Culture of critique

I respect Kevin MacDonald, but I don’t agree with him on a certain topic, which is Jews and Judaism. Many in the far right like to talk about Jews and how they have taken over the world and control it, and how they are the cause of our downfall as a society.

Avoiding impolite words, I have to disagree. Blaming the other is never useful, especially when the attribution is wrong. As pointed out many times on this site, the cause of our downfall in the West is Western liberalism in all of its forms.

Further, we show how liberalism shows up in every society and even every social group. It is a universal tendency like many other mental mistakes, such as parallax errors in vision or confirmation bias. It is one of life’s pitfalls. It appeals to those who are miserable and inept at taking action to fix that situation.

Blaming Jews for liberalism is pointless since the gradual rise of it pre-dates Jewish exploration of Europe, and liberalism occurs in places where there were no or few Jews (ancient Aztec, Maya, Inca, Greek, Roman and Indian empires). Jews are not the problem; liberalism is.

Sadly, liberalism may exterminate Jews if they do not suppress it in Israel. It afflicts all nations, not equally because nothing is equal, but it’s always there waiting — like any other stupid, deceptive, self-pitying or passive-aggressive thought we might have.

Liberalism kills civilizations.

That being said, it’s important to return to a doctrine from Kevin MacDonald’s works and take it out of a Jewish/anti-Jewish context; instead, let’s look at this, too, as a universal human trait:

The main thrust of this book’s argument is that Jewish or Jewish-dominated organizations and movements engaged in a deliberate campaign to delegitimize the Gentile culture of their host nations —most particularly the USA—through the twentieth century and that this campaign is one aspect of a long-term survival strategy for the Jews as an ethnicity. In MacDonald’s own words, “[T]he rise of Jewish power and the disestablishment of the specifically European nature of the U.S. are the real topics of CofC.” He illustrates his thesis by a close analysis of six distinct intellectual and political phenomena: the anti-Darwinian movement in the social sciences (most particularly the no-such-thing-as-race school of anthropology associated with Franz Boas), the prominence of Jews in left-wing politics, the psychoanalytic movement, the Frankfurt School of social science (which sought to explain social problems in terms of individual psychopathology), the “New York intellectuals” centered on Partisan Review during the 1940s and 1950s, and Jewish involvement in shaping U.S. immigration policy. – The American Conservative

Barring the fact that I disagree with his analysis as applies to Jews, I think we should look at the nature of a “culture of critique” as a universal human trait with positive applications. It seems to me that mildly sociopathic, or just selfish, people often succeed. I believe one reason is a culture of critique.

When you exist in a society, you can either approach it with deference or arrogance. Arrogance requires you find some reason that it is lesser than your expectations, or deserves to be manipulated. It can be as simple as noticing that most people are brick-stupid and therefore should work in food service or other non-consequential occupations.

A culture of critique, in other words, means that you always seek ways to attack the weakness of your surrounding society and use this to (a) give yourself the arrogance necessary to succeed and (b) to actively and constantly spot opportunity, e.g. places in which the design of society is weak and can be improved.

I can’t speak to the Jewish angle — it’s too far away from practical politics, and too close to failure (note to Hitler: you do not win a war by having people who hate you make your munitions, and distract troops from the front to police them). In fact, I don’t like it at all. Scapegoats are rhetoric not reality.

I do, however, like the idea of a culture of critique. I think those of us who have awakened to see how disgusting, pointless and moribund by design that modern society is should adopt a culture of critique, and use the ensuing arrogance to guarantee our own success at the expense of the rest.

If nothing else, this puts us in positions of power and success from which we can wield greater influence.


  1. crow says:

    Critique is one thing – seemingly inevitable for humans – but arrogance? Is that ever a good thing?

    “Arrogant” def: having or showing an exaggerated opinion of one’s own importance, merit, ability, etc.; conceited; overbearingly proud.

    Looks like ego to me, and as we discover, more and more: ego is solidly behind the unglueing of society.

  2. Annis says:

    Kevin MacDonald has written several academic books about jews and I’m very thankful that he has. Most of us must discover on our own what is being done to us and who is behind it. Those behind it are international jewry.

    MacDonald’s books are legitimate sources that verify and validate what a lot of people see and experience from jews. Since jews own ALL of the major media in America it vitally important that someone like MacDonald document the facts and history of the jew.

    jews should be held accountable for the fact that they report nothings but lies and propaganda to the American people. They lie us into war, they lie us into voting for creeps who sell us out to jews for money and power. They lie about the Fed and other jew financial machinations. jews should be held accountable for their actions.

    I think we should declare war upon world jewry before they can drag us into war against Iran or any other middle eastern nation. We shouldn’t wait for them to get more of our people killed or for them to bankrupt us, or for them to displace the founding stock of America by bringing in more non White immigrants while claiming israhell has a right to exist.

    1. Nicholas Marville says:

      Wait a second, they don’t control all of the media. Fox news for example is owned by a Saudi prince.

      1. Ryan says:

        haha, wait, wait, remember now he is a “crypto-jewish” zionist.

  3. Dust-Wind says:

    Recognizing distinctly superior traits and holding steadfast in that recognization is one thing…arrogance is another. I know where you’re coming from on this, but I agree with crow in that the wrong terminology is being applied.

    Sorry, but Jews are indeed A problem. Are they THE problem? No. Liberalism is, as you correctly point out. But until you’ve dealt with them personally (which I do on a daily basis and have done throughout my life), you’ll never know how troublesome and menacing these people really are. They’re subversive in every arena possible, except for with/to one another, who they assist blindly.

    MacDonald is a brave man. He illustrates how Jews dismantle society and use it for their own selfish interests. Liberalism’s a godsend for minorities, especially such small minorities. It allows them to rise to levels of society they have no business being, and subsequently hoist only those of their own kind up the ladder, thereby ensuring the perpetuance of the non-meritocratic, populist/social advancement system that’s slowly tightening its grip on Western society. One problem of many, but a problem indeed.

    This does not entail “blaming the other”; liberalism’s not the Jew’s fault. But it is a system that they exploit and promote, and that alone is reason to keep a keen eye on them and their influence.

  4. Nicholas Marville says:

    Liberalism didn’t exist in Ancient Greece and Rome. The concept of the individual that Liberalism introduced is incompatible with the Ancient notion of oikos. Individuals belonged to a series of overlapping spheres, from family to polis to empire. Liberalism is seeing the individual as a seperate entity from the community to which he or she belongs. This didn’t exist in Antiquity.

    Oh, and ask those Jew-fearders (by lack of a better word) how and why the Jews caused China to be pulling so many strings nowadays.

  5. Meow Mix says:

    “I think we should declare war upon world jewry before they can drag us into war against Iran or any other middle eastern nation”

    Annis, for every one jew you could point out in a position of power or influence you can just as easily find five white men. Perhaps we should just blame all problems in the universe on white men (oh wait, some leftists already do that). Seriously, anti-semitism is old hat.

    1. Annis, for every one jew you could point out in a position of power or influence you can just as easily find five white men

      Most conservatives are religious because religion tells you to judge the individual whether he is good or bad. If someone has a bad soul do you care if they are blonde, nordic and rich? Or dark, Jewish and poor?

  6. Annis says:

    There’s a reason jews have been driven from every place they’ve ever lived. jews are behind Marxism and communism. jews slaughtered tens of millions of Russians once they got control of their government. The holodomer.

    jews dragged us into WW1 in order to get Palestine from the Brits. They caused Germany to be defeated so of course Germans had reason to mistrust and hate them – yet – jews took license to live in Germany.

    Then Charles Lindbergh fought against the USA being dragged into WW2 and jews used their power to destroy him. Dragged us into WW2 where 60 MILLION ANGLO SAXON, ARYAN AND CHRISTIAN PEOPLE WERE SLAUGHTERED.

    We locked Japanese in camps because we didn’t know whose side they would be on. Of course the Germans locked jews in camps – they sure as hell couldn’t trust the sobs.

    When the allies overran Germany they were afraid for the American people to see what we had done to GERMANS so they photographed jews. GERMANS WERE STARVING, everybody was starving but jews used those photos to create their holohoax. That is who they are, that is what they do. They are liars, tricksters and propagandists. They are a parasitic, cancerous tribe.

    If the holocaust were real – what would we have to do to be rid of them? They expect US to prove we’re not “anti-semitic”. Given their track record shouldn’t THEY be trying to prove they’re not hostile to us? Shouldn’t they be PC toward US? Instead of the other way around? they’re not doing us any favors by being here.

    They are liars propagandists and tricksters and a lot of fools fall for their bs. They are behind our foreign policies, financial problems, major media, the textbook industry and everything else that is a problem for us.

    They put lies, LIES in our children’s textbook. I have read often that when they get their jew world order it will be the end of history. They do everything they can to destroy our culture and traditions. Always in the name of being humane to some other race of course.

    1. Here’s a little game I play:

      if everything you say is 100% true, does that still explain the root of our problem?

      No, it doesn’t. We still have 1789, a world liberal revolution, equality and a corresponding mass movement.

      We can blame the Jews, or we can blame the actual cause and fix it, to everyone’s benefit.

      Notice that the liberals are trying to destroy Israel as well. They use the same slogan they use against us: “You can’t exclude Palestinians, that’s racist!”

      Diversity fails there, too. I don’t think the grand Jewish world conspiracy would destroy itself, AND the fact that it suffers as we do suggests to me the problem is best sought elsewhere than in anti-Semitism.

      Sorry to disappoint, but that’s how I see it. Also, myself and most European-descended people want nothing to do with another Holocaust or even the hint of it. Genocide is not the answer.

      Crushing liberalism? That’s the answer.

      1. Ryan says:

        brett, you have to say liberalism and “jews” otherwise we won’t get it, its ethnic i don’t know if we can yet transend ethnic identity on this one, you know, to admit WE fucked up when we torn down the fabulous walls of christendom, and that we undid about 1000 years worth of constant warfare with the turks/arabs in europe, and around 10 or so years with mexico over here, because we “thought we were all equal man”.

    2. Kirill Nenartovich says:

      You say “jews own ALL of the major media in America”, and this media is known to be anti-semitic at the same time. Something is wrong here.

      Anyway, one should not be worried too much about jews: Islam is coming, it is our future. The United Emirates of Amerika will be without jews, for sure.

  7. Entropy Reducer says:

    Here’s an analogy I use: Think of a person who is deadly sick. As a result this person has attracted a virulent parasite causing a much faster deterioration of both mind and body. For a responsible treatment does one solely attempt to treat the illness and hope for the best? Or does one attempt to disconnect the parasite and facilitate a more rapid healthy recovery?

  8. YT says:

    An apt analogy is one of a crack pusher and a naive party-goer. The crack dealer knows what he’s selling. Knows its awful but doesn’t care because it will get him rich at the expense of others if they can only try it and become addicted and henceforth in a state of mental weakness. The party goer makes the decision to try it after hearing glowing reviews from other crack pushers and gets himself hooked, sick and broke. Each time this new addict comes back for more, he knows its wrong but feels more and more powerless against its affects.

    Both are complicit and the “victim” made a choice. However, its hard to blame the new crack addict entirely in this scenario for losing a game when a) they didn’t know there was a game b) didn’t know the rules c) didn’t come in with a strategy.

    Annis is playing the role of D.A.R.E. cop in this metaphor as the only chance to win is to be aware of the existence of the game before you enter into it. Why did the tribe gain so much power? Well, we let them but only because most people don’t assume something as haneous as a broad-ranging strategy to decieve and nullify them would even exist, let alone be executed with such success.

    1. Nicholas Marville says:

      This argument shouldn’t be in here – it should be in the discussions about “WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE CREDIT CRISIS? THE ELITES OR THE PROLES?”

      The “elites” are the crack pusher and the “proles” are the party goers.

      Except in this case, people don’t know they’re in a game, because: [A]The credit-takers don’t understand the monetary system. [B] The bankers don’t understand the monetary system. [C] The politicians don’t understand the monetary system. [D] Schools don’t teach the monetary system.

      1. Nicholas Marville says:

        And I ought to add to that that the flaws inherent to the monetary system are much too grave to consider them as minor flaws that will pass once people stop behaving like infants living the MTV life.

        1. Entropy Reducer says:

          Marville: You can attempt to frame this debate purely in terms of materialism (ie proles versus elites, proles can’t understand money, elites take advantage of this, and all sub-classes other than the elites end up paying. I don’t see how that is really relevant to the original web log posting being discussed here. The original posting by Stevens concerned the jewish question and his disagreement with the work of K MacDonald. Materialism and money issues are of course part of our problems, but to reduce the original issues discussed here to that is a mistake. There are other forces at work here. If there is one thing to be taken from MacDonald’s work it is that genetics still play a huge role in the affairs of the US and the wider world. Basically all groups other than whites have a strategy for group survival. Jews are particularly adept at this when living among whites. It doesn’t have to be a grand conspiracy, it plays out rather naturally at the expense of whites. Ask yourself honestly, why whites are projected to become minorities in the US and UK in the coming decades. This replacement is happening in white countries and only white countries. Ideas and abstractions about liberalism versus paleoconservatism can attempt to explain and argue over this trend, but certainly are not going to effect it. Ideas and abstractions never have created societies worth living in, in the long run and most times in the short run. Populations do, genes do. I agree with a lot of what has to say, concerning the human motivation, the emptiness of the modern world, etc. . These are heady ideas however, and won’t change the genetic shifts and transitions of power in the near future. If it continues as projected this genetic shift will change our lives and the lives of our posterity whether we like it or not. MacDonald takes notes and names names concerning where a lot of the impetus for this change of demographic and political power comes from. You can completely blame whites (European Americans) if you want, but remember 1965 immigration reform was never asked for or voted in.

          1. crow says:

            Some fair points, ER. Things to ponder.
            Anyone who uses the term “web log” is OK by me.
            I never could stand that awful “blog” word.

          2. Nicholas Marville says:

            The answers you are looking for are to be found in the following article:


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