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78% of Americans think USA is on wrong track

Americans are divided along racial lines but agree that the United States is on the wrong track and the economy is the top priority, according to an opinion poll conducted by USA Today, ABC News and Columbia University released on Tuesday.

Eighty percent of blacks and Hispanics and 76 percent of whites surveyed said the economy should be the next president’s highest priority.

“Majority of Americans say U.S. on wrong track: poll” by Joanne Allen

This article is basically a hit piece on yesterday’s figures which show the US electorate is strongly divided over race, with most white people preferring to remain white and believing that blacks and Hispanics are of lower intelligence and generally create their own problems. This view has not changed among most white people over 30 through the last ten generations.

Of course everyone thinks the economy should be fixed. It’s how we eat, and it’s broken.

Interesting how the different types of flag-waving exist to distract us from fundamental problems: unstable superpower, race/class war, sexual freedom leading to declining population, pollution, nuclear proliferation, dying fish stocks, no plan. All of those are more important than abortion, gun control, and these silly polls.

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