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Lakewood “Organic Pure Tart Cherry Juice”

If you ever wanted that “wine feeling” without wine, consider diluting Lakewood “Organic Pure Tart Cherry Juice” 3:1 with seltzer water. It has the same rich, sweet, tart, but tangy flavor as wine does and is very similar to fermented grape, but obviously has no alcohol and fewer calories.

If like me you are often a designated driver, and are glad to serve in this role, it is good to have something you can drink that looks like wine, tastes like wine, and is flavorful enough that it is better than non-alcoholic wine (which tastes like paint thinner anyway).

For everyday drinking, this strikes me as saner than soft drinks. It has sweetness; it is not sweet. It is tart, but the tartness is not overwhelming if you dilute it with some seltzer water or regular water. Do this for a couple weeks and you will reprogram your tastes buds so that soda tastes like the candied ‘beetus it is.

Get it from the producer ($75/6) or Amazon ($10/each).

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