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How Trump Just Won His Budget Battle

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

While the world slumbered, Donald Trump just won his budget battle. Only weeks after his tax plan passed, the reason for that tax plan reared its ugly head: China controls our economy because we depend on them to buy our debt.

Witness the carnage of having your economy be controlled by a foreign power:

China added to bond investors’ jitters on Wednesday as traders braced for what they feared could be the end of a three-decade bull market.

…China holds the world’s largest foreign-exchange reserves, at $3.1 trillion, and regularly assesses its strategy for investing them.

…A top Treasury official signaled confidence in the U.S. government debt market, which at $14.5 trillion is the world’s largest.

…The U.S. is scheduled to reopen $20 billion of 10-year debt Wednesday, followed by $12 billion of 30-year bonds Thursday. Germany sold 4.03 billion euros of 0.5 percent 10-year bonds Wednesday with syndications in Italy and Portugal to follow.

In other words, the entire Western world is selling its government debt — financing for entitlements programs, for the most part — on the open market, and since the Chinese have been buying it for several decades, they are now the customer upon whom we depend. They could not have more control over us if they ran their own candidates for the Senate.

What happened was instructive. On the heels of the Trump tax plan, the American economy rebounded, only to fall on the news that the Chinese might not buy as much of our debt paper.

This shows us the reason for Trump’s tax cuts: until we get our spending in line, we will be controlled by foreign powers, and if we go for the tax-and-spend agenda of the Obama-Clinton gang, we will sabotage our economy and benefit those who hold our debt.

Unlike the ideological presidents, Trump is treating America like a business, so he engaged in the classic budget strategy: first figure out how much money we can spend without running into trouble, and next, trim down our expenditures to match.

As with most businesses, the programs that are closest to the axe are those without which the country can continue to run. If welfare, socialized medicine, government benefits, disability, and other entitlements vanish tomorrow, America will keep on trucking. If anything else — like the military — goes away, we will be in trouble.

The Trump plan is to get rid of those entitlements, which are basically bribes for Leftist voters that also attract mass immigration from the third world, and instead create a government which, by paying off its debt, is independent from China, with whom it has a “frenemy” relationship as primary trade partner and adversary.

Whether it was “4D chess” or not, Trump has been ahead of everyone else, and now it shines through as China uses the power it has left to manipulate us, while Trump tries to move us out of that zone of manipulation. The Left insists that we need our Great Society/Fair Deal programs, but in fact they have made us slaves to those who would destroy us.

Surrounded By Corruption, Donald Trump Unveils A New Plan And Doctrine

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

We must all have sympathy for Donald Trump. In the late days of a dying empire, he achieved power in a contest of wills. Then he faced the worst thing any leader can: an entrenched but informal bureaucracy of people who have gotten fat and lazy by voting themselves salaries and pensions from the wealth of the sleeping sheep, who seem to respond to “good” symbols with a pathological and reality-denying reflex.

He faces hostility from not just the Democrats, but the conservatives who are at heart Democrats, who call themselves “Republicans.” On top of that, most government employees enjoyed the free-for-all of the Obama years, where tagging “diversity” to any project meant that there would be free money for anyone who participated. The Cathedral is real: a parasitic organism that lives on top of government and society.

Trump has come up with a stunningly powerful plan. It is not 4D chess, or some other wizardry, because these things do not exist given the sheer complexity of any real world task. Instead, he has chosen a simple and straightforward but deceptive path which will guarantee his victory over time.

He is letting his opponents reveal themselves. His procedure is simple: offer a reasonable compromise, then watch them shoot it down, then force them to own the consequences of that denial. He does not believe in any of the plans he is offering, but is using them instead as examples of “bipartisanship” that our current incumbents reject.

Once they reject these plans, they have proven that their beliefs are in fact illusions, and their only goal is to become part of a system and to find a place at the trough at which to feed. He reveals what they are by forcing them to act on what they say they believe in, and the instant they back down, they are doomed.

Many Republicans and some Democrats will be replaced in 2018. Their actions will reveal that their campaign promises were outright lies, instead of conditional lies, by which they promise to act on something if convenient. Trump made it convenient for them to act, and their ongoing failure made it clear that they were lying about their motivation and goals.

After 2018, the carnage will be vast. Many previously well-esteemed members of our Establishment will find themselves voted out as a wave of Trump coattail candidates seize power. Democrats will die out for failing to agree to the moderate plans Trump advances, and Republicans will fade away for having failed to oppose Leftist plans using the moderate plans that Trump has advanced.

Once the 2018 elections are over, the Trump agenda can actually begin. This is a man who handles complex projects all the time. He has begun from the ground up, and once he has killed off the opposition, he will move forward with his actual agenda. In the meantime, many of the usual fakers that democracy produces will find themselves obsolete and irrelevant, and out of power.

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