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At Some Point, We Will Have To Admit That The “Homeless” Are Parasites

Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

Back in the day, we used to have a term for what are now called in politically correct mincing verbiage “the homeless”: bums, winos, drifters, hobos, grifters, beggars, and thieves.

That is not politically correct to say these days because egalitarianism demands that we consider all lifestyles equal. If you want to live in a ditch off handouts from government and guys trying to impress girls on a first date, we consider that a “choice” and the fact of its stupidity is not particularly relevant, at least socially.

However, in realityland, we recognize that the homeless are those who choose to avoid participating in our system and tend to live off of charity and theft. This has always been the case, which is why they never were viewed as anything but blight and risk by our ancestors. Our view was that it was easy enough to live a subsistence life without being a hobo, so hobo-ness conveyed instability.

Maybe five percent of them are Diogenesian geniuses wandering a vacant landscape, penning scripts of incomparable brilliance while the world misses their inner essence for their outer appearance and scorns them. Maybe. More likely, it is only a few per generation, and the rest are merely thinly-disguised parasites.

One hysterical recent article shows us the criminal nature of the homeless and how society, by making itself impotent in response, encourages more criminality:

The county moved to clear the encampment, located between Warner and Edinger avenues, following months of complaints from neighbors that homeless people were trespassing, harassing residents and stealing from nearby homes. Some of the discoveries, officials said, add credence to those neighbors’ complaints and fears.

…Though makeshift chop shops where bicycles are taken apart, cleaned and reassembled are a common sight along several portions of the lengthy riverbed homeless encampments, Pucket said he’d never seen a collection as big as the 1,000 bicycles hidden in Santa Ana. The bikes were found just south of the river’s Fairview Street overpass.

Puckett wouldn’t speculate how many of the bikes were stolen, citing the ongoing investigation, saying “common sense would dictate that if you have 1,000 bikes in a tunnel… some of them were stolen.”

…But neighborhood residents offer a different story, saying they’ve noticed an increase in bike thefts and other crimes.

Government is blind to the homeless problem because it throws the cost back to the victims. You go to the police department, wait in line, file the reports, and then get the shrug and explanation that they just cannot do anything. After one experience like that, you will never report a theft again; you will either go get the bike back, or buy a new one and take it out of your taxes. Screw The Man.

In the meantime, because of our pretense of egalitarianism, we tolerate among us people who are outright criminals but smart enough to keep their activities to such a low level that our bloated civil servants will never notice. This makes us bitter toward life, and cynical toward ourselves, just so some hobos can keep drinking and being useless in a valley somewhere.

Harvest of liberalism

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


The idea of liberalism is egalitarianism; it both desires it, and points to absence of it as the source of all human problems. By reflection, that statement suggests that people are victims of anti-egalitarians, and that if we just remove those people, all will be well. This is why all liberal revolutions are followed by a period of mass murder or at least mass punishment. It is a philosophy of revenge on scapegoats.

In reality, people experiencing “inequality” are generally doing so by their own choice or inability. If the former, it seems they have made an informed decision to stay poor in exchange for little engagement. If the latter, it would make sense to move them to circumstances that match their abilities. But in neither case is mass revolt and murder necessary or justified. Thus the origin of liberalism is nonsense.

The problem of ideology is that it elects this nonsense as a goal. This leads to humans colliding with reality, which is the basis of both most good comedy and all politics. In fact, in the West which still rides the postwar economic boom, all of our problems arise from previous liberal attempts to institute egalitarianism. Other than the overspending and social chaos created by Leftist decisions, we are doing pretty well. But since we have gone down the liberal path, many future collisions await us.

One such collision peaked in the news this week: feces, feces everywhere. As part of their desire to uplift the weak and subsidize that by penalizing the strong, liberals have created laws designed to “help” the homeless by forcing their acceptance. This has led, in at least two major American cities, to an increase in street defecation.

The liberal solution is to enact more subsidies and build more homeless treatment facilities, ignoring the fact that most of these people have other issues which preclude those being effective. They also ignore the simple truth that what you tolerate you get more of, and so forcing acceptance of homeless behavior widens the window of behavior which is accepted. This brings us to a point where we have third world conditions, which generally include “open defecation,” on our streets. Liberals are able to get away with this ignorance because life here is better than anywhere else, therefore it seems as if we have little to complain about even with liberal damage. But, why destroy when you can improve?

Homelessness is not our only situation of this nature. Liberals encouraged “tolerance” of diversity, and now we have full population replacement by third world origin people. That is genetic replacement, meaning that what we once were and could do will never come back. It is also genocide, the destruction of a people by breeding them out into others. It is also suicide, which is why liberals like it, because they hate anything that rises above the mean including their own culture and civilization. We see beginning the death spiral of reality denial, emotional reaction and finally, self-destruction that is the hallmark of liberal regimes.

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