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Outliers (#22)


The linear art of cascading adjectives. Trump rising. Psychological trauma. Europe ablaze; use that blaze to light a candle, not curse the darkness! Collapse denial. 0bama destabilization. Cognitive dissonance and how to combat it. Free speech for the dumb (relevant).

Weekly rounds: here, here and here.

History shows us again that responsible, moderate far-right parties succeed where radicals do not:

Founded in 2013 by a group of academics, intellectuals and economists who wanted to leave the Euro, the AFD has since enjoyed soaring popularity through its furious opposition to the country’s ‘open door’ migration policy. Each time one of Germany’s 16 states has had an election, the AFD has proved itself to be a serious force.

The new party has virtually wiped out the Far-Right NPD party along the way. This neo-Nazi outfit had been running an aggressively anti-Muslim campaign…But their brutish extremism didn’t impress the electorate. At last weekend’s poll, their vote collapsed and they lost all their state MPs (their last in Germany).

Impurity (relevant). Cuck LARP. Anti-dystopia, too sensible/pleasurable to believe. Alas, we must romance dystopia instead. Secede from the modern world. Suicide versus coherence. Why Leftism? — because entropy. Asymmetry2. The invisible enemy thrives unnamed. Ultimate decision for Western politics (ulp!).

A warning from the Red The New York Times about matriarchy:

“Being hated by females,” she said in an email interview, “is a big matter for male bonobos.”

…Moreover, female bonobos rarely formed coalitions with their preferred girlfriends — the individuals they spent the most time with and groomed the most ardently. Instead, the researchers found, coalitions arose when a senior female would step in and take the side of a younger peer caught up in an escalating conflict with a resident male.

Struggle for self-discipline and transcendental purpose. Genetic aptitude and the death of the “blank slate” theory. Mindless modernity and the zombie pursuit of materialism. Identity.

Emptiness consumes us all, unless we fight back with existential bravery. Who’s up? Masculinity inverted. Media lies. Leftist subversion. Ecocide (viva Linkola et Kaczynski).

Teh Matix vs. Teh Establishmnet. Phyllis (<3). Demographics triumph over intentions. Democracy as Soviet-style moral perversion. Panorama.

A national anthem. Doff your hats, please.

T+10. Mother Theresa. Haafu. Plebism. Apple as a rent-seeker. wASp. Xenophile Occupation Government (XOG).

Into the void. Baseline. Globalism as morality. PC potlatch. Nationalism.

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