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The organised ignorance as the Danger for Man and Environment at the Eve of 21-st Century (Marek Glogoczowski)

Saturday, August 22nd, 1970

The organised ignorance as the Danger for Man and Environment at the Eve of 21-st Century

Marek Glogoczowski

The exact title of the lecture I was asked for is “Dangers for Man and Environment at the Eve of 21-st Century”. This title suggests that some kind of impersonal evil endangers our existence. Moreover, this evil is somehow linked with the history of past 20 centuries of our civilisation. But where from does this danger come? I am teaching at present philosophy and I would like to begin this lecture with the recall – or anamnesis as ancient Greeks would say – of the opinion of Socrates about the Evil. According to this philosopher people have intrinsically good nature. All their actions, which have the evident character of wrong-doings, are born solely from their ignorance. In light of this Socratic logic, the well visible accumulation of wrong-doings in our environment should be attributed to simple-mindness and ignorance of past and present Proud Constructors of our civilisation. In particular we should be aware that the evil might be introduced by the activity of various enlighting the society” institutions, which corrupted into Centres of Ignorance, and thus also centres of – frequently unconscious – crime.

This conference is held in the Reading Room of the Main Library of our Pedagogical School. On all sides of it we have shelves with encyclopaedic books and newspapers. So we are gathered in a place where the Knowledge is accumulated. According to Socrates logic we find ourselves in a place which should be the source of wisdom and Good. But do all volumes and newspapers collected here give us the honest information? Precisely in this Reading Room a week ago I had a displeasure to find false news printed in Przeglad Tygodniowy (The Weekly Review) from Warsaw, with which weekly I’ve collaborated for years. I found there a whole series of articles introducing an unaware reader into an error: for example at the date of December 1 (1999), its “European” correspondent repeated without hesitation a news from American Aviation Week and Space Technology, informing us that Specialists from the Pentagon were able to paralyse the Yugoslavian air defence only with the use of computers. During 78 days of conflict Serbian anti-aircraft defence destroyed only two NATO planes, and so on. The correspondent of Przeglad Tygodniowy re-wrote than an impressive story of fake NATO planes created by Pentagon’s “magicians” (operating with Space Technology, of course) on Serbian anti-aircraft radars. In fact, until now NATO Headquarters assures us repeatedly that only two manned planes of the Pact were destroyed over Serbia. But is it the true information or only the fake one, created in our newspapers by those famous Pentagon’s “magicians” (especially in the matter of public relations)?

Already at the end of April this year a competent American monthly Defence and Foreign Affairs estimated the real number of manned NATO planes destroyed at about 40, including 3 “invisible” F-117. Moreover, in Polish journal Trybuna of November 27 (it means, four days before publication of Pentagon’s “revelations” in Przeglad Tygodniowy) appeared a lengthy article informing that in reality Serbian anti-aircraft defence destroyed in total 326 flying enemy objects and that 35 NATO pilots were held in captivity in Yugoslavia. In exchange for those pilots (and for the official silence on this affair) the Serbian government received from Western countries quite a huge (although unknown in numbers) tribute. According to Trybuna, this “war tribute” is at the origin of not only of the present stability of the actual “anti-European” regime in Serbia, but also of the surprising speed in which the country recovers from NATO inflicted wounds: already more than 30 bridges – out of the total of about 60 which were destroyed – are reconstructed! (At the end of October, during my travel to Belgrade, I’ve crossed the Danube by one of those freshly renovated bridges.)

All this indicate, that it is sufficient to look carefully at shelves in this Reading Room to find an important source of misinformation (in other words, of organised ignorance) in the World: it is the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. In the case of lasting already ten years war of (American) “Europe” against Yugoslavia, the organised ignorance has become the principal source of evil on our Continent. Here I will outline in short how putting into secrecy of real intentions of “hidden leaders” of the Western World has lead to the accumulation of various disasters not only in Balkans but also in all Europe.

1. So called Human Rights have become the pretext for an attempt to decapitate – as wrote it Alexander Zinoviev in his “Letter to Serbs” – of an entire European nation. (One of my friends, Prof. Vladymir Bozkov from Skopie, Macedomia, put this goal in more general terms. At the occasion of beginning of the third month of bombings he told me Oni chotiat’ ubit’ wsiech umnych ljudi – “They (rulers of the West) want to kill all mindful people”.)

2. As the result of partial succes in realisation of this grandiose project, in Kosovo was established an Albano-Muslim state ruled by professional gangsters. Perhaps in future this war will bear the name of “Heroine War”, for it was conducted at the demand of the Albanian Mafia lobby (represented by Bob Doyle and Joe di Guardi) in the American Senate1[1]. (The prototype of such “moral war” are Opium Wars conducted by English merchants in China.)

3. The province of Kosovo and Metohia was abundantly shelled with munitions containing the depleted uranium. This was a completely purposeful action of littering of a significant part of Europe with highly toxic and radioactive waste produced in nuclear power plants. The same ecological ethics guided NATO commanders ordering the bombing of Serbian National Parks with incendiary bombs, and organising the pollution of whole of south-east Europe with highly toxic residues from burning refineries and other chemical plants.

4. Several bridges over Danube were destroyed as a part of a project of inhibiting all international traffic in the center of south-east Europe. Although provisory bridges are completed, the destroyed ones remain buried in river sediments, blocking in this way the cheapest bulk merchandise transport in more than ten European countries.

5. NATO probably tested the “seismic weapon”, while bombing for months, with heaviest 2,5 tons bombs, regions of tectonic faults in Serbia. During these bombardments in Central Serbia was observed at least one, relatively moderate earthquake (of force about 5 on Richter scale). But soon after the completion of military activities there were 3 very big earthquakes (of force over 7 on Richter scale) at the edges of tectonic faults which were bombed. (One earthquake in Athens and two, very murderous, in Turkey in the vicinity of Istanbul.) Although the correlation between those earthquakes and earlier bombings might be random, my professional sense of geophysics (dating from time of my studies at U.C. Berkeley, 30 years ago) predicts that the repeated striking of a fragile plate in one point may result in its delayed rupture in an apparently not predictable, remote place. It is quite possible that Turkish pilots, dropping bombs on Serbia, contributed to the heavy earthquake damage in their own country.

6. As an unpredicted result of this “War for Human Rights” we witness a specific bestialisation of the Albanian population. At the beginning of war this population was invited (mostly by NATO cassette bombs) to escape from their settlements in Kosovo, and thanafter it was excited (principally by their leaders trained by Western instructors) to rob, to kill and to torture their Serbian neighbours. There is a real danger that this bestialisation of culture will widespread – thanks to numerous Albanian migrants – throughout all Europe.

All these evidence indicate that our “Americanised Europe” is in reality fighting the war against itself. It is the war against its own, historical population and culture, the war against its own wealth, and even against its own landscape. This pathological situation may be compared to the situation of a man infected by a specific HIV (Human Immunodeficiency) Virus: his immunitary cells specialised in maintenance of the “moral order” within the body attack and destroy other cells of his own immunitary system, which they erroneously recognise as “aliens”. Those “aliens” in Europe of to-day are all mindful people, mentioned in point 1. (The normal, specific task of those people is – as postulated it already Plato – the maintenance of harmonious proportions in all parts of the social body.) The society, deprived of its “mind” stratum, turns than into a cancer-like mass of parasite organisations (lodges, corporations and Mafias) which grow freely, promoting at the same time an uncontrolled growth of most primitive social strata. (The Albanian population, which thanks to NATO occupies at present the entire Kosovo – and spreads towards Greece and Germany – has in average 9 children per women.)

What is this “HIV-like message” – or, using the modish terminology, the “cultural tumor virus” – which ravages, since the Industrial Revolution, the entire Planet? At the entrance to this Reading Room are exhibited European Union sponsored posters which prise values of so called Human Rights. Here I will announce a controversial thesis that precisely these Human Rights are the greatest danger both for the Humanity and for our Environment. These artificial “Rights” enable simple-minded men not only to intervene, without any moral objections, into the Global eco-system. (The recent aerial war against Yugoslavia gave an excellent example of such narrow-minded intervention – see points 3 to 5.) Those “Rights” permit also the harrasment of all more cultivated and intelligent people. (See points 1,2 and 6; at present a specific “human law”, forbiding to travel to the European Union, is applied to already 600 Yugoslav leaders.)

We have no time here to enter into details of the Evil incorporated into the very constitution of Human Rights. To those who are interested in this matter I propose a careful lecture of an article of Karl Marx “Zur Judefrage”2[2] (“To Jewish question”) written already 156 years ago. In this significant article (which forms the base for the rest of writings of this thinker) Marx ends his reflection on human rights in a following way: No one of so called human rights exceeds beyond the egoistic man, it means the individual which orients himself exclusively with his self, with his own particular interests, his egoistic outlook and who is isolated from the community. In the light of those rights man is not at all considered as a social (belonging to a species) being.

The fact that higher forms of personality develop only by close, direct contacts between people is well known in psychology. The commercial regime (to which artificial “social body” the worshipping human rights Civil Society automatically degenerates) diminishes in a radical way the possibility of development of direct, altruistic contacts between humans. It thus sensibly diminishes the possibility of formulation of more broadminded, pro-social and pro-ecological views. And, as argued Socrates, the ignorance and narrow-mindness is at the origin of all the evil in the man-made-world.

At least two prominent historians of science, Lynn White[3] in USA and Pierre Thuiller[4] in France, insist that the present ecological crisis has its roots in the very ideology of conquest characterising our Judeo-Christian civilisation. So, in order to localise the ravaging our culture HIV (or more preciesly MEME – the Mind Emptying and Memory Erasing) virus, we have to screen carefully Sacred Books of Laws of our, grown with the Bible, society. While doing this, we will easily find that in these “Covenants with God” are inserted educative models which promote the culture of “socially succesful” lies and deceits, increasing thus the general level of ignorance. Also models which glorify the common cowardice, selfishness, jealousy and greed. In those antique Jew “constitutions” we find even an appraisal of eco-terrorist behaviour (“The fear of you shall be upon every beast on the earth and upon every bird of the air”) as well as the (fake) promise of globalisation (“There will be one Shepherd and one herd”). Somehow these dubious Biblical values and desires impregnated the behaviuor of “doctors and scribes” which dominate in our post-modernist times.

Book-sellers of to-day make good affairs selling books dealing with the “Code” of the Bible. Here I would like to anamnese that the pertinent deciphering of the biblical word LORD was done by Karl Marx already 156 years ago. According to this philosopher, this sacred word means MONEY. (Literally: Money is this fervent God of Israel, against which no other god can stand up. Money became the world power, and the Jewish practical spirit became the practical spirit of Christian nations.) With no doubt money can put into obscurity the most evident facts. Here is sufficient to recall the story of “invisibilisation” of NATO planes (and their crews) destroyed by Yugoslav Army. All this mean that Money (“God of Israel” in Karl Marx opinion) is this God of Ignorance we were searching for. And of course, our beloved Financial Institutions are Centers of organised (by the ignorance) Crime. If we do not tame the overgrowth of those “Temples of Ignorance” we will have (a criminal) End of the History, an apparently glorious event, already prophesised in the “Apocalypse” of St. Jean.
I would like to end this lecture with the opinion of Noam Chomsky pronounced in September 1991, shortly after the Gulf War: Our educated classes march in disciplined order, repeating learned by them slogans; the society becomes rotten from inside; we become valets of the (corporate) state which consists of mercenaries, and we are dreaming that someone will pay us for the destruction of the world5[5].

[1] See for ex. the information contained at internet pages of Benjamin Works, the director of American Strategic Issues Research Institute (www.SIRI-US/backgrounders/Archives Kosovo).
[2]“Zur Judefrage”, Deutsch-Französiche Jahrbüher, 1844.
[3]Lynn White “The Historical Roots of Our Ecological Crisis” , Science, 155, no 3767, 1206, 1967.
[4]Pierre Thuiller La grande implosion, rapport sur l’effondrement de l’Occident en 1999-2004, Fayard, 1995.
[5]Quotation after Open Magazine, no 10, California 1991. The sentence was translated back to English from its Polish version. (Attention! The two last a linea before the quotation from Chomsky were not included in the original lecture.)

[This lecture was given on December 14, 1999, at the Pedagogical High School at Slupsk in northern Poland. It was a contribution to the EU project “The European Dimension of Education” realised in a collaboration with the Växjö University in southern Sweden.]

Religious Roots of American Superpower (Marek Glogoczowski)

Tuesday, August 11th, 1970

The full text of the speech held at the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations” held at Rhodes, September 2003 (see ). Printed in “World Affairs”, vol. 7, no 4, New Delhi 2003; internet form:

European Conquista, which began roughly 500 years ago, was originated, in large extend, by the missionary spirit of Catholic Christians, trying to fulfill the Christ’s demand expressed in the Gospel of John: “And I have other sheep, that are not of this fold; I must bring them also… So there shall be one flock, one shepherd.” The Catholic period of world’s conquest was soon replaced by the Protestant one, with the Bible as the source of ideas to be implanted everywhere. And the Bible calls for the extermination of hostile to “sheep” wild beasts (which task has been successfully accomplished in Western countries), and for the transformation of the word in a way so the “God’s chosen flock” will live in a perpetual peace and safety. These “chosen” in Protestant understanding are men who managed to amass “pleasing the God” riches. Born thanks to such religious interpretation of God’s orders, capitalism quickly spread all over the planet, causing not only tremendous devastation of earth resources, but also the ever increasing division between “good” (rich) and “evil” (poor) social classes and nations. Ultra-Protestant and Zionist, so-called “neo-conservative” lobbies, which sized power in USA (and Israel) of today, overtly preach the “final crusade”, which will eliminate last “rogue states”, remaining from the socialist period of the 20 century. This purgation of Earth shall be followed by the creation of “New Global Israel”, where “LORD will become king over all the earth; on that day LORD will be one and his name one. The whole land shall be turned into plain, but Jerusalem shall remain aloft and shall dwell in security ”. The realization of this 2,5 thousand years old plan will permit the second return of Christ and the expected End of Times, before which “chosen” will be directly raptured out. These are creating the actual reality ideas, which radiate from highest circles of power in USA, and against this insanity we seem to be completely defenseless at present.
I’ve read an opinion that the „globalization” – which means the total political and cultural unification – become automatically decided once Magellan in 1521 has made the first naval trip around the Earth. The fact that we had to wait for the subsequent 500 years for “globalization of the Globe” is attributed solely to the lack of appropriate technical means to attain this goal. But is the unification of Mankind an “automatic goal” towards which we are inexorably heading? Thanks to an article written by Austrian philosopher Dr. Siegfried E. Tischler, teaching at present somewhere in Indonesia, I learned that Magellan was not the first one to make the trip around the Earth, already in 1241 the fleet of Chinese junks performed the same exploit [1].
Why do than Chinese, while disposing few centuries ahead of Europeans appropriate technical means, did not engaged themselves into the route of planetary conquest? I read that exactly five hundreds years ago, following the order of Chinese Emperor, the biggest and best in the world at that time fleet of junks was burned at Chinese ports. After a period when Chinese merchants were colonizing already West Coast of Africa, approaching Europe from the South, China turned towards the self-imposed isolation, which lasted until 1841, the date of “opening” of the coastal city of Canton by the bombardment performed by flourishing English navy. Historians attribute this “antiglobalist” tilt in Chinese foreign politics to the Confucian philosophy dominating in the Empire of Middle. Namely, men of commerce and high rank military commanders, pushing for the global conquest – which formed the “Party of Eunuchs” at the Chinese Court – were considered, by grown in Confucian traditions imperial bureaucracy, to be a disruptive force, which risked to corrupt spiritual fundaments of the State of Harmony, laid by Confucius two thousand years earlier.
Interested in the Perfection of their social order, Chinese elite had not “internal” incentives for a pursuit of an external conquest. Europeans, to the contrary, since the very appearance of modern Europe, have an “internally in-build” drive towards imposition of their cultural (and political) hegemony everywhere. This impulse towards never ending conquista was (and still is) is provided by our religion, known under the general term of Christianity. The “Holy Mission” of the world unification was supposedly ordered by Jesus Christ himself, who in Gospel of St. John gave a following instruction to his apostles: And I have other sheep, that are not of this fold; I must bring them also, and they will hear my voice. So there shall be one flock, one shepherd [2].
The Christianization of countries issued of Roman Empire was achieved in a slow and relatively peaceful way, but once missionaries crossed the limes of Antique Rome the “evangelization” began to reach ever more wicked forms – to mention only the Teutonic Order of the Holy Mary, which in 13 and 14 century totally exterminated Baltic pagan tribes of Jadzwings and Prussians. Not to say about atrocities which accompanied the not so distant in time “Christianization” of both Americas, in particular of the present territory of USA, where more than hundred Indian nations simply vanished during the 19 century.
As suggests it Noam Chomsky in his book “Year 501” the Conquest Continues, at present the whole set of “disobedient to LORD” nations seem to be slated for extermination in the semi-official “Project of New American Century” (PNAC) at which I will put some light later. In particular this shall be the fate of these nations, which inadvertently worship LORD’s competitor called Allah. The “neo-conservative” elite in power in USA of today without any shame affirms that it engaged itself in the final accomplishment of a mission proclaimed by Christ so there shall be one flock, one shepherd.
In Gospels Jesus teaches “by their fruits you will recognize them”, and since USA is the most “Christianized” at present Western industrial country [3], so by visiting USA we shall see the best the direction this “Kingdom of Lord” is heading for. And what we see if we “walk by sight and not by faith (in power of USA)” – which means if we behave in a way forbidden to Christian “sheep” by Apostle Paul [4]? It is sufficient to travel a bit inside this “Wasteland” (as calls its native country Theodore Roszak) to recognize the unbelievable ugliness of its cities, the unhealthy obesity of its inhabitants, the depletion of its natural resources, its millions of prisoners recruited mostly from whole quarters of crime, to feel that something is very wrong with this supposedly “Christian” super-state.
If the internal situation of the country, which contains so many (nearly 60 percent!) of peeople considering themselves to be “Christians”, is so sinistrous (as claim it both external and internal observers of “American way of life”), so it must be something wrong with this “mission from Lord”, America is supposed to incarnate. Where from this demand “there shall be one flock, one shepherd” originated? In the Gospel of Mathew Jesus tells his disciples “Go nowhere among the gentiles, and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel [5]. It is only after his resurrection Jesus takes the pose of a Supermen and assures his (doubting in his real presence) apostles All authority in heaven and on the earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations [6]. Only in the Gospel of John, which was written around year 110, when thanks to missionary efforts of St. Paul already thousands of gentiles become christianized, Jesus assures his listeners, well before his crucification, that he has a superhuman capacity to lay down my life and to take it again, this in order to realize the supposedly “good shepherd’s” mission of imposing “one flock, one shepherd”, everywhere on the earth [7].
Moreover, when one reads carefully the Bible, one finds that Jesus quoted in Gospel of John merely repeats prophecies of earlier spiritual leaders of Israel, in particular these of Zechariah and Ezekiel, who lived 5 – 6 centuries BC. In particular Zechariah states And the LORD will become king over all the earth; on that day the LORD will be one and his name one [8]. Was it thus possible that texts of Gospels were manipulated in order to make of them a tool of “New Israel’s” conquest, which was not desired at all by the real Jesus, who considered all earlier leaders of Israel to be “thieves and robbers” [9]?
Professional investigators of texts of New Testament have discovered that several miracles done by Jesus, were “borrowed” (to use a euphemism) from pagan myths well known to the Greek population of Palestine. A friend of mine, Prof. Ludwik Kostro from the University of Gdansk – who as a clergy man has studied in 1970-ies both physics and biblical sciences at Rome’s La Sapienza Catholic University – informed us during a seminar that the famous miracle of changing water into wine at Kana of Galilee is a “plagiary” of a similar miracle done by the Greek god Dionysos, and moreover, it was feasted by early Christians on January 6, the date of pagan festivity of Dionysos. According to competent catholic researchers from La Sapienza University, Jesus disciples in order to heighten their hero willfully attributed to him potentials of known (at their time) gods of gentiles. (The superhuman capacity of Dionysos to resurrect after being torn into pieces evidently was also attributed to Jesus, as confirms it His statement inserted into Gospel of John – I may lay down my life and to take it again… ).
If this catholic “La Sapienza” interpretation of Gospels is valid, it is evident that Jesus disciples attributed to Him also these ambitious – and noble in appearance – prophecies of Israeli spiritual leaders, which prophecies were incessantly repeated in Israel of their times. And thanks to Christian “sheep” these Jewish prophecies, conceived about 2,5 thousand years ago, become really immortal: Jesus’ demand “one flock, one shepherd” is clearly echoed in 20 century Hitler’s call for totality “Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer” (One State, One Folk, one Leader).
Here we come to a point, which I elaborate in more detail in a larger paper. A careful reading of “Letters” of Christ’s most prominent apostles – in particular of these of St. Paul and St. Peter – confirm the suspicion that the “Christ crucified” has become a vessel (a tool, a “God’s mindless lamb”, or – to use the American preferred expression – a “gadget”), which willy-nilly facilitates the intoxication of believers with completely perverted ideas of Old Testamental prophets. These 2,5 thousand years old ideas, once put into realization, AUTOMATICALLY must lead to the total corruption and devastation of our planet.
The discovery that the message of the New Testament is in its essence the same as that of the Old one is not new. Our contemporary, the Talmud translator and editor Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz described Christianity as “simplified Judaism, adapted to the childish minds of Gentiles”. This conceited opinion is contradicted by a Rabbi’s grandson Karl Marx, who claimed, in the middle of 19 century that “Christianity is the sublime Judaist thought, while Judaism is a sordid utilitarian application of Christianity” .[10] As a person grown in catholic environment of “papist” Cracow I cling rather to Karl Marx opinion. New Testament is indeed a sublimation of Judaist thought, in particular of ideas of prophet Isaiah conceived roughly 500 years BC. The ‘mindset’ of this blind prophet transpires from “Letters” of both most prominent apostles, Peter and Paul. St. Peter writes for example in his “I Letter”:
Christ suffered for you… He committed no sin, no guile was found on his lips… He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree (it means the cross) that we may die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed [12].
Such explication of the Mystery of Redemption is a faithful copy of a text “sufferings of God’s servant” written 500 BC by prophet Isaiah .[13] This very important fragment of the Bible was elucidated by contemporary Austrian theologian R. Schwager in a following way: Wicked people (gangsters) unite against righteous, and through a violence done to him they throw on him their own crimes. The role of God in this process consists of making the servant (or God’s Son in case of Jesus) apt to withstand voluntarily the sufferance inflicted upon him [14]. For Schwager it is thus evident that God, imagined by prophet Isaiah, is a hidden collaborator of a specific Crime Syndicate – which “Syndicate of God’s Servants” Jesus called simply “Brigand’s Cavern”.
There is a very important problem with this, modeled at Isaiah’s prophecy, “redemption of Christian sins by Christ’s Passion”. The Cross, symbolizing Christ’s Passion, has become a kind of an opiate, a kind of morphine which inactivates in believers specifically these brain centers (front lobes) where ethical conscience is localized, and which centers create the feeling of pain (so called “pricks of conscience”) when someone is committing a fraudulent action. If one believes in redemptory power of the Cross, his sins simply “disappear”. Due to this psychological phenomenon, believers in Redemption do not have incentives to develop their endogenous ethical system, necessary for so called ‘independent thinking’. It means that in the shadow of Cross the most unethical behaviors can proliferate. For St. Paul – as well as for St. Peter – was evident that servants can be abused by their utterly selfish masters (as their appraisal of “sufferances of God’s servant” indicate it). St. Paul additionally claims that “all power comes from God”, so no one is aloud to revolt against social injustices, not only of the slave system of the Antiquity, but also of the corporate serfdom of the Modernity. In his lack of a deeper moral sentiment, St. Peter goes even to the appraisal of the conjugal submissivity of Sarah to Abraham, which Sarah was compelled, by her enterprising husband-brother, to work as a ‘sexual gadget’ at Pharaoh and other Middle-East courts, contributing in this way to the fortune gathered by this “righteous” Father of Nations [15].
The Father of the Church, who successfully changed Christian temples and monasteries into “machines” to collect riches of all accessible world, was St. Augustin, living roughly four hundred years after Christ. In his opus “De doctrina christiana” he proposed a sophisticated (indeed) method of collection of goods belonging to pagans, modeled on extrication by Jews of the wealth of pagan inhabitants of Egypt, just prior to their Exodus from this antique, hosting Jews for 400 years, country .[16] St. Augustin was fully conscious that without appropriate redemptory sacrifice this “appropriation of pagan wealth” would not be successful – and he gives as an example the behavior of Moses who ordered paschal offerings for “salvation” of his Robber Tribe from the pursuit of Pharaoh’s armies. Having in mind the salvatory meaning of Jewish pasha, Augustin rationally proposed, referring to the wisdom of St. Paul [17] that “our pasha is Christ offered for us” [18].
Reasoning in a way proposed by their highest spiritual authorities, Catholic coquistadores had not pricks of conscience while robbing riches they found in freshly discovered by them countries of America and Asia. The Chinese, observing the insatiable, insane greed of Portuguese sailors and merchants, called them ‘white devils’. These “Christian” merchants of course eagerly paid tribute to the Authority, which legitimized their ethically dubious conquests. The opulence at that time of Vatican has been truly extraordinary: in Rome during the Renaissance worked about hundred thousand of prostitutes, serving innumerate clerical and court missions pilgrimaging to Saint Siege.
It is necessary to stress that the principle “one flock, one shepherd” realized by Catholic Church had not immediate, disastrous for bio-diversity of the Planet, consequences: Indian tribes conquered by Spaniards managed somehow to survive, and to incorporate their endogenous cultures into frames imposed by Church. Big wild animals were preserved in royal forests, for they served as a game for catholic aristocracy. And the cultural and linguistical diversity of European countries was assured thanks to Latin as international language, used only by a narrow educated elite.
But the opulence and hypocrisy of “God’s servants” of that time was too visible for jealous inhabitants of European cities. The invention of printing press accelerated the outburst of their discontent, modeled not so much on teachings of Jesus but on these of St. Paul. Soon the Hebrew Bible, translated to national languages, has become an object of idolatry among sedentary (bourgeois) classes of Europe. And what is the essence, the “Ding an Sich” as would say Kant, of this book, which shapes until now our Civilization? Rabbi’s grandson Karl Marx was right when he wrote that the true God of Jews is Money. This opinion about “God” of Jews (and of rich Christians) we can read already in letters of Roman emperor Hadrian. Which suggests that the Hebrew Bible is trivially a book of an “invisible god” called by Syrians MAMMON. I was surprised up to which point biblical texts are becoming transparent when we substitute the frequently repeated there word LORD by Mammon: it is in answer to the Call Of Mammon Abraham (Abram) lef Ur to seek fortune in Egypt; also Jacob made Covenant With Mammon, after he stripped Esau from family heritage. It was in all evidence Mammon who ordered Moses to rob Egyptians prior to Jews Exodus from this host country, and surely Mammon instructed Moses to order his kin Levies to slain three thousands of their “brothers and sons” under Mount Sinai. This in order to throw on these innocent Golden Calf worshippers the sin of cupidity, which sin was filling Levies’ souls up to insanity.
If the Bible, taken as a whole, is the BOOK OF MAMMON, than the idolatry of this Book automatically transformed Protestant countries into counties of Invisible Mammon’s Kingdom: in agreement with teachings of Luther and Calvin men in “God’s (it means Mammon’s) Grace” were only these, which were affluent and businessminded – which gave an unknown in any other civilizations impulse for the tremendous industrial and financial development. The allegedly Christ’s demand “one flock, one shepherd”, which earlier was interpreted in terms loosely related to affairs of everyday economy, by simpleminded Protestants become interpreted strictly in a manner given by biblical recipes. By a careful reading of these ancient “words which become flesh”, we can easily trace the overall direction into which our world is heading.
In a book of prophet Ezekiel we find a following “God’s order”: And I will set up over them one shepherd, my servant David, he shall feed them … And I LORD will be their God, and my servant David shall be prince among them. … I will make with them a covenant of peace, and banish wild beasts from the land, so they may dwell securely … and none shall make them afraid [19]. The part of this project of Ezekiel, which relates to dangerous for “sheep” animals, was fully accomplished in most advanced countries of Western Civilization: in huge and densely forested Alps, and on Scandinavian Peninsula, big predatory animals practically do not exist, while in nearby Carpathians, where the density of population is similar to this in Alps, thanks to recent “gentile” communist regimes (and to Habsburg’s Catholic monarchy earlier), we have still thousands of bears, wolves and lynxes.
The demanded by Ezekiel suppression of not only wild beasts, but also of men, which may endanger the wellbeing and safety of “God’s chosen”, is also under realization – and this is in fact the “divine mission” of United States of America. “Chosenites” (in Protestant, especially Calvinist understanding of this term) are men which are rich, which dispose of bank accounts, luxury cars, houses and of all these items which please the “Lord” called Mammon. So Americans killed (by an unexpected shot into its head, like did it this biblical hero David) the “Empire of Evil” in form of the Soviet Union, where the personal enrichment was in fact heavily limited by Marxist dogma of predominance of State (and not Private) property.
Clifford Longley writes in his recent book “Chosen People”” [20] that The United States of America no longer needs to call upon God; it is God, and those who go abroad to spread the light, do so in the name of a celestial domain. … Those foreign states, which seek to change this policy, are wasting their time: you can negotiate with politicians; you cannot negotiate with priests. This means that NO DIALOGUE OF CIVILIZATIONS IS POSSIBLE, all of us have to incline to orders of LORD, exactly as predicted it Isaiah 2,5 thousand years ago: For the nation and kingdom that will not serve you shall perish; those (gentile) nations shall be utterly laid waste [21]. Details how this will be accomplished furnishes a document called PNAC (Project of New American Century) commented in a following way by David Chiang [22]:
The Bush Administration is primarily composed of rightwing ideologues closely associated with the Zionist settler movement in Israel. Several years ago, Paul Wolfowitz and other current administration insiders composed a document entitled „A Project for a New American Century (PNAC)”. In the document, they called for the establishment of absolute global hegemony utilizing unilateral American military power. The overthrow of Iraq was to be followed by Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Cuba, North Korea and eventually China. (…) PNAC proposes that the United States and Israel jointly share hegemony over Middle East oil reserves. Assuming Bush’s reelection, Iran is the next nation scheduled for regime change according to my friends in Washington.
Prophet Ezekiel assures his readers my servant David shall be prince among them, so also this “LORD’s (it means USA) project” will be soon realized. The method of its imposition will probably be exactly the same as the method, which used Christians (considering themselves to be “New Israelites”) in late Antiquity to size the power in Roman Empire. At that time their “pasha” for this act of appropriation of imperial power was Christ Crucified (“Pasha” autem “nostrum immolatus est Christus” wrote St. Augustin). Nowadays “pasha” for Jewish onslaught on power in Global Empire is the martyrdom (Holocaust, or full immolation) of these 6 millions of poor Jews from Central Europe. (They committed no sin, no guile was found on their lips – to use words of St. Peter imitating Isaiah.) As it was the case of Conquista, when the Cross successfully obliterated crimes of Spaniards in America, Auschwitz Memorial of today successfully redeems crimes of Zionists in Palestine and everywhere else.
In year 313 Emperor Constantin promulgated the “Tolerance Edict”, and by a mystery it happen, that immediately after, instead of tolerance to various religions, the eastern part of Roman Empire become an Orthodox Christian Theocracy. Is it thus possible that in oncoming years we will witness a similar mystery in USA, where religious tolerance is inscribed into Constitution? To size power in Bizantium in such covered way, Christians had to be, prior to this “coup d’état”, well organized, with ‘influence agents’ placed in most sensitive organs of Constantin’s Empire. This is precisely the situation we have inside USA of today. The information about activities of Chabad Lubavitch Chassidic movement I’ve seen for the first time on August 19 this year, but if this sect – whose ‘influence agents’ in White House are supposed to be Paul Wolfowitz and senator Liberman – is able to organize activities for a million of young Jews yearly, and its budget solely in Russia is 20 million of dollars, its chances to influence sensibly our lives in nearby future are quite real. The danger that we will have soon a strictly racist, “Chassidic” (“pious”) theocratic regime in USA, sharply increased after remotely commanded plane crashes in Manhattan towers on September 11 2001. This attack, blamed on Islamists, was a trigger of a “Final War for Jerusalem”, as pertinently observes it author of the article summarized in the footnote [23], who observes that the cover-up of criminal negligence of NORAD system that crucial day was assured by Sen. Carl Levin, a supporter of Chabad Lubavitch.
The idea that Jews provide a “glue” (literally a “religion”) necessary for the unification of humanity was expressed not only in the Bible and in these famous (although forbidden in liberal Europe) “Protocols”. The Israeli war commander David Ben-Gurion predicted World Government already by 1987, when in 1962 LOOK magazine invited him and other leaders to picture the world 25 years into the future. Not only World-Government was supposed to be created before the end of the Second Millenary, but the Supreme Court for Mankind was supposed to be established in Jerusalem (and not in Hague), as well as a shrine there, commemorating the Jewish role in the bringing-together of mankind [24].
If we scrutinize carefully Biblical prophecies, we discover that not only wild beasts will be eradicated, that all nations will pray to the same LORD, and that Jerusalem (“The site of peace”) will dominate over all world. The Holy Bible states also that the all land beneath Jerusalem’s Shrine of Unified Mankind will be… flat. This says the prophecy of Zechariah, from which Jesus Christ apparently borrowed his, repeated two thousand years later by Hitler and Ben Gurion, assertion So there will be one flock, one shepherd. The full Zechariah prophecy is as follow: LORD will become king over all the earth; on that day LORD will be one and his name one. The whole land shall be turned into plain from Geba to Rimmon south of Jerusalem. But Jerusalem shall remain aloft (…) and shall dwell in security” .[25] Zechariah limited the proposed plain to the center of Palestine, but other prophets were overtly dreaming that the LORD (USA in understanding of Clif Longley) will change his Chosen People into a kind of a Super-Bulldozer: you shall thresh the mountains and crush them, and you shall make hills like chaff. … Every valley shall be lifted up, and every mountain and hill shall be made low; the uneven ground shall become level, and rough place a plain [26] Of course all this “pleasing the LORD (i.e. Mammon)” devastation of not monotonous enough wilderness has to be done in order to “make straight highways for our LORD”, which commandment, as assured me a friend, catholic priest-emeritus from Wroclaw, has to be taken literally.
If we look in a broader manner at all these, arduously executed biblical programs, we see the future world in form of a flat, monotonous and sterile desert (a “Wasteland”), animated only by obese and shortsighted “chosenites” turning around objects of their idolatry: cars, conditionned boxes to dwell in, and rising to sky banks. Not to say about these 8-meter high concrete walls and barbed wire fences, which symbolize the “Eretz Israel” contribution to Architecture of rising Global Empire. Karl Max was really horrified, when he realized that the inhuman, inanimate word, which earlier existed only in ill imagination of (blind) prophets of his tribe, is becoming the real one, thanks to efforts of “mammonists” of 19 century. At the beginning of Third Millenary the situation is even worse, I’ve seen in Germany, just after its unification, how they literally “slice” mountains in order to “make straight freeways of our LORD”, locally worshipped under the name of Mercedes-Benz.
The Jean Piaget’s research in personality development informs us that young men – as all other higher animals – thanks to numerous interactions with their environment, develop in their brains neuronal structures forming a kind of “assimilation” of this environment. If human environment is flat, easy, sterile and deprived of stimuli necessary to develop the personal strength, agility and courage, the cortex of adults adapted to these conditions is also relatively flat, with only few folds, where all associative processes occur. The “flat world” necessarily translates itself into flat cortex of its dwellers, and vice versa, projects of word “flattening” (i.e. uniformization) can be born only in brains with flattened cortices. This is without doubt the reality of ‘mindset’ of all globalists, beginning from antique Isaiah and his gang of prophets, through apostles Peter and Paul, St. Augustin, Reeb Schneerson, Ben Gurion, Bush, Wolfowitz, Liberman and all this Chabad Lubavitch Chassidic clique.
Of course, the “The Global Flock” lead by this “Shepherd” groupie, is supposed to “walk by faith not by sight”, which surely will end up in a global disaster. What kind of a disaster we are heading for, told us a graduate from West Point in mid 1960-ies, at present professor of philosophy (of Catholic origin) at Joint Special Operations University at Florida, dr Robert Hickson during the last year’s “Mut zur Ethik” Congress at Feldkirch in Austria. He said literally this:
It would be illuminating to understand the influences and motivation behind what has been called not just our (USA) “messianic foreign policy”, but our “apocalyptic foreign policy”. The “Protestant Christian Zionists” are certainly a significant influence in this direction, basing their political-military views on their “dispensationalist theology” and rather stark views about “the end of times”, although “the chosen of God” will purportedly be “raptured out” before “the Armageddon comes” and then their “Messiah will return”. Moreover, there are certain segments of Jews who are striving to (re)built “the Third Temple of Jerusalem”, which would require the prior desecration and destruction of the mosque, and likely produce an enormous war, if not even more serious devastations.
Does exist any possibility to escape from this laborious insanity, which indeed, may end up in the transformation of the planet Earth into a subsequent belt of astreoids turning around the Sun? I propose to look once again at information I quoted at the beginning of this lecture. Chinese discovered America already in 1241, and despite their technical supremacy, they did not engaged in its conquest. All these mentioned above, ultra potent “groupies”, pushing for the creation of “New Global Israel”, consider themselves to be heirs of these Semitic Hebrew “pious” (Chassidic) gangsters-idiots, always in search for new occasions to suck and to wreck subsequent nations. But for me all these Bushes, Wolfowitzes, Libermans and their “cabal” conspicuously resemble to these Chinese high War Commanders and financial tycoons, who 500 hundred years ago formed the super potent Eunuch’s Party at the Court of the Empire of the Middle. And Chinese have managed somehow to scale down the sterile, anti-zoological (which means, hostile to our senso-motorial development) ambitions of this early version of the present Global Eunuch’s Party of Conquest.

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[22] Sun, 10 Aug 2003 12:40:29 -0400 From: “David Chiang”
[23] A resume of an article by Carol Valentine „The LUBAVITCHERS – a THEOCRACY in AMERICA?”
( Copyright, May, 2002. May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes)
We can argue about who is most to blame, but the facts remain the same Congress and the White House have been helping to establish a theocracy in America. That’s right, in America — the nation that used to be a land of religious freedom.
The would-be leaders of new theocracy: Want to abolish Christmas, (…) Want to establish a caste system in the US based on heredity and religion, Want to force US citizens to embrace a synthesized “religion” invented for a servant class
This may sound incredible, but it is as real as the ground beneath your feet, and as serious as a heart attack. I can document everything I have said. Let me fill you in on the details. The would-be theocratic leaders that Congress and our presidents have been promoting are members of a sect called Chabad Lubavitch, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. Lubavitchers are a subset of the Hasidic (sometimes spelled “Chasidic”) Jews. Doctrinally, Hasidic Jews rely on the Talmud, on the Zohar (the basic book of kabbalah or “calabah”),and on the Tanya (or “Hatanya”) written by the founder of the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, Rabbi Shneur Zalman
For contemporary Lubavitchers, the most admired is late Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the “Lubavitcher Rebbe,” or simply “the Reeb.” Some Lubavitchers consider the Reeb their Messiah and await for him to return from the dead (he died in 1973); other say that the Messiah is really the Jewish people themselves. If all that is beginning to sound weird and fringy, realize that the Lubavitchers do not confine themselves to Brooklyn, New York.They have immediate and constant access to the President of the United States: George Bush’s Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, a Reform Jew, works the Lubavitcher mission.
The most prominent backer of the Lubavitchers on Capitol Hill is Senator Joseph Lieberman (D.Conn.), an Orthodox Jew, and the former candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States.The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), has commended Chabad Lubavitch “ideals” in a Senate floor statement.Jewish members of Congress regularly attend seminars conducted by a Washington DC Lubavitcher rabbi.The Assistant Secretary of Defense, Paul D. Wolfowitz the Comptroller of the US Department of Defense, Dov Zakheim (an ordained Orthodox rabbi), and Stuart Eizenstat, former Deputy Treasury Secretary, are all Lubavitcher groupies.
According to the Jerusalem Post of October 19, 2001, “Chabad is a potent force: 2,600 institutions around the world, large numbers of English-speaking rabbis, control of most of Judaism in Italy as well as the chief rabbinate of Russia (its Russia budget alone is $20 million a year). It is an organization with immense world-wide financial resources . . . In fact, Chabad is a movement of monumental importance. Observant Jews are profoundly dependent on its emissaries all over the world . . . its rabbis dominate or are poised to dominate Jewish communities in astartling number of countries.”
The Jewish Virtual Library tells a similar story: “More than 3,700 emissary couples work in more than 100 countries worldwide. Since 1995, more than 400 shlichim (emissaries) were assigned to new posts and more than 500 new Chabad institution [sic] have been established, bringing the total to nearly 2,600 institutions (seminaries, day camps, schools, etc) worldwide. According to headquarters, almost one million children participates [sic] in Chabad activities worldwide in 1999.”
The Lubavitchers are proselytizers, but of a different sort. They want to make all Jews — Reform, Conservative or Orthodox –hyper “Jewish.”Thus we see Orthodox Jews like Lieberman and Reform Jews like Fleischer standing side-by-side working the Lubavitcher program.Lubavitchers don’t want to convert non-Jews to Judaism – they want Jews to understand they are a class apart from everyone else.
How will this Final War for Jerusalem be fought? First, the opposing forces will disappear. The Messiah [the Jews] will teach the Word of G-d to all nations, causing Christianity and other religions to disappear. The bible says that everyone will become a Hasidic Gentile . . .Now we see what role the Gentiles in the US military will play in the “Final War for Jerusalem.” The US military will help Islam to “disappear.”
On September 11, 2001, remote-controlled planes were used to crash into the WTC and Pentagon sites.The hits were carried out with the full knowledge and consent of the North American Aerospace Command and blamed on Muslim terrorists. Know that the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Sen. Carl Levin (D.-Mich.) is a supporter of Chabad Lubavitch. We can now understand why, on September 13, 2001, just two days after the catastrophe, Levin allowed Gen. Richard B. Myers, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on September 11, 2001, and a former NORAD commander, to bob and weave and lie about events that day.After watching him so perfrom, Levin and his committee confirmed Myers as the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. We can understand why, on October 25, Sen. Levin allowed Gen. Ralph E. Eberhart, commander of NORAD on September 11, 2001, to bob and weave and lie about events that day.Levin was protecting, and will continue to protect, the two treasonous American generals who helped forward the cause of world Jewish domination. (…) The significance of the 9-11 terror becomes more obvious each day. The purpose of the 9-11 terror was to springboard the “Final War for Jerusalem.”
[24] David ben Gurion LOOK magazine Jan 16, 1962: .
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Marek Glogoczowski


George Soros’ International School of Youth Corruption (Marek Glogoczowski)

Tuesday, August 4th, 1970

 George Soros’ International School of Youth Corruption 


Marek Glogoczowski


George Soros is a businessman-philanthropist, whose activities are known to professionals worldwide. In USA he operates the Institute of Open Society, in countries belonging to the former Soviet Block he operates a number of similar foundations, which in case of Poland holds the “royal” name of Bathory Foundation. These “philanthropist” institutions have – or had – a substantial influence on composition of consecutive post-communist governments in Eastern Europe, especially governments of big countries – in Poland, with George Soros Fund are linked three first “independent” Prime Ministers (Mazowiecki, Bielecki, Suchocka); in Russia to Soros’ “boys” belong such ardent reformers as PM Gajdar, Kirylenko and Niemcov. In his book “Underwriting Democracy” of 1993, George Soros claims to be – together with his associate, professor Jeffrey Sachs – a true Funding Father (or rather a Godfather) of all these “Protocols of Zion” styled reforms, which we had to suffer in Eastern Europe.

Today, with Soros Fund is linked in Poland the most influential journal “Gazeta Wyborcza” – which journal already in 1989 paved the way for the “Solidarity” electoral victory over PZPR, the declining at that time Polish Communist Party. In Slovakia with Soros’ Invisible Empire is linked the TV station “Markiza”, which helped to remove, during 1998 elections, the supposedly undemocratic Meciar’s government. Inside Serbia the Soros Fund operated in Kosovo, until 1999 NATO bombings, a Civil Center in Pristina, which fought for the national independence of the local Albanian majority, and in Belgrade it still operates the famous “Radio B-92”, which played a substantial role in anti-Milosevic’s student riots in 1996/7. (And than, in October 2000, it helped the “civilized” – i.e. bulldozer and Parliament fire assisted – destruction of the last socialist regime in Europe.) At present many of Soros Fund linked intellectuals are in key positions of institutions controlling economies and cultures of former East Block countries, and in Budapest this Foundation operates a whole International University of Central Europe. George Soros plays also an important role in USA foreign politics, already in 1980 he organized, together with his close associates, Secretaries of State Zbig Brzezinsky and Mad Albraight, a National Endowment for Democracy (NED) fund, which is a kind of joint venture of CIA and private business, greed oriented, activities.

The best summary of George Soros humanitarian activities in South-East Europe gave Gilles d’Aymery in an article “Mapping the Human Rights Crowd in the Balkans” published on July 23, 2001 in the Jugoinfo vitrine: “Behind the veil of legitimacy and humanitarian concerns can be found the same powerful people and organizations such as the Open Society Institute of the billionaire and – as always characterized – philanthropist, George Soros, the Ford Foundation, the United States Institute of Peace, the National Endowment for Democracy and many more, financing and using a maze of well known NGO’s such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the International Crisis Group, etc., as well as more obscure entities … But, among all of them, shining as the Southern star, is George Soros who, like an immense Jules Verne octopus, extends his tentacles all over Eastern Europe, South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus as well as the republics of the former Soviet Union. With the help of these various groups (it is possible) not only to shape but to create the news, the agenda and public opinion to further aims which are, in short, the control of the world, its natural resources and the furtherance of the uniform ideal of a perfect world polity made in America.

Despite such richness of this philanthropist activities, the general public hardly knows his name. During our meeting at Ljublana, young, 20 – 25 years old, EU sceptics from several countries virtually ignored the name of Soros, my equal age, 59 years old Swiss German friend from Zurich wrote me that in his well informed country perhaps 2 percent of people knows about this billionaire. And in Poland surely no more than 10 percent of adult population knows who was the true author of widely despised “Balcerowicz’s reforms”. Despite this “educated” public ignorance, Soros’ “missionary” role is perceptible at the planetary scale: according to Schiller’s Institute data, the “man of Soros” in the European Commission is professor Romano Prodi, in Malaysia our philanthropist is officially searched for enormous financial frauds, and in Italy he is officially considered persona non grata for similar reasons. We can take for granted that these last facts are only summits of a whole “iceberg” of fraudulent affairs in which our billionaire-philanthropist-politician is – or was – engaged in.

The mystery of his success in world-wide speculation George Soros explained in a surprisingly honest statement, during an interview he gave to the Swiss weekly “L”hebdo” of May 1993. He said “I SPECULATE ON DISCREPANCY BETWEEN THE REALITY AND THE PUBLIC IMAGE OF THIS REALITY, UNTIL A CORRECTIONAL MECHANISM OCCURS, WHICH APPROACHES THESE TWO.” It is evident that a skillful speculator is not used to wait passively until such discrepancy occurs. To the contrary, with his “creativity of an investor” he purposefully enlarges the gap between the ‘real reality” and its public image. (To put this statement into a plain language, a good speculator, knowing principles of the stock exchange, is feeding the public with the fake information – or, in more polite words, with DISINFORMATION – in order to gather personal profits.)

The “liberal” idea of a purposeful construction of a fake image of the world – in order to get the political power – is also expressed in Soros’ book „Underwriting democracy” (in French version “Sauver la démocratie a l’Est”) published in 1993. He writes there for example: “In a normal state of affairs it is necessary that a movement (a political one, but also commercial, scientific and religious ones – M.G.) is pushed sufficiently far, before forces occur, which are able to correct the deformation (of image of reality) which was at its base.” Putting this statement once again into a plain language, it means that the more aggressively a person – or a group, a coterie or a Mafia – is able to lie-up the image of reality, the longer this group is expected to remain in power. (The same maintained Goebbels 70 years ago: the bigger the lie is, the better it holds.)

George Soros even explains in detail how the elaborated by him program of “Americanization” of Eastern Europe works. He informs in “Underwriting Democracy” that behind his philanthropic idea of creation of Open Society Foundations was ” the creation of an international web (…) at the heart of which will be the computerized base of (personal) data, which enable the Western Multinational Societies to find candidates, which they are searching for”. In short, all these Soros-Fundation educated and kept in computer memories young men and women are prepared to fulfill functions of so-called “influence agents”, which behave in a way similar to that of Japanese geishas. These Young Urban Professionals, thanks to their fluent knowledge of languages and multiple, delicate social contacts with bureaucracy in target countries, facilitate the implementation in their homelands not only of Western Multinationals, but also of Western sub-cultures and Western habits of consumption of appropriate, personality enriching, commercial goods.

For the first time I heard that Soros Fundation corrupts young people, from the mouth of Piotr Ikonowicz, about twenty years younger than me leader of the Polish Socialist Party. How does this corruption is organized in detail? In general it takes the form of an ordinary training very similar to the one practiced while teaching young dogs to bark at a “stranger”. In case of ‘education’ of “Soros youth” (SorosJugend) the “food” necessary for such training consists of all these computers, lavish scholarships, luxury cars and invitations for dinners and seminars in four stars hotels. In general this was/is sufficient to bribe not only the young but also adult “intellectuals” in a target country. An example of this gave few years ago the former finance minister of Poland, Grzegorz Kolodko, in a Warsaw satirical “Nie” weekly. He reported there the story how a “well known investor” (his name he dared not to disclose) was able to buy, only at the cost of few dozens of millions of dollars spent for Warsaw’s “elite”, the Polish Bank Handlowy having the value of 1,5 billion of dollars.

The specific task of all these Bathory Foundation trained ‘watchdogs’ of Open Society consist of “barking” (in tune with Their Master’s Voice), against all individuals which may endanger the Private Property of ‘feeding’ them Lord. Observing the behavior of journalists linked with this ‘watchdog’ formation, one finds easily that all their vigor and sense of humor is exploited for the task of continuous, monotonous defamation of national leaders, which have an authentic, popular support. (This was the case, for example, of Soros/NED sponsored Students in Market Theology “Otpor” movement in Serbia; the similar baiting of Lukashenko we witness today in Belorussia.)

Once competent people are removed from key posts of a target country, its pillage, by the gang of “Global Investors”, can proceed at full speed, thanks to utter cretins (like Walesa or Buzek in Poland), or opportunists (like Djindzic in Serbia), which get installed at commands of the state. It is evident that in order to obtain the public (i.e. media) consent for such ‘reforms’, all more observant and honest people have to disappear from the public life. Usually it is sufficient to associate them with despised (by “Soros’ Family”, of course) ‘communists, fascists, reactionaries and populists’; but in particular cases it becomes necessary to kidnap them to the Hague’s ICTY. (Or simply, to murder them by the ‘invisible death squads” – inside Serbia, after Milosevic was ousted from power, about 20 personalities were liquidated in this way.) The best, and at the same the shortest description of the general direction of all “reforms” we have in Eastern Europe was given to me, in May 1999, by an old professor of Slavic literature, Vladimir Bozkov from Skopie, Macedonia. At that time he witnessed nearly every day how B-52 bombers fly towards his former homeland. Impressed by this techno-spectacle he told me, during our meeting at Moscow, “Oni chotiat’ ubit’ vsiech umnych ljudi”: (THEY WANT TO KILL ALL THINKING PEOPLE). I think that this is the essential goal, which our beloved “Global Investors” are aiming at.

The very ethics of “misinformation as a tool of survival and conquest” belongs to the “aristocratic” pattern of behavior, which spontaneously developed among Stock Exchange players. It is already in 1813 brothers Johannes and Nathan Rotschild, by a skillful, gossiped at London’s & Paris Stock Exchanges, lie about the outcome of the Waterloo battle, were able to earn in one “scoop” 40 million francs, making out of their family the richest Banking Group in Europe. (By the way, according to Schiller’s Institute, George Soros is associated with this famous Rotschild Banking Group.)

Here I come to the point, which I want to stress in the conclusion. Already in the Antiquity the Greek philosopher Socrates argued that (in contradiction with the Biblical version of original sin) people are not evil by their nature, but they are becoming evildoers out of their ignorance. The Global Stock Exchange is by its very nature the place where the MISINFORMATION (or the production of ignorances) has become the principal source of personal enrichment of ‘Investors’. By an imitation of Stock Exchange ‘Super Stars’ like George Soros, every day more and more numerous ‘young wolves of interest’ are polluting the Planet with lies supposed to bring them their selfish, pecuniary happiness. It is precisely from Stock Exchanges radiates in all directions the Lie – and thus automatically also the Evil and Ugliness – which has become the ever more visible symbol of Our Civilization. (By the way, these B-52 bombers, which 2,5 years ago impressed so much professor Bozkov from Skopie, I can see at present over Tatra Mountains, during their return to Germany from antiterrorist missions in Afghanistan.)
Stock Exchanges and bourgeois Banks were permitted to operate only in 16 century Europe by our religious reformers, dreaming about ‘New Jerusalem’. We can trace thus the origin of these modern ‘Temples of Lie’, back to the Old Jerusalem’s Temple of Merchants two thousand years ago. At that time Jewish dissidents considered their Temple of Hypocrites as “brigands cavern”. Considering this last expression as an ‘approaching the reality’ description, we can take for sure that nothing will turn for a better in our Brave (observe the military stout of Americans!) World until we kick Global Investors out of our homelands.

[The slightly enlarged version of speech delivered by Marek Glogoczowski during the EU(RO)-skeptic Youth Camp held at Ljublana, Slovenia, Sept. 26-27, 2001. Published at several websites, for ex. , also at  ]

A comment on all-American drive for ”perpetual war for perpetual commerce” (Marek Glogoczowski)

Sunday, August 2nd, 1970

A contribution to “Mut zur Ethik” Congress, 30.08. – 1 09. 2002,
Feldkirch (Austria); published in “World Affairs”, vol. 7, no 2, New Delhi 2004; see also


During our meeting at Feldkirch we witness a kind of a ”clash” of two opposing worldviews, opposing civilizations. In a broader perspective it is an expression of the thousands years old conflict between merchant’s (in latin neg-otium) and aristocratic (otium) approach to the world. On one hand we heard from senator Bob Barre from United States that privacy, private security, and other Human Rights are wonderful inventions of our civilization, which we have to impose on all these “savage” societies, where an individual has no autonomy, and is fully integrated into his tribal, totalitarian structure. On the another we heard the voice of professorAkira Morita from Japan, arguing that Human – and especially Child’s – Rights create a danger of crippling child’s – and than of man’s – psychological integrity. I will develop this last position, trying to show that the very formulation of Human Rights contributed – and contributes – to the criminal corruption of our Euro-American culture, which inexorably evolves it into a brainless, ever more malignant “humanoid” cancer.

Already 2,5 thousand years ago Greek philosopher Socrates argued that most destructive wars originate out of unhindered human greed. So, if our world is heading today towards a period of ”warm wars” (the term of Alexander Zinoviev), we should expect that the principal cause of the oncoming geopolitical instability (and of easily predictable destruction of whole nations) is this, know already in Antiquity, unlimited human cupidity.

Is this cupidity ”natural” for the human species or it is something artificial, a kind of a product of life in an environment artificially enhancing the greed, considered by Ancients as one of capital human vices?
The answer to this question is trivial, and it is easy to demonstrate that in an environment, which continually tends to convince the population that to be a wealthy person is more advantageous than to be a proletarian, we have several times more thefts, acts of violence, bribery and other forms of corruption than in countries which praise the personal austerity. This simple observation suggests that the glorified at present ”liberal” society is in fact an ill one, where the population lives under the overwhelming pressure of ”values” which Ancients identified as Seven Capital Sins: the excessive consumption, jealousy, cupidity, sexual perversions, and so on.

These illnesses of the modern world are kind of automatic by-products of a collective drive to acquire the wealth, which in the Western Civilization has become the ultimate goal of Humanity. In particular we have a more than two centuries old work of Adam Smith ”On Richness of Nations” glorifying the ”Invisible hand” which supposedly helps to realize the prosperity of all, market oriented, nations. But who in fact is getting enriched at the market and in particular at its finest emanation called the Stock Exchange?

On one hand we have detailed theories how the market forces work, and on the another one we have a practical ”method” which makes merchants fabulously rich, creating at the same time the misery of both producers and consumers. This market practice remains usually in a shadow, Noam Chomsky writes that to speak about financial conditioning of the human behavior is singularly not PC (Politically not Correct). However without an insight how The Market – which is an ”idol” of Western Society – works in practice, we will not be able to situate the criminogenous fallacy deeply rooted inside the Western System.
Being, from the initial training, a person specialized in natural sciences, I have only a very little experience both in the theory and the practice of the market. But one thing has become intriguing for me. In 1980-ies, as a members of Polish Himalayan expeditions, we used to bring back to Poland from India few dozens (together up to 5 kg of the legal limit) of woman’s cotton skirts, which we were than selling at popular markets. At that time of scarcity of cotton products in Poland a friend of mine, much more experienced than me in market practices, told me that I cannot sell these dresses at the prize lower than 5 times the prize I’ve paid for them at the Old Delhi market. Otherwise I will not be accepted by ”the micro-community” of India’s cotton sellers in Warsaw. And in fact, after only few hours of marketing of less than 5 kg of women’s skirts of low Indian cotton quality – but of modish style and colors – I’ve made a profit sufficient to pay the flight from Warsaw to Delhi and back.
Later, in 1990, when Poland has become a really ”free” country (and when our, previously frequent, expeditions to Himalaya abruptly ended) I heard from those former alpinists, who turned than to professional Indian Cotton merchants that they sell their merchandise in average at the price not 5 times but 10 times higher than the price they paid for it in India. And of course, in a ”free market” Poland they obtained the right to bring back from India not 5 kg but at least 500 kg of cotton products. (I heard that in France and Switzerland merchants sell Indian cotton for a price 20 to 40 times exceeding its value in India.) It means that the more ”free” the country becomes, the easier merchants enrich themselves – and this we shall consider as a general rule: a friend of mine who “married himself” into a big orchard near Poznan, discovered that in ”socialist” period of 1980-ies, he was selling to Germany cherries for 80 cents per kg, while now he can get for a kilogram only 30 cents, and he is seriously considering to end-up the production. In Poland of today commercial intermediaries have become so potent and so well organized that they feel free to impose practically any price they wish onto producers. Upon a closer investigation the so called ”free market” occurs to be a place densely covered by the ”invisible web” of formal and informal merchants associations, all of them ”sucking the blood” – to put my observations in terms common in Europe a hundred years ago – of both impotent producers and artificially stupefied consumers. (The recent story of secret MAI treaty – The Mutual Agreement on Investments – which was supposed to give to transnational merchants the right to impose on national governments any concessions they wish – was a rare case of revelation of the part of the ”web” of underground commercial contracts, which control the everyday behavior of all of us.)

There is a very pertinent, zoological comparison of the behavior of informal (and formal) merchants associations to the hunting habits of a pack of wolves: these smart animals, while trapping the big game, ‘without words’, by simple nose touching, divide their roles in the prey encircling, fatiguing and finally killing. (It is interesting that this collective manner of hunting – and than of feeding, when younger and weaker wolves are invited to participate in a feast – was completely beyond the capacity of imagination of Charles Darwin. In his famous book ”Origin of Species” he gave an example of the Natural Selection of a solitary “fastest and swiftest wolf” hunting a deer – and than consuming this deer egoistically – during harsh winter conditions. In opinion of prominent zoologists, like Pierre-Paul Grassé from France, the ”Origin of Species” belongs to “scientific fairy tales” popular in a society dominated by merchants, which pseudo-scientific literature create an impression of existence, in Animal Kingdom, of continuous intra-specific struggle. Of course such false, “bourgeois” understanding of Nature efficiently compromises efforts aimed at our liberation from terrorist grip of “merchants’ international” .)

Already two thousand years ago an unwelcome Jewish prophet Jesus compared ”merchants of the Temple” to a pack of ”wolves in lambskins”, and accordingly to this understanding merchants were considered through centuries as most vicious and rapacious predators – see for ex. Shakespeare’s play ”Merchant of Venice”. This attitude changed at present, but in the middle of 19 century the French publicist Maurice Joly (who at the age of 48 committed suicide out of misery), in an anti-liberal pamphlet ”Dialogue aux enfers entre Makiavel et Montesquieu”, ironized about the cognitive value of Montesquieu’s well-known tractate ”Spirit of Laws”. He observed that ”The Law is the pillage under cover of Principles”. Such an unorthodox interpretation of ‘liberal values’ still exists among more educated – and observant – European intellectuals, few years ago the English writer John Berger remarked, in a feuilleton published by ”Le Monde Diplomatique”, that the commercial establishment of Great Britain two centuries ago consisted of ”small gangsters”.

In recent years, after large scale terrorist bombings – first of Yugoslavia, than of WTC towers in New York, than of Afghanistan – we shall be aware that ”small gangsters” of the early 19 century evolved into BIG GANGSTERS of today, ready for a conquest of the entire Planet. As authors of the most spectacular events of September 11 in USA are considered, true organizers of this ”scoop” still remain in shadow. As observed it Andreas von Buelow (see ”Zeit-Fragen” of January 27), only children and utter idiots can believe in the official version of the spectacle shown to us than at TV (to point at the book ”Wut und Stolz” – The Fury and Pride – written recently by Italo-American publicist Orlana Fallaci).

But who are authors of this magnificent show of hightech demolition of Manhattan highest skyscrapers? On a website one can read the conclusion of a meeting of about 200 American pilots of military and civil aviation, who agreed that ”all this was choreographed at the distance from an AWACS plane, (…) which demanded the complicity at highest levels of the Government, of the Army and of Secret Services”. Moreover, at the webside we can find information that the war against Afghanistan was prepared in secrecy well in advance, as the ”joint venture” of New Russian and Old American governments.

Wherefrom originates this enthusiasm of ”New Russians” for a narrow military collaboration with the old Soviet arch-enemy? ”New Russian” oligarchs, which control the Putin’s government, only a few years ago robbed – i.e. ”privatized” – fabulous riches of the former Soviet Union, and now they fear, with justice, that the wave of ”national-Bolshevik” revengism will deprive them of their super-wealth. So it is evident that New Russians are ”natural friends” of Old Americans, especially of these ones which control numerous foundations (not only this one of Soros, but also of Ford, Carnegie, Marshall and so on), which fundations are well rooted at present into overt/covert structures of Moscow and Petersburg business circles. In the last decade they advised selected ”Russians” how to profit of pierestroika, and surely they will not leave their new friends in Russia defenseless in case of a new wave of ”Bolshevism”.

The massive ”privatization” – i.e. robbery – of the wealth belonging previously or to the King (or State) or/and to village communities (so called ”commons”) began in England already during the First Industrial Revolution, and on the Continent massive ”privatizations” reached their apogee during the French Revolution, more than two hundred years ago. At that time proud ”Declarations of Human Rights” were conceived both in France and in North America and it is not a surprise that these boastful ”declarations” were in a large extent intended to legalize… the theft of the previously common (and regarded as ”sacred national”) riches. The French ”Déclaration des droits de l’homme et de citoyen” of 1798 states for example in its article 2 that ”These (human) rights are equality, freedom, security and property”, which clearly indicates that previously, during the feudal era, the private property was not considered as sacred.

Once the private property has become a ”sacrum”, all efforts to acquire it, previously considered as immoral, have become ”sacred” too. With the industrial revolution the greed began to be considered ”natural”, thus leading to a rapid, characteristic for early capitalism, pauperization of suddenly deprived of their means of subsistence village masses and to the incredible enrichment of bourgeois, commercial ”clans”. The criminogenous influence of these famous ”Human Rights” we can see also today, especially in Yugoslavia, which country was bombed – in the name of Human Rights – by NATO aviation, seeking to demolish especially these factories, bridges, schools, broadcasting stations and hospitals, which until the very end of 20 century remained the Yugoslav state property.

During the 19 century especially one philosopher, at present quickly forgotten in all recently ”won to capitalism” countries, insisted on dangers hidden in elaborated at that time ”Human Rights”. Analyzing the mentioned above ”Déclaration des droits de l’homme” he remarked that in its Article 6 the ‘freedom’ was described as ”the possibility to make everything, which do not limits rights of an another man”. According to him this means that ”limits within which one is aloud to move are settled like a border between two fields, by a balk. Here we have the freedom of a man considered as an isolated monad (…) The right to freedom is not constructed on bonds one has with others, but to the contrary, on ”fences” isolating him from others. (…) The practical application of the right to freedom is the right to private property (…) which in fact is the law of egoism (…) In the light of ”Human rights” a man is not considered as a being belonging to a species (…) and the only bond which links him with others is the (economic) necessity, the private interest, the will to maintain his ownership and his egoistic person. (…) In the civil society (”Burgerliche Gesellshaft”) man considers others to be only tools, and degrades himself to the status of the tool, becoming thus an object of play of forces which are alien to him”.

Putting the opinion of this philosopher in a most concise way, by execution of Human Rights we create the despotic regime of ”men-tools”, i.e. of slaves. (In a classic Aristotelian definition, a slave is a ”living tool”, which do not acts driven by an endogenous motor hidden in him, but is acted upon, by exogenous circumstances. This ancient definition of servus-slave fits very well the description of the modern, greed motivated politicians, businessmen, scientists, prostitutes and gangsters)
These ”living tools” – i.e. adult men whose behavior depends from external to them forces – are accustomed to act out of their limited, commercial self-interest, and thus they are trained only to promote tools (mechanical gadgets and tool-like mechanical human behaviors) in all most remote places of the Planet. This is a very evident ”mission” of the Western Civilization, beginning with the Industrial Revolution. Simply, in our Judeo-Christian culture inanimate objects of worship – in particular the Bible – have become a kind of ”inanimate God” for very simpleminded people. And in the name of this ”inanimate God” of religio-economic refugees from Europe, were done all these savage exterminations of ”non Christian” civilisations, in particular of American Indians a dozen of decades ago. This process of ”civilization” – i.e. of a total mechanization of human behavior and of human environment – is not going to stop by itself. As in the case of child development, various unpleasant stimuli – evidently trespassing ”fences” set by Human (and Child) Rights – are necessary to grow a fully matured personality, free to trespass the level of childish egoism, which is so characteristic for the Anglo-Saxon, ”Darwinian” bourgeoisie. (If one is not conscious what this artificial ”fencing” of human individuals means, I will recall that our own, normal mammalian cells, when they remain – for whatever reasons – isolated one from another for a long time, they develop a tendency to turn into ”egoistic” and ”economically enterprising” cancerous tissue.)

Without trespassing of imposed by ”Human Rights” limits of human contacts, no maturation of human behavior is possible – this states explicitly the Jean Piaget’s psychological theory (and practice) of child development. Otherwise our elites – and controlling them, in a feedback, popular masses – will continuously consider the world ”not yet Americanized” (it means, not yet privatized) as the World of Evil. This ill, ”childish” imagination was in the past the very source of all bestialities committed by Americans: from the extermination of Indians to bombings of Hiroshima and Dresden, and most recently, to destruction of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. As the each modern war helps to perfection the ”gadgetry” used by weary for their safety ”commercial warriors”, so unending wars against the ”outer world” have become one of most juicy American businesses. As ironized Bob Djurdjevic, the author of an interesting website ”the real American NWO mantra is ”perpetual war for perpetual commerce,” not ”world peace through world trade,” as the globalist leaders claim”.
At present the American Government openly pushes for ”la lutte finale” – ”the ultimate war” – against a handful of nations, which until now refused to obey to orders of Global Investors. Moreover, this drive ”to clean the earth from God damned people” has the support of a substantial majority of American population, especially in so called ”Biblical Belt” of southern mid-western states, from Florida to Texas. But what will be achieved once these plans ”of a Creation of a ‘New Earth’”, in agreement with prophet Isaiah 2,5 thousand years old hallucinations, will be achieved? Already in 1912 the Polish philosopher Henryk Elsenberg, during the first wave of globalization, wrote: ”One would not have a chance to escape from United States of the Earth. The man who thinks independently is condemned to extermination in such a super-state, and this without a hope. A Mankind divided, is a purgatory for a thinker, but the Mankind unified would be a hell without escape from it. (…) The catastrophe of unification means the generalized tyranny and generalized death (of human faculties to reason).

Ninety years later, at the period when the second wave of ”planetary unification” is reaching its full swing, we should be additionally conscious that such ”unification”, done in a manner professed by our highly polluting ”merchants-warriors”, in only few decades would change landscape of our homelands into an enormous garbage heap. What kind of a remedy against this, known since millenaries, ”illness of civilization” we can think of? I will recall only that in a small, usually neglected by the Church, episode related in the Bible, we have a scene of Christ flagellating – against their Human Right to live in security – Merchants of the Temple. And that the name of the 19-century philosopher, who discovered that in a commercial ”Burgerliche Gesellschaft” men consider others to be mere tools, and degrade themselves to the role of a tool, was Karl Marx. He made this comment on the essence of ”Human Rights” in an excellent essay ”Zur Judefrage” published in Deutsch-Francözisch Jahrebuch of 1844.

Poland at the Gate of EURO-Paradise – the oncoming bonum commune, or the plot of “Global Investors” ahead? (Marek Glogoczowski)

Thursday, July 30th, 1970

Poland at the Gate of EURO-Paradise – the oncoming bonum commune, or the plot of “Global Investors” ahead? 

Marek Glogoczowski 


According to official plans, in 2004 Poland should become a member of the European Union, and in expectance of this “merry wedding”, all consecutive governments of Poland after 1990 consistently push the country into „open arms” of our Western friends. Unfortunately, nobody until now told us with sincerity what for is this pro-Unionist rush. On one hand we have arguments of “a New, converted to capitalism, Left” (in power at present) arguing – visibly in the style of “Letters” of Apostle Paul – that “national freedom is in the nation’s obedience to EU Masters”. On other hand, opposing the EU “Christian Right” is desperately campaigning against “atheist Europe”, arguing that UE is an updated version of “Soviets”, and that we shall not participate in an another “super-kolchoz”. (This argument was raised by the Russian “missionary” of pure capitalism, Vladimir Bukovsky, during his recent visit to the League of Polish Families mini-party.)

Arguments claiming that EU is “a God-less super-cooperative” are widespread among clergy influenced intellectuals and politicians, but these arguments are not confirmed by EU practices: if EUROland was a super-coop, we will have all interest to join it. Western Europe is affluent, and to become a member of an affluent cooperative has all advantages: cooperatives, by their very nature, assure the decent life, housing, work, holidays, health services, education and even cultural activities to its members. (Cooperative farms in Czechoslovakia had living standards close to these in the West). Unfortunately, as everyone (except the Polish Right) knows, UE is not a super-coop, it is a kind of a super-corporation, and this is quite a difference. Corporations by their very nature are greed motivated, and thus they are hostile to the outer world, which is an object of their colonization and exploitation The most drastic example of such corporate attitude is the behavior of the British Company of India in 19 century. So we have to suspect that the “friendly welcome” of Poland (as well of other nations) to the “Land of EURO” is a kind of deceit, which will not profit Poles but will profit a very small minority of hidden “shareholders” of a super-corporation code named UNITED EUROPE.

There are symptoms of this deceit in the history of Poland of last dozen of years. There is a minority (in fact a very small minority) which get enriched in a fabulous way thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Empire. Western media stress that the former “nomenclature” was the principal beneficent of “counter-revolutionary” changes in Eastern Europe, but this is only the half-truth. So called “investors” from the West get enriched in Eastern Europe in an even larger extent, and at present we have in Poland several thousands of English speaking “gastarbeiters”, employed at posts of owners and directors of formerly Polish enterprises. The dimension of this phenomenon remains concealed from the sight of a general public, and I know about it, for I worked for a certain time at the International School at Cracow. Only by “an accident” the press revealed that the salary of a “Portuguese” director of Big Bank at Gdansk is 990 thousands zlotys, it means 250 thousands Euro per month. Like in India of 19 century, these fabulous fortunes earned in Poland by imported “investors” (and by working for them local comprador bourgeoisie – i.e. men specialized in wholesale of the country) are linked with the equally impressive impoverishment of common people. In last dozen of years about 500 thousand of Poles have become homeless; in the Central Pomerania region up to 50 pct. of village households have no electricity, farmers simply cannot afford to pay for it. The official unemployment rate is about 20 pct. but unofficially it is much higher, roughly half of the active population is not sure whether they will have jobs in oncoming months. The country has become saturated with (used, or bought for a credit) cars, but roads have become devastated, and all large scale, communal projects have disappeared, and so on.

After 12 years of intensive “reforms”, one may find that the country has become rich in appearance, but at the same time extremely poor inside: hipermarkets and billboards announcing instant happiness flourish, but under their cover in Poland disappeared up to 95 pct. of electronic industry and three quarters of the textile industry, previously considered as the one of the best in the world. The same holds practically in all other sectors of industry, except the one, which is producing highly alcoholized, “strong” beer. In this artificial situation, when the country only imports, both the common people and the State get drowned in debts, and thus they are becoming completely dependent of their hidden (in banks) masters. Moreover, their debts are quickly multiplied by usury rates (at present about 20 pct. per year) practiced by “Polish” – which means, in 80 pct. foreign – banks, which devastate the country like monstrous parasites. Thanks to the strict, monetary politics imposed by IMF (and locally enforced by politicians of Soros’ Foundation’s obedience) the country in last 12 years practically have been “sold for nothing” to the clique of so called “Coalition of Global Investors”. This type of adaptive reforms was administered to all “post-communist” countries, and the whole war in Yugoslavia shall be seen uniquely in terms of the conquest of the Western (with no distinction between Jewish, Albanian, or “American”) Robber Barons.

The fact of the nearly total loss of independence is covered by silence by “our” (which means, American and German tycoons owned) press. Only seldom we can hear at TV voices – such as of professor Swiezawski, an old Polish philosopher – who warns that while dreaming about “Europe”, we risk to find ourselves in hands of “The Europe of Pillage”. Voices warning abut this option are coming also from other countries, and Bulgarian writer Blagovesta Doncheva, describing the tragedy of Yugoslavia, which for 11 years resisted to IMF/CIA/Soros Fund and local cretins’ pressures, wrote: “They (CIA, Soros Foundation, and other “investors”) are interested solely in the full conquest of the Balkans as a starting step for new crusades! (…) For them every population in every conquered country is only a nuisance: less people – less problems.”

The problem of „superfluous population” is well felt in Poland of today. In the contradiction to the „bad” times of socialism, when people were searched for jobs (also for these jobs which were very highly paid), at present officially 40 pct. of youth ends studies without perspectives of employment. The situation is even more dramatic at Polish villages, where the realisation of “development principles” of IMF has lead to a situation similar to the situation of Ireland colonised by the British Union three centuries ago.

Already at the beginning of 1990, when the state owned, big farms were put abruptly into bankruptcy (by a sudden cut-of of all subsidies, combined with usury rates exceeding 100 pct., with stable rate of exchange zloty/dollar) the overall agricultural product of Poland was reduced by 35 pct. in comparison to “bad” socialist times, when the state and co-operative farming was permitted. At present about 13 pct. of farmland remains uncultivated, and the entry of Poland to EU – at conditions which are proposed by Brussels – should led to a further worsening of the condition of Polish farmers. According to information I recently received from the office of parliamentary group “Samoobrona” (Self-Resistance), the incorporation to EU will rise costs of agricultural production about 40 pct., while farmers may expect only 10 pct. increase of prices of their products. In order to compensate for this loss of income, subsidies for agriculture in Poland should correspond to about 67 pct. of analogous subsidies of Western farmers, while the EU proposes to Poles only 25 pct. of subvention the first year, 30 the second, and so on.

This is not the only danger. According to other sources, the EU intends to “improve” the structure of Polish farms, which have the size on average 7-8 hectares, and to promote much bigger farming units, thus reducing the number of “family” farms from 2 millions at present, to 800 thousands and than 400 thousands in a dozen of years. This technically is feasible, but it will put on the market, liberated from agriculture, at least three millions more people searching for an employment. Some of these newly unemployed will migrate surely towards Western Europe, creating there “a race” for jobs and the easily predictable decrease of salaries there. The artificial misery created by such a “plan” will also increase the criminality level inside the country – already at present many villages remain completely at the economic margin of the society. The cultural degradation of Poland (as well as of other “post-communist” countries) must contribute, in a feedback, to a general degradation of Europe, with growing tensions between different national groups, competing for artificially restricted places of labor. Some people evidently will profit out of these changes, and already in 1993 I heard (privately) from a German employee of the World Bank that in regions of Poland, which are “cleaned” from poor local farmers, rich farmers from Holland will be settled. This “humanitarian” project becomes ever more visible here.

As points it the official statement of “Samoobrona” (Self-defence – see the Attachment 2) “The process of extension to new countries of Central and East Europe is a historical event for the European Union. The process is a chance for both sides.” Nevertheless one can sense a kind of a deceit in specifically arranged details of this “Joining the Union” process. “Samoobrona” writes: “It must be stressed that so far Polish farmers are very critical about the “aid” submitted by the EU and other countries. In its essential part it didn’t serve well the Polish agriculture (too many experts and too insignificant concrete investment support). When the aid for financing experts was increasing, the Polish agricultural industry was collapsing and co-operatives were shut down. Both these sectors are very strong in the EU countries. Is this a coincidence?!”

On June 6th this year “Samoobrona” attempted to block the illegal (in light of existing governmental decisions) import of cheap, subsidised by EU grain, which imports blocks possibilities of consumption of the grain made in Poland. During the demonstration a part of imported grain was spilled on a railway and than it turned out, that the grain was of a surprisingly poor quality, mixed with straw and rodents’ excrements, as if collected from rests left in grain storage houses. Laboratory tests, which were done, suggest that the grain in this transport was polluted with the pesticide nitrophen, too. Samples of this “imported good” were secured for police investigations and also smuggled to the Parliament in order to show to its members, what are these “goodies” the West stuffs Poland. Somehow this grain, full of straw and rodents’ excrements, symbolise the entire help received by Poland (as well as other Eastern European countries) in last decades.

As an expectable reaction to these “smart investors” attempts, to cut roots of existence of nations of Eastern Europe, in the East appeared once again pro-socialist trends. They are well visible in the very high score of Czech Communist Party in recent elections, and in the equally high rating (about 20 pct., the second in the popularity party) of “Samoobrona” (Self-Defence) in Poland. Nevertheless, without a clear vision, what we want to avoid while joining the EU, we cannot hope that the future will become less pathological than it is at present. Despite bright (as United Colours of Bennettone) appearances, the grim reality will quickly show up from behind walls of all these sprawling at present hipermarkets and internet cafes, resembling these famous Chinese Opium Smoking Shops, a hundred years ago.

Our common enemy (enemy both of Western and Eastern Europeans) is this fabricated already more than two hundred years ago “liberal” ideology, put coherently as a program by John Stuart Mill and refined, in a form of ideology of the “Open society”, by Karl Popper and George Soros at the end of 20 century. The “opening” of a society means in practice the country’s tolerance to these “pushers of modernity”, who consistently sell straw and rodents excrements, mixed with rests of pesticides, as the healthy grain from which inhabitants of the entire Planet are invited to bake their everyday bread. If our politicians do not liberate themselves from the “Anglosaxon”, completely idiotic belief that the common good (bonum commune) is realisable by a means of the individual greed, the future of all of us, as well of our children, looks indeed very grim.

[published – in French – in “Balkan Info”, Paris, February 2003]


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