The blight within the right

Republicans in America are licking their wounds after narrowly losing a crucial election. In the UK, right-wing ppeering_out_at_the_worldarties are facing voters abandoning them. On mainland Europe, the right wing has made some gains but is afraid to go either too far or not far enough. Is there a future for the right at all?

We’re lagging behind on just about everything. The concern trolls on the left want us to be more like them, which will guarantee that our remaining audience shifts to the left. The pundits think we’ve got bad leadership, too many consultants, bad computer systems or a lack of minority appeal.

However, we should ask ourselves two questions: first, why are there so many problems on the American right? And second, why does the European right seem to have similar problems and no solutions either? We can look at the source of our failings as a single problem with many faces, and then these disparities resolve.

We know we’re facing an uphill battle, by the way. The left is based on socialization, and the kind of wishful thinking and it’s-all-good type banter that allows teenagers to bond with each other. This is the best framework for establishing a “hive mind,” or group trend that borders on an obsession. That’s both a strength and a weakness.

Our approach has its strengths and weaknesses, too. Its strength is that it’s based on gut instinct and is very nature. Its weakness is that it is unreflective. Like being unable to find your glasses because they’re on top of your head, this is something we can’t see because it’s how we see.

This blindness is that few know what conservatism actually is. Most start reciting concepts that you can find on any Wikipedia page or mainstream news site, which makes them immediately suspect. It is always unwise to adopt for your viewpoint what your enemies think you should believe.

Generally, it’s accepted (by liberals) that the right stands for small government, lower taxes, and individual freedom and liberty. However, here is where the error is made: these things are part of what we stand for, but not the whole. In taking the part for the whole, we’ve left out the crucial ingredient.

Conservatives are of a type of thinker that values consequences over intentions. This outlook, consequentialism, comes in two forms. The first, utilitarianism, is based on what most people think or feel is best being the best. You’ll recognize the roots of democracy and popularity there. The second form is more difficult because it is based on effects in reality. This type of pragmatic consequentialism is the essence of conservatism.

As Plato suggested, we seek the good, the beautiful and the true. These are consequences, not methods. We are hoping to achieve these things, not act socially as if we value them. For this reason, conservatives have methods toward this end, but are open to anything that achieves this end and reject anything that does not.

When you are a pragmatist, you have to be careful of “acting like” you’ll achieve your results without actually achieving them. In this context, things like small government, individual responsibility, low taxes, etc. are means to an end. They are not the goal in themselves. They are the tool that achieves the goal.

Conservatives are losing elections because we become confused between our means and our ends. Because we navigate by gut instinct and not a neurotic ideology scripted in academese, we have less clarity about details than the left does. We also don’t know how to communicate our ideals to others. In that void a replacement has seized power.

This replacement is a liberal dream, because its essence is liberal — classical liberal, that is. Classical liberalism idealized free markets and individual liberty as a means of providing a stable democratic society. However, it also made a number of assumptions that kept these things in balance, such as the idea that government would not become the means of achieving them.

Unfortunately for classical liberalism, it was ideologically disordered. When you start talking about individualism, and the individual coming first before the social organism as a whole, you have created a monster. Any boundary it encounters it will see as a challenge to the absolute autonomy of the individual. Soon “responsibility” is forgotten, replaced by an ever-widening circle of demands.

When conservatives became individualists, liberals must have cheered all night long. At that point, the two sides decided to become two visions of the same underlying philosophy — individualism — with only marginal changes on the right. If you wonder why conservatives aren’t more popular, it’s because we offer the same thing but with more demands made of the individual to behave.

Further, this individualist virus has infected how conservatives behave. If we can make money at it, we do it, but we don’t band together (fanatically) like liberals do and work toward a goal. For them, it’s more than a job; it’s an identity, a quest and a struggle that will never end. We don’t need to go that far, but one thing’s for sure: working together we win, but working in isolation, we are quickly overcome.

Liberals flood the internet, the airwaves and daily conversation with people who are excitedly, clearly and persistently expounding on their beliefs and attempting to win others over with socialization. Where are conservatives? They tend to retreat to their own message boards, social groups and media, instead of getting out there and combating the low information voters (LIVs) and their media lapdogs.

When it comes time to have a campaign, conservatives aren’t willing to work together. They each work toward their own reward. The result is a blistering wall of distortion with no consistency, which results in a massively confusing picture of what conservatism is about. It’s a research project for the average voter to understand it, and most don’t have the time.

Liberals are able to summon thousands. Conservatives are too busy doing what they as individuals want to do. The resulting lack of coordination, chaos and disorder shows individuals profiting off the system, and some succeeding, but the front as a whole is stalled.

Somewhere in the past, the liberals stuck a virus in us in the form of classical liberalism, which inevitably leads to modern liberalism because they’re both based on individualism. Since then we have followed that path, and each year we succeed less and become more alienated (individualistic) from each other.

Isn’t it time to admit we took a wrong path, turn the car around and get back on course?


  1. I am neither a lefty or a right-o (or both, depending on who you ask), but I don’t really agree with your slightly self-congratulatory description of ‘conservatism’.

    By my lights ‘leftism’ is hunter-gatherer tribal heuristics and ‘the right’ is a slightly modified form of this tribal heuristic with a few thousand years of industrial-agricultural communal living allowing for more impersonal institutions and differentiation in hierarchy. Both are non-rational, superficial and largely inadequate to deal with modern environments and rationality.

    I still haven’t heard any damn reason anyone should care about all this ‘nation’ bullshit. Yes, most people are instinctively identarian. Well, most people are trash and who cares what they like or what happens to them?

    1. crow says:

      This ‘nation-bullshit’ is the infrastructure that allows people to be snotty and take it so much for granted that they label it as such.
      No nation = no life.
      I have never met a single westerner who was able to support himself without that infrastructure, except myself, and even myself, only for a few short years in the prime of life.

      1. Missy says:

        Doesn’t this depend on how you define “infrastructure”. If you mean roads, vehicles, fuel, buildings, heating systems, water systems, etc., then you are correct, you were able to support yourself without these things. But it’s more. It’s the accumulated wisdom and experience of your ancestors that matters as much, or more, and which was embedded in you.

    2. Yep, who cares if society collapses. I’ll just keep enjoying my apartment, my gaming station, my grocery store … oh shit … those things don’t exist anymore! What will I do now, herp derp

  2. Lisa Colorado says:

    The Left’s hive mind is about the Island of Misfit Toys. They all have a grievance, all have their neuroses and addictions, and they seek to have others compensate somehow so all those cracks are filled.

    The Right’s individualism could be a healthier thing, because we could be seeking for each of us to be whole, and then our group will be a cooperating unit of whole individuals.

    Conservatism is about being a whole, independent, sovereign person with something to contribute to the efforts of others.

    It doesn’t matter that everyone’s got problems. We do not make our lives be about our problems.

    Let’s celebrate any kind of brotherhood of whole people.

    1. The whole people… so few are left. So many zombies. I keep hoping the zombies will all go buzz somewhere else, like Antarctica.

  3. unkempt says:

    Its funny that although liberalism is all about individuals, conservatism produces better individuals. Liberals aren’t really people, they’re person shaped holes, defined by what’s around them and what they lack inside.

  4. NotTheDude says:

    Great post. It is hard to define to someone what it is to be Conservative in the face of their Liberal attacks on the ideas that we have thought long and hard about from every angle. Liberals have no need to think and to revise their position. They just stick to the script. We don’t have one because a script is not real life. The somewhat right leaning leftist thinkers either get sucked back in or go moderate usually. I ache for momentum to build in the Right, yet like the post says, withdraw back into my own life and culture ‘nearer to home’.

    1. I like the idea of wholesome normalcy too. Can’t see what’s “wrong” with it.

  5. Owl says:

    I’m not usually an angry person and I usually do a good job not getting depressed by the mass delusion and retardation of humanity.

    On nights like tonight however, I realize that anybody living in this age with the twin gifts of seeing original causes and extrapolating into the future to predict end results is really cursed in a lot of ways.

    When I thought about this article a little bit, I realized that what pisses me off the most is that it’s the minute small scale idiocy of people The Crowd that causes all of the problems that make The Crowd demand an external projected parental figure fix for them by coercion.

    It’s nights like this that make me reflect back on all of the hundreds of people who have ignored my advice and then complained that their lives still suck.


    Complaint: “No men will date me!”

    Solution: “Your problem is that you’re a hippo. Nobody else will say it but it’s true, THAT is the reason. Fix that and you’re golden! It just so happens I’m hyper fit and know my shit, come to the gym with me and let me fix up your diet and this shouldn’t take more than a few months.”

    Result: No changes made, complaints continue.


    Complaint: “Everyone picks on me, I have no friends!”

    Solution: “That’s probably because you’re awkward, unfunny, talentless, weak as shit and ugly. This will take a while to fix but you can do it. I can teach you how to talk to people, get you in shape and fix up your appearance, it’s on you to cultivate some kind of admirable abilities in something. I can help you brainstorm with that though. Prepare for this to take about a year.”

    Result: No changes made, complaints continue.


    Complaint: “I’m getting health problems way too early in life.”

    Solution: (see above)

    Result: No change, continued complaints.


    Complaint: “I never have any money!”

    Solution: “Well, income aside, you piss it all away. The following guide will give you 891357981734 strategies to retain and possibly even grow your income from your job.”

    Result: continues to waste every cent on fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, dumb sluts


    I guess when I think about it, the more I realize that leftists really just want somebody to save them from themselves – they’re just to proud to allow it to be an actual philosopher king, they insist that their leader appear to be another Homer Simpson like them so that their ego is not wounded.

    It really irks me however that once you realize this, there aren’t a lot of places to go outside of, above or beyond the writhing mass of the stained glass window of failure that is our society.

    People just don’t give a shit about becoming anything better than what they are. They watch millions of hours of action movies and never consider that maybe THEY THEMSELVES should try to do a pushup or two, start lifting, or spending some time in shooting ranges and boxing gyms.

    They watch millions of hours of movies and play millions of hours of games about advanced futuristic societies in which all problems are solved: example being Tolkien’s elves, who are all tall, beautiful, immortal, intelligent, chaste, benevolent, ambidextrous and proficient in thousands of years’ worth of artisan skills. They worship modern fantasy versions of vampires, superheroes, anime characters and thousands of other fictional accounts of humanity perfected or at least DRAMATICALLY improved, and never think to themselves that perhaps THEY should be the ones reading physics, trying to minimize the earth’s slow degeneration into a giant radioactive shitball coated in lead doped crude oil and perhaps trying to pursue greater meaning in life than buying things and laughing at entertainment media.

    It’s like I’ve spent my entire life wanting to grow up to be a superhero or something like one only to find that nobody cares about anything but getting to watch Big Bang Theory over their McDinner after they come home from their day job as a hustler, government goon, cubicle farmer, glorified prostitute, customer smegma specialist.

    Nobody gives a shit and because of it, if you manage to ascend above the herd you’ll be the only one there.

    1. KB Delaney says:

      Agreed, Owl, agreed. And LOL to the ambidextrous elves.

      It is a sad thing to realize that the fulfillment of one’s dreams is largely dependent on the whims of THE CROWD.

      By this, I don’t mean to say that I define my own self worth based on what others think of me — were I to say that, I’m sure I’d receive a swift slap on the wrist from someone like Crow :) — but, I do mean to say that THE CROWD limits the life of any achiever in a very big way.

      I’ll use being a Writer as an example. For a time, this was something I pursued. I put my whole into it, and got very good. Then, one day, I took a step back and looked at everything I had written. I realized that while what I had created was beautiful, and personally fulfilling, about 99% percent of the human population would never even give it a glance; and, furthermore, that if anyone from that population did happen to glance it, they’d be so ruffled up by what they read that they’d probably want to ostracize the author (me), and maybe even put his head on a stake.

      This scenario is the same for anyone who wants to do something great. Think of the kid who grows up and wants to be an Astronaut. Not only is this kid going to have get educated and overcome Himself, but, more than that, he’s going to have to overcome THE CROWD. He might not even get to go to Space because THE CROWD decides that Social Welfare for the Diversely Oppressed is more important.

      It’s all very sad.

      Being someone who believes in higher meanings, the only solace I can find is that things are this way for a reason. They have to be. Perhaps it’s that those who can emerge from the gulag of THE CROWD and still achieve are that much stronger having done so. Like Supermen, you know. Or, perhaps it’s that it isn’t sad at all. Perhaps it just is.

      For someone who can see beyond all the filth, however, I can say that it’s hard to cope. And at this point I can say that I don’t know what the hell to do.

    2. crow says:

      Haha :)
      Comment of the long-ish time-frame.
      Yes, it’s true. My own experience of dramatic self-development shows me that it mostly results in becoming supremely alone. Sometimes I wonder why I bothered. But of course, that is merely incidental irony.
      You’re either the crowd, or you’re not. And for some, there really never was a choice.

      I realized, yesterday, that political alignment is completely dependent upon want. That is to say: desire. Right or left, both want things to be a certain way. The way that they are not. Eliminate the desire, and what do you have? Who can answer that?

      1. lost wanderer says:

        ”Eliminate the desire, and what do you have? Who can answer that?”

        Real life for the enlighted, death to the others.

  6. Lisa Colorado says:

    As an overweight person I must say this: Their complaining about the consequences of being overweight–which is obvious to you as having a cause and effect relationship–looks different to me.

    Being fat and complaining about it, or complaining about being ignored, are only symptoms of having a deficient relationship with oneself. The part of us ie the childish ego, the criticizing parent, and the ignored adult, are all alienated from consciousness. It’s more important for the fat person to begin the process of being an agent for their own good life, than it is to get into a diet and exercise regimen. It’s more important for them to gain self-support than it is to be thin. After all, a lot of fit people are addicted to their regimen, not so healthy.

    In my case, I’m on a quest to not be so fat and I joined the big weight program just this month. But what it took for me to get to this place of changing what I’m doing is a long process of learning to care for who I am, doing things I respect in myself, spending my time better, breaking free of society’s crazy ideas, and I learned to like eating vegetables and fruits. So, amid all my deficiencies this one is going to be improved. I’m not breaking free of the herd–I’m stopping seeing the herd.

    I made myself an agent.

    1. That’s the self-reliance that conservatives are always talking about. Bravo and good luck.

  7. NotTheDude says:

    I have been thinking about self education and improvement a bit lately. Just because I don’t like the EU much, doesn’t mean I don’t learn a bit of French, Spanish, Dutch and German and show interest in their histories and cultures. I am building up a small library of factual books about scientific topics and Ethnography. I play the piano though my others only see the churl who has chosen to work in the countryside with his hands, rather than in some pointless make work job in town from 9 to 5.

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