Attack of the hive mind

liberal_rage_hive_mindConservatives make our first and most deadly mistake when we treat liberalism as a political movement.

If analyzed by its actions and not its words, liberalism is not a political viewpoint, but rather a social activity which has political consequences. Like a cult, it bases its power on its ability to include other people for participating, and to convey a social reward to them.

Like all good cults, or even advertising, it starts by convincing its members that they lack something. Its members focus on suffering and negativity, and bond on victimhood. They offer you a convenient explanation: there is nothing wrong with your decisions; something bad was done to you. Something was taken from you.

This forms the basis of the hive mind ritual. It works backward from normal human thinking. Normal human thinking is to spot a problem, and think of a solution. The hive mind starts with a solution, and goes in search of a problem. It is no different than a witch-hunt or the Holocaust.

When the ritual is joined, the negativity is channeled from individual doubts and fears into a scapegoat, and into the formation of a posse to hunt and destroy that scapegoat. The psychological undercurrent is that if this evil is destroyed, only good remains. All who participate are now accepted in the cult. They are included.

The fundamental concept of liberalism, equality, appeals universally because it implies an end of conflict and everyone being happy. It is what you would want if throwing a party or going camping with friends. It is a socially popular idea, not a rational one. It makes people like you.

It also allows its individual members to compete in the game of who-is-most-orthodox. This is a lot like what hipsters do; it’s a competition to see who is the most unconventional, ironic, unique, outrageous, bizarre or shocking. Those who go the farthest rise in social status. Social success comes from political success.

As an end result, this tendency produces a “hive” of angry people who surge forth looking for someone doing something incorrect so they may pound the heck out of them. If you’ve noticed similarities to bullying, or to fanatical religious cults, you have spotted the human psychology behind liberalism.

Drugged on moral superiority because it compensates for whatever wounds they have convinced themselves are caused by their victimization, the people caught up in this mental process — it’s like a mass mania, a trend or a group panic — cannot stop themselves from acting out the drama.

They see the world in one dimensional terms. The dogma of liberalism determines who succeeds; therefore, any idea or action is either of the dogma, or presumed to be against the dogma. Since they believe in a prime victimizer, they are always looking for victimhood or an excuse to use it to justify their behavior.

It is successful because it unites its members, but without asking them to make the sacrifices necessary to maintain society by disciplining themselves. It does not ask people to change themselves; they are told the answer lies solely in changing the world, with no adaptation or change in the individual required.

This is why liberalism is as old as humanity. In fact, it is eternal. If intelligent lizards arose on Mars, it would be a challenge they would face, because it is inherent to intelligent creatures in a civilization. There will always be the temptation to use liberalism to explain failures in life, sadness or even boredom.

Conservatives need to stop taking liberalism seriously. It is not politics; it is a social setting. It creates political results, but for social goals. This means that it doesn’t succumb to or answer to logical argument, because it doesn’t care. Its only goal is to look good and get its members advanced in their social group.

There’s an old legend in Texas that if a stampede — a mass panic by thousands of cows — comes your way, you should stand with your shoulder facing the herd and hold out your hand, palm up. The cows at the front edge of the stampede interpret you as a barrier and they go around you.

Republicans need to do the same thing to liberals. Liberals bully because they know they can find an apologetic victim who will be cowed by the social pressure of having a lot of people disapprove. When you take them seriously, you allow them to play this role and get away with it.

A better outlook is to assume that everyone is insane, and look for the rare plan suggested by a rare person which might not be insane. This avoids the right-left cycle whereby the right apologizing fuels the left, and allows us to stop wasting time on explaining and defending ourselves to people who don’t care what we’re saying.

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  1. NotTheDude says:

    ‘…Liberalism is as old as Humanity’. Because that is true, the Liberally inclined see it as a justified set of behaviours and actions. In truth, it is a monster that has always chased Mankind. I can understand why someone turns to Liberalism in their darkest days much like blindly accepting a religion. But it is brainless and soul destroying, forcing its adherants to such depths of passive agressivness and debasement.

    • “it is a monster that has always chased Mankind.”

      I almost laughed, but then I realized it’s true. The fake monsters are the ones on our TV screens. The real ones live among us.

  2. Nilrik says:

    Good point.
    More than anything, liberalism is a destructive competition.

    • The phrase “race to the bottom” comes to mind. It stirs memories of Hollywood, which seems to like to make movies that break taboos, and so they compete to see “how low can you go.” Wonder if they’re up to incest yet.

  3. crow says:

    I must say, that was a thoroughly pleasant-looking fellow in the image.
    Just the sort you would like, and trust.
    Archbishop of Canterbury material.

    Other than that: superb essay, for sure. Terrific observations.
    This site is like a master-class in political sanity.
    Realize that leftists are – to a person, completely mad, and it gets much easier to deal with them. They don’t speak English, or any other known language.
    They don’t reason or consider. They have no notion of what might happen next. Or any concept of their own imperfection.

    • This may seem like linguistic B.S. to you, but I think it’s important: are they mad, or in the grips of madness?

      Like, the stupid Fifty Shades of Grey thing. My mother is not a stupid woman. But she bought the stupid book. Why? Because all the other monkey (humans) on the block were doing it.

      It was a trend, a craze, a fad… I am embarrassed for her, but she’s not alone. When I was a child, I often bought things like pogs and Pokemon because the other kids did it. I just wanted to be part of the group.

      Was I insane, or in the grips of insanity? I borrowed the language from H.P. Lovecraft.

      • RiverC says:

        I live near D.C, and often tell people not to look directly at it, or when passing through to ensure that the plane of your vision does not pass across its visage, or you will lose your mind to its cthonic horror.

        Some get the joke, others get that I just said something rather outlandish, but have trouble understanding why it is both funny and in a non-literal way, true.

  4. Owl says:

    That thing in the picture used to be a white European once.

    That great and formless entropy-like force of human misery and degeneracy which ultimately is the source of all wrong thoughts including liberalism really knows no bounds.

    Watch it grab the lives of those with potential and send them on fools’ errands, disfiguring their bodies and filling their brains up with nonsense so they can prove nothing to anybody and die as another burnt out, drugged up nothing, loved by nobody.

    Watch and fear for your very immortal soul.

    • crow says:

      If you took the time to, and realized the importance of, growing an immortal soul, from seed, in the first place, there’s not a lot that can threaten it.
      But yes, to the young, who have not yet embarked upon this act of cosmic gardening, being distracted and discouraged from ever doing so, is indeed a dire threat, both mortal and immortal.

      • Owl says:

        On the one hand you are right, but the actual threats to our souls are many and varied, ever evolving, always being made into more convincing mimics for truth and virtue.

        I will show this in time – not here or now via explanation, but in a later article through opportunity. I’d rather be patient and point it out when it becomes obvious, if that makes any sense.

    • That great and formless entropy-like force of human misery and degeneracy which ultimately is the source of all wrong thoughts including liberalism really knows no bounds.

      That’s the truth.

      That confused person in the photo seems very confused. But he’s still a white European.

      This is the problem with misery: it spreads like a disease. Even good people get caught up in the stupor.

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  6. H Munster says:

    Greaf article, never really thought of,it in terms of a cult,, but it makes sense. That is why liberalism seems.a lot like islam.

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