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Feminism Is a Marketing Demographic and Reproductive Strategy

Ask any self-proclaimed feminist what is at the core of her beliefs and you’ll usually get something to the effect of “reproductive rights” and/or “financial empowerment.” This can be translated into abortion on demand, birth control pills, abortion pills, plan B, (all of it paid for by someone else of course), and the cause of The Current Year, equal pay for equal work.

I’m not going to debunk the wage gap lie today. That’s been taken apart many times and if you’re an honest feminist reading this you’ll go watch the wage gap video here, then stop lying about it.

But all of these issues come down to one thing really: women’s purchasing power. More specifically the purchasing power of a specific type of woman, upper middle-class (usually) white, college educated and often professionally educated, urban women. The reproductive rights they’re concerned with are centered on not losing purchasing power due to having a child or children that would soak up her money. Moreover children would almost certainly get in the way of a career, so many young SWPL women are opting to not have children to work on their careers, assuming that men will still be interested in them at thirty-seven. That assumption is dead wrong, and is at the heart of the feminist marketing demographic.

Several weeks ago arch-feminist Joss Whedon, master of the empowered kickass female lead, was exposed by his ex-wife when she dropped a bombshell on his fan base by revealing that she felt like she and feminism were being used as shields so Joss could whore around with women who would never have anything to do with a gamma male like him unless he had the power to make or break their careers.

This set me to thinking, why would a man be a feminist? I’ve never really understood it though I do have a good number of SWPL friends who are male feminists. Then it occurred to me while reading the anger directed at Whedon by his feminist fans in the media. Feminism has become a mating strategy, and where there is sex, there is money.

Joss Whedon adopted the label of feminist to get laid. He is a gamma male who much like other male feminists thinks being politically aligned with female feminists will eventually allow him to sleep with them. Male feminists believe, and probably because it must work some of the time, that if you are vocal enough in your support for female empowerment and dismantling the patriarchy it will eventually lead to sex. And for men, sex is acquired through money and success. Today money is made through marketing. Thus, feminism was used by Whedon to sell Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Avengers and a few lesser known properties at the feminist demographic. Call yourself a feminist; get cat lady dollars as they go to women only screenings of Wonder Woman (that were probably illegal).

The success of these properties is not due entirely to feminism. A lot of it has to do with the overlap between the left-wing nerd demographic (which is an op-ed I’ll write soon enough), and the feminist demographic. In fact, go to most conventions for SFF, read the books that win Hugos, watch the critically acclaimed movies or even witness the push for women in STEM fields and you’ll see that there is quite a bit of overlap between the nerd demographic and the feminist demographic.

It’s all about mating. Most male nerds have little hope of landing a tier 1 woman, so they adopt an alternate strategy. Manipulating lower SMV (sexual market value) women, who let’s be honest here, are the majority of feminists, into being with them by convincing those women that they’re “nice guys” or “good guys.” And why wouldn’t women fall for it? These now grown men grew up in the shadow of Bill Clinton. They saw that feminists would throw their values out the window, for example Nina Burleigh offered Clinton a BJ, for what, keeping abortion legal?

Fast forward a few decades and the kids who saw that are now in the streets with women wearing pussy hats and virtue signaling that they’re totally down with ending sexual harassment at work and ending the pay gap.

Today feminism is ostensibly about politics, but really it’s about culture. Feminism is about selling a fantasy to financially secure women who sacrificed their youth and beauty to achieve success equal to or surpassing that of men. This was predicated on the notion that women’s SMV will increase with money and power in the same way that a man’s does. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Feminism in culture is obsessed with the “strong female” and “empowered woman” who is doing everything that men can and sometimes doing it better. Muh equality.

The antithesis of the strong woman is the victim. Thus in the minds of men like Joss Whedon and the rest of the gammas who take to feminism there is a binary position that women can occupy: strong woman or victim of patriarchy.

My first problem with feminism is that this dichotomy sets up the sexes as competitive because it views us as equal socially speaking. I’ve watched women of my generation (gen X) lose their minds as they hit the wall and realize the men they want don’t want or need them. It’s rather telling to me that many women past their prime would rather have a book, a glass of wine, or a “girl’s night” than be with one of these low status orbiters who kiss their asses all day. To paraphrase Ferris Bueller, “You can’t respect someone who kisses your ass.”

Thus the leftist entertainment industry makes a killing off of showing women fantasies about other young beautiful women like Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot both kicking ass and getting the guy. It’s the same with women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and the slew of female oriented magazines telling women how to act like thots and reassuring them there are no consequences to sleeping around like men. Again, the gamma male and his reproductive strategy have struck at the heart of women’s nature. I can see the conversation among gammas now:

Whedon: “Guys how do we get some pussy?”

Wheaton: (looking at a picture of Felicia Day) “I dunno, maybe we could trick the women into fucking us?”

Whedon: “How though?”

Wheaton: “Pity fuck of course!”

Scalzi: “Or better, we could get close to them by kissing their asses and lying about being feminists. Then when the men they want reject them we’ll be there to pick up the pieces!”

Whedon: “Brilliant!”

This dichotomy and the fantasy life supporting it are contradictory to actual female strengths. Watch this young Polish woman do what no feminist ever would.

That young woman is more of a woman than the vast majority of feminists I know and she isn’t whining about slut shaming or LARPing as a Navy SEAL.

To be honest, if feminists kept to themselves and didn’t try to ruin culture for the socially and sexually successful people I probably wouldn’t give two shits about them. But feminists aren’t satisfied with being a bag of malcontents wallowing in their own misery. No they are recruiting vulnerable young women to their idiotic causes (fat acceptance and “Islam is feminist” really feminists?) which ultimately fly in the face of true female virtues.

My second major problem with feminism is that entertainment itself has been compromised by the unholy alliance of gamma male and feminist. I want that to stop and I believe most other creators do as well. The solution is simple. Stop judging work on its political merits, and stop faulting creators who made something their critics dare not even try. Stop policing content. Stop ruining the careers of people who aren’t in your low status cult. In the 90s Christian Conservatives like Jack Thompson overstepped their reach by condemning pop culture. Today feminists are doing the same thing. The recent remake of Ghostbusters is proof that when politics comes before quality disaster will ensue.

I’m under no delusions. Feminists and their gammas will not give up their power easily. They’ll still continue to police “problematic” content and require genuflection from creators in the form of token strong empowered women. The solution is simple. Ignore them, and make great art.

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