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Pull the Plug on Baby Boomers

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Born into the country’s most prosperous times, the baby boomers took the most greedy, self serving aspects of individualism and American capitalism and pushed them to the fringes.  At a young age, they overthrew all of the cultural institutions protecting American civilization and pushed the repulsive vanities of meaningless sex, drug use, pornography, and civil disobedience into the mainstream.  

Through the Boomers, morality was effectively weeded out of media, politics, and journalism as the race was on to turn every aspect of life and culture into a financial gain.  And thus, by the hands of the baby boomers came the acceleration of the credit system and the mass creation of nonexistent capital… both effectively setting the stage for an unprecedented global economic meltdown.  

Throughout their entire existence the generation remained stubborn, selfish, greedy, and self serving. Even after their terrible decisions plunged the country into recession, the baby boomers continued to evade responsibility by remaining in the workforce and draining the country’s depleted resources.  Despite their children being in poverty, despite America’s debt being in the trillions, and despite a lifetime of material consumption, the baby boomers continue to collect paychecks from the government to keep themselves alive in a vegetated state.

They remain in massive houses as their children are forced to share housing after marriage, they remain with free healthcare while their children go uninsured, and they collect social security paychecks despite experiencing years of wealth and abundance that their children successfully are not likely to ever see.

While millennials could attempt nuclear war to erase their generations debt and economic devastation, a more practical solution is available: Pull the plug on the baby boomers and let the nation’s worst generation die.  Since millennials outnumber baby boomers it would theoretically be possible to use the channels of democracy to vote away the latter’s Medicare and social security benefits.  

Without federal assistance fueling the life and safe retirement of a generation useless to society, massive die offs would ensue.  Housing prices would dive as more and more homes would become available.  The job market would surge and whatever government assistance there is could be used to strengthen a generation able to efficiently partake in the workforce (although a better solution would be eliminating it entirely in favor of enhancing the stability of the economy).  

Unfortunately, this solution is likely to remain a fantasy as the baby boomers have cleverly (though perhaps unwittingly) conditioned millennials to serve in the former’s best interest.  They have discouraged the young generation from engaging in politics, thereby enabling themselves to continue to dominate the vote in their favor.  They have passed on their infatuation with material consumption and journalistic distraction, leading for millennials to pursue empty and needless desires over the strengthening of humanity’s future.  They have effectively convinced the future generations that the failed policies they championed will eventually work as the institutions crumble around them.  The millennials, conditioned to be dependent and obedient, allow their masters to walk them into hopelessness.

Without pulling the plug on baby boomers and their ideas capitalism is destined to fall.  And when it does, the failures of the baby boomers will long be the propaganda of whomever assumes power next. 


Sunday, June 4th, 2017

The Boomer generation wanted revenge against its parents, who advocated a kind of casual Communism but never really meant it, so the Me Generation called in the ticket and amplified regular impotent Leftism into a form of Full Soviet egalitarianism.

As part of this, they opposed “injustices” — any time the more intelligent suppress the less intelligent, as far as anyone can tell — including those created by colonialism, or the conquest of the third world by the West who brought them hygiene, medicine, social order and political stability.

But, as history tends to make anything into its opposite given enough time, as if following a cycle from birth to death, the anti-colonialists have become the colonizers as they seek a way to continue “if it feels good, do it” past retirement:

There’s no accurate way to measure the phenomenon, but the Social Security Administration was sending payments to 380,000 retired U.S. workers living abroad in 2014 — up 50 percent from a decade ago.

…The city of Cuenca recently conducted a census that found its municipality alone was home to almost 10,000 foreign retirees, most of them Americans from Texas and Florida.

…Because Medicare doesn’t cover most costs abroad, the Herrons, for example, were paying $84 a month to belong to the public healthcare system. When Michael, a 76-year-old retired IT worker-turned-novelist, recently ended up in the emergency room for a cardiac issue, the total bill was $133. In the past, the same procedure in the United States had been billed to his insurance company at $186,000.

In other words, people from first-world nations are invading third-world nations because of the lower costs, which are a result of not maintaining first world institutions and social order. In this sense, the first-worlders are colonialists who are taking advantage of cheap labor in the third world.

When society becomes individualistic, or dedicated to the individual human and its desires, it quickly encounters this type of “tragedy of the commons” mentality where the herd consumes anything good out of both raw need and fear that someone else will ge there since. In this case, the hypocrisy is delicious and the economic warning, dire.

They Admit It: “American Prosperity Depends On A Non-White Future”

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

Listen. Listen quietly. Wait patiently. If you take enough time, your enemies will tell you exactly what they think. Give them the space and they will eventually justify themselves to you, and then you can see the plan in full.

One of the leading business publications in the world, Bloomberg News offers us the clearest statement of white genocide ever offered in the media:

If the U.S. economy is going to prosper, it needs to keep taking in immigrants. Fertility is below replacement levels, and no country has discovered a way to raise native birthrates. That means that immigration is necessary for the survival of the Social Security system and the solvency of pension funds.

It is so blatant that you might have missed it: immigration is needed to pay for the pensions for Baby Boomers, and it is necessary because we are not having as many babies as occurred in that boom. Our largest and most Leftist generation ever is fading out, and in the ruins of a society ravaged by their political ideals, there is not enough wealth to keep them in a state of comfortable retirement.

They even tell you in the next few lines:

Immigrants will allow small cities to grow and expand their tax bases, instead of shriveling into ghost towns. Immigrants support the housing market and the stock market. They take care of elderly Americans and provide invaluable skills for U.S. corporations. Without continued robust immigration, the U.S. population will shrink and gray, and the country will start having the same problems as aging societies like Japan, South Korea, and East Europe.

They are promising yesterday its retirement funds by sacrificing today. As usual, drugged by the dogma of egalitarianism, business and voters assume that all people are the same, so they can move in a bunch of third world people and have America keep operating just as it has. They are relying on their laws, economic theories, Constitution, and police power.

We know this is true because Europe is doing the same thing:

Western governments are broke because of their social programs and yet cannot reduce them because the voters will panic and rage.

The demographic squeeze could be eased by the influx of more than a million migrants in the past year. If many of them eventually join the working population, the result could be increased tax revenue to keep the pension model afloat. Before migrants are even given the right to work, however, they require housing, food, education and medical treatment. Their arrival will have effects on public finances that officials have only started to assess.

There are many problems with the immigration plan. First, it stimulates overpopulation by creating an escape valve from the already-overburdened third world, which in turn causes people to breed more because the cause of that overpopulation is a Tragedy of the Commons style need to have a large enough family to subsidize each person in old age, so when that family leaves, they make more of them. Second, it destroys Western civilization entirely by ethnically replacing its one unique component, namely its people and their genetics. Third, it assumes that people from third world countries will produce at the level needed, when if they could have done that, they would have back at home where living is cheaper.

Now you see the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg News telling you what the rest of the mainstream media will not: the great rush toward diversity has always been about ensuring an easy retirement for people raised on the socialist programs of the 1930s.

They were told back in the day that these programs could not sustain themselves; they paid out more than they took in, and investing the money only made it unpredictable as to how much would be there in the future. And so, our society slipped itself on the needle of stealing from everyone to give to a subset of the group. We are addicted to funding our retirees.

Socialism always kills societies this way. When you give out free things, people shape their lives around a negative incentive to save and be responsible. For them, it is easy; all they have to do is keep going to work for thirty five or forty years and then they retire with a pension or generous social security. It is a paradise for workers, much like Soviet Communism promised to be.

But like all our great human failings, this one starts with a simple pitfall. People who are working for the system, instead of working to achieve results, are not effective or efficient. They phone it in and do the minimum they must do in order to avoid criticism from others. In turn, the quality of output falls, and so does the value of the economy.

This rushes us into a death cycle. Millions work long hours at jobs doing tasks that ultimately are not necessary, just so their bosses can get promoted for being effective at the ineffective. They are taxed mercilessly and that money is dumped on the underclass, which spends it on consumer products. This puts money into fast motion, and causes the economy to switch to demand-based economics.

Right now, we are being erased as a people so that a generation can get the benefits it voted for after being promised them by people who knew the scheme would never work. What do they care, they got their retirement benefits already, and all of them are hoping to be very dead by the time the bubble pops.

Look at what else they are celebrating:

But even more encouraging are the numbers on interracial marriage. Marriage is proof that diversity isn’t just creating tensions between new and unfamiliar neighbors, but positive and lasting social bonds. A new report by the Pew Research Center provides some amazing numbers. Half a century after laws against interracial marriage were struck down by the courts, the share of new marriages that are interracial has risen from 3 percent to 17 percent. For black Americans, the rise in intermarriage has been particularly strong.

With unique races gone, you will have nothing but your job, government ideology and consumer shopping. This will create the perfect citizens: a grey race of people without culture, values, heritage, customs or religion. The perfect raw material to be shaped by the machine of government and media.

Amazingly, your leaders think this is a good idea. To them, the voters are dupes — here they are correct: even smart people in groups vote like morons through compromise, the lottery mentality and gaming the system — who will approve ridiculous schemes. A politician realizes that either he offers free stuff, or the next guy will, and that guy will take the election. So they all lie.

We know this means the end of the chance for the West, shattered by two world wars, to rebirth itself. With the loss of its people, so goes the possibility of their civilization. And all of this to pay for votes, bought with social welfare entitlements programs we could not afford, so that people would feel comfortable in an obviously declining, unstable society!

The U.S. is becoming more integrated at the regional, neighborhood and household level. Americans say they like diversity, and they are voting with both their feet and their ring fingers. The future of the U.S. as a successful multiracial nation isn’t assured, but it’s looking more and more likely. And that should be good news for the U.S. economy, since it means growth won’t create noxious social divisions.

Listen again. They tell you their fears: they fear noxious social divisions, meaning that they know diversity will not work. This is why they are rushing toward intermarriage, because if you destroy all of the races, then you have no social divisions. In other words, the same reason why they wanted class warfare; they want to eliminate all conflict through pacifism, and make us all obedient sheep.

The only way out of this mess is to stand up against diversity and its parent theory, egalitarianism. You cannot say that all people are equal and not invite the world to come live among you. But a group composed of every race has no race, and a country for everyone is a country for no one. Oh well, at least the Me Generation will have comfortable retirements as civilization dies out around them.

Baby Boomers Show The Crisis Of Individualism

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

When you have a society, culture and ethnic group that you can believe in, you tend to give back. But for the Baby Boomers, the “Me Generation” known for its individualism, none of that matters. With their families shattered by their own divorces and bad parenting, Baby Boomers are hoarding wealth as society crumbles around them by their own acts:

Younger generations aren’t saving enough as their income slips further behind previous generations. Older Americans meanwhile sit atop unprecedented piles of assets built through stock market and real estate booms.

Yet these retirees, or at least the affluent ones, aren’t spending it. It turns out they’re afraid of the unknown.

A new study finds many U.S. retirees keep saving even after they’ve retired. The average American over the age of 60 cuts spending 2.5 percent per year, or about 20 percent over a 10-year period, according to an analysis of University of Michigan survey data by financial planning software company United Income.

Younger generations are engaging in an Ayn Rand style “Galt’s Gulch” strategy of earning less and paying less in taxes, then taking out more in benefits than they put in. This will eventually crash the system, which is already starving as third world immigrants perform below the native population in tasks and thus, bring in less income.

The older generations, dedicated to individualism or “me first before all else” thinking, intend to hoard their wealth and use it to evade the catastrophe that they saw coming for decades but did nothing to stop. Born of the victory of the Allies in WWII and the Leftism of the 1930s, Baby Boomers show us the ultimate idea of collectivism: a crowd of individuals, all wanting to take all they can and give nothing back.

What Made The Baby Boomers So Destructive?

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

Future historians will write about the Baby Boomers less admiringly than past historians, but perhaps with more compassion. They will see them as a bridge between the 1930s and the 1990s, a generation doomed that struck back without trying to actually fix the situation.

We might summarize them as a teenage tantrum, and like all such outbursts, have sympathy for their sentiments but dislike their methods.

The Baby Boomers were born when it was clear that the Allies would win WWII, and in anticipation of the great boom of wealth and power this would bestow. At the same time, they inherited a dead system: a hybrid capitalist-socialist state which had already shattered its cultural integrity through white diversity, attempting to mix Southern, Western and Eastern Europeans into a new people.

This created a helpless environment for them to grow up in, and one that was too popular to change, so they knew they were born doomed and retaliated by taking all they could and leaving destruction in their wake:

Boomers took over the government in the early 1990s, when Bill Clinton’s 1992 victory installed them in the White House and Newt Gingrich’s Republican Revolution of 1994 gave the generation a majority in the House that persists to this day.

And how has that worked out for them? Well, the Greatest Generation survived the Great Depression, won the Second World War, brought about the enormous postwar economic boom, outlasted the Soviet Union in the Cold War and established the United States as the sole superpower. Since then, the boomers — the Worst Generation, if you will — have squandered most of that.

The United States, challenged all over the world, is receding and turning inward. The economy still hasn’t recovered fully from the financial collapse of 2008, the worst since the Great Depression. The federal debt is out of control, and inequality is worse. Boomers expanded entitlement programs that are wrecking the nation’s finances; they failed to act on global warming; they presided over declining faith in virtually all institutions, from religion to the Supreme Court; and their children may be the first generation with dim prospects of doing better than their parents did.

With the victory in World War Two, it seemed that the new horrible version of the USA had succeeded, and so it was never going to be rolled back. The social programs of the 1930s, brought on by a neo-Communist leader, were there to stay, mostly because democracies never vote against benefits once already established. Those acts would never be repealed, it seemed, and this made the Boomers hopeless, negative and destructive from irritation and frustration at an intractable, slowly dying system.

The resentment of having their fate sealed before their birth, and their outrage at the hypocrisy of a modern West which feasted on killing its best for illusions like equality, made the Boomers into a relentlessly self-serving generation; perhaps they were the ultimate individualists, or the “last man” that Nietzsche described.

They demonstrated this approach in their response to the Vietnam war:

While dad sweated on the Pacific Ocean and learned the joys of monsoon season, millions of other American men protested the unjust, expensive and bloody war and helped bring it to an end. The popular conception of that period is one of free love and political turmoil. It was an era when old men started unpopular wars and the righteous stayed behind.

…Gibney shows Boomers overwhelmingly supported the war until they had to serve in it. Worse, most who wanted to avoid the war could seek conscientious objector status but instead abused the deferment system.

Boomers sat out one of the most vital conflicts of the Cold War, in which the West prevailed against Sino-Soviet Communist aggression. The “Me Generation” got its name from being unwilling to do anything but act for its own individual pleasures, a third world mentality exhibited by those who took the past for granted because they hated what it had become.

What Went Wrong In The West During WWII?

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Something went wrong in the West during WWII. Perhaps it was that after fighting “the war to end all wars,” people lost faith in the system but cashed in anyway. Perhaps it was the population boom, or the sheer misery of modern society, but something caused an explosion of bad behavior:

Before the baby boomers came around, the so-called Greatest Generation came of age in a time of war and depression and learned firsthand the benefits of social solidarity and so they continued to invest in society throughout their lives, Gibney said.

…He points to a general election where both candidates were hesitant to discuss entitlement reform or tax increases as one of the reasons why climate change, high levels of student debt and a last minute, backstop approach to infrastructure may continue indefinitely.

“My assertion isn’t that all boomers are sociopaths, but that a sufficiently large percentage of them behave in ways that appear to be sociopathic and because they’re such a large generation … any personality defects could easily translate into political dysfunction. I think that is what happened.”

Sociopaths, or individualists? As one esteemed Neoreactionary is fond of saying, there are only two paths in life: the path of service to others, and service to self. When one serves the self, that comes before anything else, and other people and objects are means to that end. Humanity certainly has been behaving that way of late.

In my view, it may not be so simple, in that there is a third path, which is service to transcendentals, like principle, aesthetics and quality. But this would probably qualify under “service to others” for most people, if we include ancestors, nature, the future and optimal human existence as others.

Looking at this in a historical context, we see that the 1920s offered one of the first real “Me generation” vibes. That group became the parents of the kids who were born in the 1940s and comprised the most virulent wing of the Boomer generation. Their psychology was created in part by the utter futility of the First World War, and what most saw as clear signs of civilization decline.

Then, as if by magic, they were saved. After a horrible war, the Americans came out on top by virtue of having lost the least to bombing and invasion. This however created an epic entitlement mentality, and this showed in how the “Greatest Generation” treated their kids. This created a nasty dynamic of resentment between children and parents.

As a result, the Baby Boomers took revenge. They used the Leftist views of their parents against them, and in doing so, seized the moral high ground and took over their civilization. Unfortunately, their ideas were nonsense, and so they created disaster, to which their response was to fall back onto the ideas of their parents… entitlement.

Millennials get quite a bit of blame for being essentially The Me Generation II, but having grown up and been indoctrinated in an educational system re-designed by Boomers, it is not surprising that the clay bears the impression of the mold. Those who come after them have seen the disaster being repeated, and have less of an individualist mentality.

Was this sociopathy, or institutionalized sociopathy? The latter seems likely, since Leftism by virtue of having its roots in egalitarianism tends to individualism, as did The Enlightenment™ before it. We programmed ourselves to be selfish and as a result, produced a desperate mentality which led to this sociopathic result.

Living In A Dying Age

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Witness a microcosm of tragedy through the loss of traditions as atomized individualism takes over from culture:

“Young couples starting out don’t want the same things people used to have,” says Susan Devaney, president of NASMM and owner of The Mavins Group, a senior move manager in Westfield, N.J. “They’re not picking out formal china patterns anymore. I have three sons. They don’t want anything of mine. I totally get it.”

Buysse agrees. “This is an Ikea and Target generation. They live minimally, much more so than the boomers. They don’t have the emotional connection to things that earlier generations did,” she notes. “And they’re more mobile. So they don’t want a lot of heavy stuff dragging down a move across country for a new opportunity.”

And you can pretty much forget about interesting your grown kids in the books that lined their grandparents’ shelves for decades. If you’re lucky, you might find buyers for some books by throwing a garage sale or you could offer to donate them to your public library — if the books are in good condition.

In other words, we now live in a society where the individual is obligated to nothing greater than the individual, which we might see as the ultimate democratic ideal. People live only for themselves, and this has produced a dying age where nothing remains, and all is disposable like Ikea furniture and fast food.

Generation X saw this one coming. We realized that the old traditions represented obligations that the contemporary job market and social situation did not support. As such, we could crucify ourselves trying to keep up the habits of the past, or acknowledge that this society has failed and move on to a minimal, transient life where we obligate ourselves as little as possible to the decline.

The sadness hides in the margins here. Nothing you do will last. Nothing you do will have meaning, either, because you are dedicated only to yourself, and work, of course. You work like a good worker in the worker’s paradise. Everyone is equal, which means no one has anything more than themselves and a dollar amount on the paycheck.

Meaning dies when we become so focused on ourselves that we reduce our thinking to materialism in order to avoid exploring those areas where we are not strictly equal. The nation fades away, replaced by an endless row of apartment buildings and strip malls. Now we are truly equal, entropy has won, and in the absence of meaning we sit and wait for death.

Conservative Martyrs

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

As we look back over the wreckage of the past two centuries, a time during which Leftist power steadily increased, we have to wonder: why are our conservatives so inept?

The first reason of course is that people love to be on the winning side, and the Left with its policy of social inclusion is always more popular in terms of sheer numbers. However, among groups of the notoriously competent, conservative ideals — or at least unarticulated gut-level instincts — prevail.

Another reason may be that conservatives defeat themselves by misunderstanding conservatism. The root of conservatism, or the Right, has been with us since the dawn of time, but it was formalized in response to the French Revolution: the Right were those who liked the way things were before, and the Left were the egalitarians who wanted a world based on Enlightenment™-era conjectures about equality and universalism.

For the Right, this meant that defeat was a foregone conclusion. The old order had been replaced, and we were trying to carry it forward as a values system, using Leftist methods as a basis for its justification. This perverted what we knew, and created a hybrid which in the nature of all hybrids, defaulted toward the simpler of its two parents: Leftism.

Out of this duality of mindset we got lots of brave and bold posturing about “standing athwart progress, yelling ‘stop'” and other forms of martyrdom. A martyr wins by losing — as opposed to civilizations, which lose by winning and then attracting parasites — and sacrificing himself to his cause.

Only, if the martyr does not die, he might as well enjoy a few well-earned comforts of life…

This leads us to the mentality of conservatives. They have abandoned winning, which would involve restoring civilization as it was in 1788, with aristocrats, strong nationalism and culture, hierarchy and a values system including an inherently but not explicitly transcendental view of life. They have accepted the enemy within their gates, and are looking for a compromise, which causes them to see themselves as martyrs, and so instead of focusing on the hard task of fixing the decline, they rationalize it and instead, focus on enriching themselves and being socially popular.

In a nutshell, this explains why conservatives are both strikingly ineffective and prone to being selfish and focused on business alone. They have given up on changing society. Instead they concentrate on image and money, religion and virtue signaling, and in fact basically everything that makes them comfortable while ignoring what they should be doing, which is reversing decline.

It is hard to find a clearer statement of this than with this apology for selfishness that justifies ignoring the problem, leading to another generation of fat old conservatives obsessed with money and church, but oblivious to the actual problem and committed to never risking their own fortunes to fix it:

And that’s where the Church must come in. As we go about “being the church” as Chuck liked to say, loving God, loving our neighbors as ourselves, letting our light and good deeds shine before men, pointing toward every human’s true hope in Jesus Christ and God the Father, then we’ll have a greater and greater impact on those around us, and on the culture, and in the end, our local and national politics.

And of course, we can do this only by drawing nearer corporately and individually to Jesus, seeking fellowship with Him and with each other.

Naturally, it is followed by a subtle plea for donations. What is interesting about this article is that it borrows an alt right trope for its minimum truth quotient — because all great lies begin with partial truths, selectively omitting that which does not fit the manipulative narrative to come — by acknowledging that culture is upstream of politics:

We talk a lot on BreakPoint about what the French philosopher and theologian Jacques Ellul called the “political illusion”—the idea that our problems are primarily political ones with political solutions.

…Politics most often is downstream of culture. Culture will shape politics. And as Chuck said during his final speech, the culture is shaped by “the cult,” its belief system, what people truly believe and care about.

In other words, they want you to replace cultural awareness with religious fanaticism, repeating the same errors that has made conservatism a failure for decades and are guiding the church to lower attendance across the board. We do not want to replace culture with the cult of Christ. We want culture first, and Christianity to fall in line in support of culture.

One reason to enjoy Bruce Charlton — probably the leading Christian reactionary out there — is that he pairs the practical and the spiritual by calling for conversion to Christianity, but a type of Christianity that emphasizes realistic action:

Your choice is simply whether to surrender, as usual, to go-with-the-flow. Or not-to-surrender. To refuse. That is as much as most people are given to ‘fight’ over. Nothing glamourous – simply saying ‘no, I won’t’. It is enough – it is everything.

He is suggesting that conservatives do the opposite of what they have done for centuries: instead of going along with the flow while enriching ourselves and acting out a martyr syndrome by being right instead of effective — it is always easier to make a few statements and then go back to earning money than it is to change the direction of history — as they have been, conservatives need to change direction and focus on resistance to conformity by demanding conservative change instead.

This is news to all the conservative martyrs and wannabe theocrats out there, most of whom are seeing dollar signs for themselves more than a path to victory for their cultures, who are caught in the narcissism/solipsism/individualism/egotism of “the Me Generation” (Baby Boomers) and the previous generation, the “Greatest Generation,” who serve nothing but their own selfish interests at the expense of their nation, and even their religion.

After all, the lesson of Christ is that it is necessary to become spiritually clear, but also to take action. He did not come in peace, but with a sword, dividing us against each other much like Brexit and the Trump election: realists on one side, individualists on another. He overturned tables of money-changers, drove out Pharisees and sophists, and otherwise said NO in the strongest terms possible.

Sadly for them, most conservatives are on the side of the money-changers. They will talk a good game, but all they do is rant a bit to let off steam, then go back to working “hard” at their jobs, hoarding money, paying taxes to those liberal welfare programs, and in their hearts, rationalizing their selfishness by the very fact that they cannot see a way conservatism can win.

Those on the Alt Right have a different message: conservatism not only can win, but must win. Our civilization, long in decline, now has a chance to turn back from the final death-spiral. It is always darkest just before dawn, and one must hit rock bottom in order to climb back up, and this is what the Alt Right wants to do.

To all conservative martyrs, I suggest a different approach. They must redeem themselves by admitting their hubris, changing their ways, and donating half of their hoarded wealth to the Alt Right. Only then will we respect them as moral people of worth. Only then will Generation X stop kicking over their graves and spitting on their memorials, as it is right to do. Only then do they really become… conservatives.

Steering Away From The Iceberg

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Generation X grew up under the shadow of doom: we recognized that our society, as designed, was headed for collapse and that the Baby Boomers had taken everything good for themselves and then set a timer to destroy it so that others could not have it.

This created an apocalyptic generation, aware of the inevitability of its doom and the certainty that it would not live the blessed life that previous generations had experienced. For one thing, wages began stagnating when women entered the workforce; for another, new rules and mandatory education made it hard to rise without the right credentials, keeping the most competent out and ensuring that every office was run by over-qualified nitwits.

In addition, social decay had taken hold. Sexual liberation meant that one never found an innocent spouse, but a jaded one, unlikely to stay married. Diversity meant ruined cities and a manic need for money to escape the ever-advancing decay. Equality meant that every product would be the lowest common denominator, every election a defeat, and social interaction a matter of dodging morons to find time alone.

We were doomed and we knew it.

Our musical choices reflected that. Perhaps the most telling symbol came from this metaphor for decay:

Those who came before us had sabotaged us. They set us up to fail and ruined what we would inherit. Then they blamed us for being “lazy,” as if the same rules that applies fifty years prior somehow applied to our careers, after regulations, lawsuits, affirmative action, a female workforce and the power of academia shattered our own prospects. They wanted us to fail so they could conclude the problem was within our generation and not the actions of the generation prior.

The metaphor comes alive in this moment:

You’re scheming on a thing that’s a mirage
I’m trying to tell you now it’s sabotage
Why; our backs are now against the wall
Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage

Most good music is metaphorical, both so the artists avoid retribution and because communicating a spirit and pattern is more flexible and effective than arguing with people. Metaphor brings out the feeling of an age and the sensations of a generation which they perceive but cannot yet articulate. Songs give them a reference point to discover years later.


This is a song of frustration. It seems both metaphorical and literal in that many of the acts it threatens are not intended at all to be carried out by the musicians, but are expressive of their frustration; at the same time, it appears addressed at the world at large. The point is that all actions in this new world will fail because other people hold the strings, and they are oblivious to noticing reality.

We don’t care, it’s not our fault that we were born too late
A screaming headache on the brow of the state
Killing time is appropriate

…Now I know what is right
I’ll kill them all if I like
I’m a time bomb inside
No one listens to reason,
It’s too late and I’m ready to fight!

Born too late? No one listens to reason? Sounds entirely like the 1980s: when the time bombs of Leftist 1960s policy and 1930s social changes came home to roost and essentially ruined everything good. The fundamental change of the USA from a WASP-oriented, conservative society to an inclusive and standards-free place resulted in the creation of a unique hell, which accelerated the police state around us as social order imploded.

But while the edgy kids listened to Ministry, those who were more seriously ready to drop out and get the heck away from the lit fuse were listening to Slayer:

It even sounded epic, like the cathedrals and battles of yore. Couched as a song about judgment day, it uncannily described the environment we grew up in. Social order had failed, the end was near, and judgment was at hand if not by God, by our own actions. In a crisis, people divide into those who can face the crisis, as we see in horror films as a trope of the genre, versus those who go into denial. This was an anthem against the pathology of the Baby Boomers, oblivious self-congratulatory denial.

Bastard sons begat your cunting daughters,
Promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers.
Ingrate souls condemned for all eternity,
Obtained by immoral observance a domineering deity.

Chaos rampant,
An age of distrust.
Impulsive sabbath.

This was the music that came after the wistful and romantic pop of the 1980s, in which instead of commenting on the decay or longing for something better, we confronted the hard fact: the good guys lost and the bad guys won, and in the resulting society, idiots and jerks would always win. Decay was not a risk, but a reality. The apocalypse was now.

Where in the past people had the chance to steer Titanic away from the iceberg, now the course was set. Anyone who rushed to the bridge and demanded a change in course would be branded a heretic or fool and destroyed. And the ship would churn onward, guided by the addiction to illusion that was necessary for the Baby Boomers to feel good about themselves, which seemed to be all they cared about.

At this point, the gash is in the side of the ship and water is rushing in. We cannot stop it from going down, but we can plan our next destination. We have lifeboats and if we are sane, we will load those who noticed the decline into them and let them set up a new civilization, then let the others sink with the ship and clear aside the wreckage to start anew.

A.C.O.D. (2013)

Sunday, August 21st, 2016


This movie lists itself as a comedy, but within that framework, it is a dead-accurate bullet aimed at the heart of the Baby Boomers. It takes on the attributes of that generation — narcissism, flightiness, divorce, promiscuity, manipulation — and mocks them from the perspective of someone who has had to live through it.

A.C.O.D. follows a man in his late 20s, Carter, who is still recovering from his parents’ acrimonious divorce and the months leading up to it. He thinks that his life is together, and that the past has passed, but as a family event looms on the horizon, he finds that all the old wounds have been concealed not healed.

With that in motion, this movie reverses the tiresome trope of the movie where the child of divorce wants to see his parents get back together. In this film, Carter does not want reunion, but destruction. His rage is all-encompassing at how his childhood was betrayed and his self-esteem crucified by the selfishness of the “Me generation.”

Each scene shows a new horror: the complete “live in the moment” narcissism of his parents, his own inability to bond with pretty much anything, and the degree of moral corruption and uselessness of supposedly functional members of society. In a land swimming with riches, the people have become poor in their hearts.

This film may not make you laugh, but you might be cheering along for the high truth quotient: it reveals the lasting trauma of divorce, but even more, reveals how Generation X were all children of narcissists who leave nothing but ruin in their wake, and then skip off gaily complimenting themselves on how successfully they ignored the rot.

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