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Translations Of Brett Stevens In Finnish

When my life was shorter, and a fever gripped the brain, the stories of the Finnish winter war came to me. This brought a strange distant land to my own perspective: cowboys versus Indians, the Alamo, any fight where a few brave people of great will faced a mindless mass… and it became clear that this was a spirited land, a good place, even if their language was incomprehensible to me.

Then years later, it became clear that Finnish people had innovated death metal and black metal, and pointed them toward more of a transcendental viewpoint. Could one be more enamored of a people from far away?

Some decades later, it is with great pleasure that it can be announced that there are translations of recent articles — as opposed to those translated years ago — into the noble language of Finnish, by those who clearly understand what those articles are going on about. The publication Sarastus has translated one of my writings, Laiskuuden puolustus, for your reading pleasure.

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