adopted by Mr and Mrs Brewer at a young age – had a history of ‘outbursts’.

‘They did have outbursts from time to time from what the boys experienced before adoption in Russia,’ said CB Glidden, who had been forced to expel Brewer and one of his brothers from the Nazarene Christian Academy for bad behavior.

Adoption severs the line between a family and its ancestors, much like abortion and miscegenation. In realistic times, these would be seen as undesirable things. Extended family used to take in orphans, and churches would raise those with no other family, which was better than taking genetically extraneous material and giving it a family name that then allowed it to pass for the original.

In this case, a child adopted from Russia — looking more Siberian or Mongolian than European, despite light hair and eyes — turned on his adoptive parents. The most likely reason, in addition to the mental instability which made the act more extreme than the usual rebellion, is that this child was alienated by realizing that he was unlike the people around him, and thus that they were using him for their own ends.

Abortion similarly removes the sexual act from the reproductive consequences which could be anticipated, allowing people to continue having sex with strangers. This in turn further removes them from the real question of sex, which is whether it could lead to a family, since the vast majority of people want to end up happily married with kids and a dog someday.

Miscegenation might be viewed as a tantrum against origins. When someone feels no connection to their family, the best retaliation is to destroy that family line by outbreeding, such that future generations do not resemble what came before. This is also a violent act against the genetic continuity of family and as folk wisdom holds, shows low self-confidence and anger at the parents.

All of these are blights of the modern time, encouraged by a dying society.

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