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Five Movies About Government Conspiracies

A “conspiracy theory” is an explanation that ties together observed phenomena in terms of underlying causes as well, in this case human planning. The Latin root of “conspiracy,” conspirare, means to “whisper together.” Here are five movies to open your mind about the real possibility of conspiracies in government and media:

The Killer Elite

One of the only films that explores what happens when shady conspirators find themselves at odds with one another.


If you’re flush with cash and your biggest goal is sky-high ratings, what wouldn’t you be willing to do?

The Osterman Weekend

Sam Peckinpah’s last film, it has all his signature masculine energy and righteous violence — but with so many conspiratorial twists and turns it leaves your head spinning.


America’s most plausible conspiracy theories have always been about the late President, because the official account makes no sense. Oliver Stone’s epic is a spectacular deep dive.

Eyes Wide Shut

The great Stanley Kubrick’s last film, if we ever learn the full truth about Jeffrey Epstein, it might well get reclassified as a documentary.

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