How the 1968ers betrayed Generation X


Generation X is referred to as the “bridge” generation, linking the massive cohorts of the Baby Boomers with the zombie Millennials. But more likely, that generation was a bridge to nowhere because it was raised by the same people who brought us the liberal takeover of the West in 1968.

Unlike the Millennials, who grew up in the stability after the 1968ers hit their 40s in the mid and late 80s, Generation X knew a world where there was more than one path of history. This world had mild disasters, like the oil crisis and depression, but also knew real threats, like the Soviet Union and its reckless militarism.

Millennials on the other hand have only grown up in a liberal-controlled world. 1968 values were taught to them by children’s television, children’s books, their elementary school textbooks, the words of celebrities, the movies from Hollywood and by liberal politicians in Hollywood. For them, there is only a liberal-dominated world, moving slowly toward “Progress” by destroying all who dissent.

As a result, Millennials are the most obedient and conformist generation ever. Like Baby Boomers, who took the WWII-era values of their parents and turned up the intensity, Millennials take PC to the next level with “social justice worrier” style rhetoric. For them, society has always been stable, without want or fear, and all that we need to do is give away enough free stuff that everyone is happy and pacifistic.

Generation X was savaged by divorce, being latch-key kids of working moms, and facing the instability of the incredibly selfish “Me Generation” as it attempted to parent kids it viewed as little more than possessions for its own glorification. It saw the lunatic nature of the 1968ers as they were, which was horrible parents and unstable neurotics who chased “profundity” and “art” at every turn yet returned to selfishness as a guide.

Its response was mostly to drop out. Unlike Baby Boomers and Millennials, Generation X has no loyalty to political agents such as its country or an ideology. It respects that which works, mainly because it has seen its countries disintegrate in the onslaught on the family, values, and standards. It has stepped aside to watch the disaster from the comfort of its own homes.

One recent survey of Generation X both missed the mark, and revealed quite a bit.

Gen Xers didn’t just turn inward because there was nothing to capture their attention outward—they were purposefully turning away from a world that didn’t hold much promise from what they could see.

There is what you must know. Generation X saw what their parents, the 1968er Baby Boomers, had done to society using its postwar mandate of absolute equality, and noped out. They wanted no part of the disaster. Unlike Millennials, who like zombies absorb the propaganda and bleat it, Generation X simply stepped aside to watch the giant fall.

Why hasn’t Gen X been able to shake the shackles of its misspent youth (and what youth isn’t misspent?)?

Partially, they haven’t tried very hard. It’s an introspective generation that never felt a need to explain itself.

Well, that’s cute. Translation: they trust no public voice with the truth, so keep silent and out of sight. The motto of Generation can best be encapsulated by the name of a radio show, “In My Room”, namely that it has retreated to the space it can control. Crazy parents control the world, crazy democracy controls society, but maybe there are dropout spaces.

As a friend of mine voiced:

It feels like there was a boat missed in the 90s and now we have the current generation split between some really savvy thinkers who are not doers, some pretty smart doers, and some clever (snarky, sarcastic) wishers who are loud with their emotions and that’s what’s catching everyone’s attention.

I think our generation opting out was a mistake, and I don’t know what we would have done differently.

When you trust zero public institutions and public voices, how do you protest? You do not: you drop out. When every institution is corrupted by the same illusion, and every person who wants not to be fired parrots it, who do you trust? You do not; you preserve yourself, and wait for the big BOOM! to tell you that it’s time to awaken and act.

Generation X learned firsthand what the liberal ideal is. It is not a big happy pacifistic group, but a giant ego swallowing all else while flattering others by telling them what it is known in advance they will agree with. There is no escape once an illusion grasps your society, and all who want to succeed endorse it. There is only retreat, and waiting for the collapse.

Few have learned the lesson of Generation X. There just was not much to be done; those who spoke up were destroyed, and those who agreed with the ideology and became enfranchised in the system turned into yuppie zombies with no souls. The only solution was to express yourself quietly, and then get out of the way so the raging bull of failure could self-destruct.

And they are still waiting. Even the successful Generation Xers are cynical. The Boomers and Millennials — both zombie generations — do not understand, but Generation X does. They saw a tragedy in formation and will never be the same. Even if they cannot articulate it, they want the old over the new, but the new has gained power and crushed all dissent.

In the future, we will all be Generation Xers. Millennials and Boomers assumed that society was a static thing which they could tweak and get more out of at the expense of its future, but Generation X realizes how fragile social order is. They also recognize how crazy the Boomers and Millennials, who are like a single group interrupted by a generation, are. And they want nothing of it.

The 1968ers betrayed Generation X. In the name of altruism, they betrayed their own families. In the name of egalitarianism, they betrayed and subverted their own children, leaving them cowering like PTSD victims. And because they had popularity on their side, the Me Generation could not be opposed. And yet, opposition rose.

The world has yet to see what Generation X will do. A sensible guess is that they are waiting for a cataclysm so they can finally point out where their parents were wrong, where Millennials are wrong, and thus the necessity of dispossessing such zombies and seizing control in the name of common sense. We all await that day for deliverance from the successful lie and private Hell of post-1968er society.

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  1. Johann Theron says:

    I am Gen. X and have always observed society from a distance. The only way to see mistakes.

    • Tom Iron says:

      Sir, You can’t conceive of what “mistakes” the boomers made. Those mistakes were done before you were born and not recognized for what they were.

    • In this time, because the official and popular opinions are delusional, only outsiders have a useful viewpoint. I started as a hacker and metalhead, so was a perpetual outsider.

  2. Chris says:

    Both Xers and Millennials are depressed. The difference is the Xers know it, while the Millennials are entrenched in narcissism to delude themselves and others into believing they’re leading fulfilling lives. I often have to allow this to sink in to appreciate how Millennials are the furthest from reality than any generation before them.

    I think your prediction for Generation X is accurate and hopefully comes to pass. Why? Because the extreme zombie state and suicidal tendencies of most Millennials may have a counter extreme in the minority of Millennials who care about the West. That’s to say, our counter-reaction will probably be much more violent than older, wiser conservative Xers.

    • The difference is the Xers know it, while the Millennials are entrenched in narcissism to delude themselves and others into believing they’re leading fulfilling lives.

      This is an excellent point, and one worth elaborating on. Much of the egregious Millennial behavior bemoaned in media is explained more compassionately through this entry point.

  3. Axismundi says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

    I feel Gen X ought speak out more too.

    It does look like everyone in the future will be Gen X.

    What Generation X deserves is something more than to be the clean up crew for the selfish, stupid, ruinous Boomers.

    • The “Me Generation” left behind nothing but wreckage, so I think you’re right. We need to be rebuilders, not janitors!

    • -A says:

      I never really saw much wisdom in Gen X. I never saw that they were against the Boomers in any sensible way. Every Gen Xer I knew was a liberal a la Janeane Garofalo.

      • -A says:

        Ms.Garofalo was considered the poster child of Gen X in the 90’s. That is why I used her as am example.

  4. chris says:

    interestingly in Strauss and Howe’s “Generations” this point that you make is alluded to. they postulate that the x’ers will be great 50 year olds who have their power cycle later and shorter than the boomers but will be called upon to fix things. Approximate Quote, “If you need something done and don’t care how it is done, these will be the people to call.”

    gives me something to look forward to. however, do not assume that we will do it nicely. when called upon to fix boomer messes in the past, most have noticed how not nice i could be. enjoyed every minute of it and might enjoy what the authors above predict.

    • x’ers will be great 50 year olds who have their power cycle later and shorter than the boomers but will be called upon to fix things.

      Interesting. 50 is about when Generation X will have recovered from its traumatic childhood, for the ones who survive. I think their solution will be to cut the Boomers free financially and redirect resources to the American Nativist society we admired from our childhood.

      • DaBiggestGun says:

        “Cut the Boomers free”

        A generation that got a laugh out of “I’m spending my kids’ inheritance” bumper stickers and T-shirts deserves no less.

        I have no intention of spending my kids’ inheritance looking after them.

        • I have a feeling people are hoarding gold so they have something to give to their kids that will not simply go in taxes to Government for use in its Leftist social programs.

  5. Skip says:

    Two points.

    1- Don’t forget the part the pharmaceutical industry plays in the Millennials’ delusional quest for their Utopian safe space, including the one between their ears. So many of them are taking antidepressants. It’s hard to pretend life is great and getting better if you keep having these pesky unsettling thoughts and emotions telling you maybe, just maybe, something is very wrong. What to do? The Matrix answers back…”Pop a pill! Ask your doctor if Gullibrex is right for you!!”

    2- Brett, I think this essay is SPOT-ON!
    After I read it, it occurred to me that you may have read The Fourth Turning by Strauss and Howe?

    If not, I would highly recommend it. It a cyclical read of history through the analysis of repeating generational archetypes and their respective and combined influence on history. It includes the authors’ late 1990s prediction of a great societal upheaval which they call a Fourth Turning, which we currently find ourselves in. We are living inside the big BOOM! mentioned in the article. It’s just, so far, a slow crack up boom.

    Previous 4th Turnings resulted in The American Revolution , The “Civil” War, The Great Depression, and WW2 among others. Ring any bells with the current global economic situation, and the tone of our great society here and now?

    Our Generation X, they call 13ers, and our generational archetype they call The Nomad. Our detached, relatively unpropagandized world views, realism, and pragmatism, among other traits, are uniquely suited to trying to preserve and defend the good that still remains, and to rebuilding from the ashes of the cataclysm which is the Fourth Turning.

    Janitors and rebuilders indeed.

    • I haven’t read it, but your summary of its analysis is appealing. We are the Nomads: we never had a home, because the 68ers made society inhospitable to anyone but themselves, and we wander looking for an answer, trying to hang on to what is left of the good we remember from when we were young. Sounds also like topics for country music ballads.

  6. Laguna Beach Fogey says:

    Excellent. Gen X here, and I think is pretty accurate.

    I’ve felt exactly like this since the early-1990s. I’ve always had the sense that Gen X are the only adults in the room. How do you stop an ongoing train-wreck? You get the fuck out of the way and let it crash. Let the motherfucking idiots kill themselves. It’s our job to be strong and savvy enough to take control afterwards.

    Some of us didn’t drop out in the sense of taking off for Alaska or working as ski-bums for a few years (although I know guys who did that), but instead dedicated ourselves to work and play.

    I don’t share your take on Millennials. I quite like a lot of them.

    • I’ve always had the sense that Gen X are the only adults in the room.

      We were the kids who ended up parenting our parents. I think a lot of us remember being the ones who actually turned out the lights and made sure the doors were locked at night.

  7. MGL says:

    I am an early Xer (’67), and certainly a thinker rather than a doer. My parents are Silent Generation–perhaps the luckiest generation ever to walk the face of the earth, at least in material terms. Too young for World War II and too old for Vietnam, they entered adulthood at the height of the post-war boom, with full employment, insanely generous benefits, and houses that cost around two years’ salary. Unlike the Boomers, the Silents tended to stay married, and my peers and I thus (mostly) avoided the latchkey chaos experienced by later Xers.

    But even in my early childhood, in the 1970s, I intuited that something wasn’t right about the age I’d been born into. I’m the furthest thing from an aesthete, but everything seemed disordered, confused and ugly, from the music to the architecture to the clothing to the culture. The ’80s, with their apparent return to normalcy and prosperity, actually came as a vast relief!

    But the culture took its pound of flesh. Raised on the gospel of self-pleasuring, I wasted years of my early adulthood on promiscuity, broken relationships and dead-end jobs, and my leftist upbringing was so ingrained that I actually rejoiced in the nihilistic destruction of ancient traditions and mores. Too the extent that I reasoned at all, I reasoned that I was fortunate enough to be present at the advent of a more just, more open society, and that some degree of disorder was an inevitable part of such a transition.

    The scales began to fall from my eyes with the exposure of one Big Lie (leftist environmentalism), and after that the dominoes fell in quick succession: economics, feminism, multiculturalism, racial equality, and finally my atheism. I am a moderately successful professional and family man these days, but I couldn’t have arrived here without experiencing first-hand the damage caused by the idols of our age.

    And this is why I’m more hopeful about the Millennials than most. Most of them are useless, to be sure, but that’s probably true of most generations. The important thing is that they’ve been pre-damaged, and the more perceptive among them know it. These ones–mostly young men who have been brought up to believe they’re the worst people on earth–are ripe for alt-right deprogramming. And they’re all over the place: on TRS, /pol, MPC, RoK, and Twitter. They just need a unifying purpose and a true account of their heritage.

    Tldr: Millennials, at their best, have learnt the same lessons as GenX, but have graduated from the school of life much earlier than we did. So I guess I agree with you.

    • -A says:

      I also seem to recall, either from Gavin McInnes’ or Steve Sailer’s blog, an article about how you can never really tell what many millenials think because they are such good liars. They can maintain a calm and honest-looking exterior and agree with or support almost anything. They can do this, unflinchingly, because they learned at an early age that they have to.

    • I’m the furthest thing from an aesthete, but everything seemed disordered, confused and ugly, from the music to the architecture to the clothing to the culture.

      It’s a sign of a diseased culture when it values ugliness, but ugliness offends no one, where beauty and hope shock and disturb most people.

    • Dualist says:

      ‘They just need a unifying purpose and a true acciunt of their heritage’.

      I agree, this is one of our only reasons to hope. The left has systematically warped the teaching of history for this purpose. Millennials who have been denied a true account of their people’s history are like sleepwalkers: they wander aimlessly, having no idea how they got ‘here’ and hence also no idea where they are going. I would say they are also the first generation to have much poorer material prospects than their parents, though few realise it yet.

      But the leftists have been too successful. Educational standards are now so destroyed that most Millenials are actually INCAPABLE of even understanding the ideology that is thrust upon them. Imagine the horror of all the original anti-marriage, bra-burning feminists when they observe the Millenial generation of girls acting like commmon whores, spending more time on their appearance to impress men than any of their previous generations – yet still often dreaming of s white wedding.

      So I agree, many of those who are not consciously conservative, yet intuit that ‘something’s wrong’, are surpridingly quick to endorse alt-right opinions, when pressed, at least the ones I’ve known. I can tell that a sizeable number of them would support such policies – if one single party was actually offering them.

      But without that grounding in their people’s history, which those who have left school are unlikely ever to obtain, they are also just as likely to be swayed the other way if the media pulls out all the guns against us. Though I also agree with Chris’s point, above, that if there IS a Reaction in this generation it will be much more horrific than if the GenXers had carried it out.

  8. John says:

    Take note –

    A few years back I was conversing with my parents and my 80 year old-plus mother was bemoaning to me about “what your generation has done …”, i.e., “The Boomers.” Just about every ill imaginable was laid blame at the feet and I was actually a bit startled by the fusillade put forth as the woman normally had a reasonable grasp of history.

    First and foremost, at least the author of this piece nailed something important right off the bat – the 1968’ers. Then it seems as if that demarkation is totally forgotten, as is the norm. I was born in 1954 and had absolutely zero connection to what those people did and the “Boomers” who followed me had less than zero. If anything, we watched with horror as did our then sainted “Greatest” and “Silent” parents. “God damn hippies!”

    Not even that simple, folks. And neither is this “Boomer” v. “X” v. “Millenial”, and even more importantly is that coalition of “Greatest and “Silents” which for some odd reason always get a free pass when it comes to culpability.

    Guess what? You folks with the “Blame the Boomers” mantra are actually wrong. The “blame” is universal and it goes a long way back and far before the “Boomers.”

    Seriously. How naive can you get? Or intellectually lazy? The argument that all of a sudden from 1946 on all that fell were “bad seeds” that moved through rosette stage to bolt to bud to flower stage power and the madness then exploded as some sort of natural occurrence devoid of outside influence from the parent generation(s)?


    1. “Hippies” evolved/devolved from the Beatnicks, the latter led by Jack Kerouac (1925) and the homo/pedophile Alan Ginsburg (1926). Further, the so-called Hippies appeared damn near out of nowhere in 1964 on the Sunset Strip at places like “Whiskey A Go-Go” when the oldest “Boomer” was a mere 18 years of age. They weren’t “Boomers.”

    2. “The Pill” showed up in 1960, when the oldest Boomer female was 14. It wasn’t for “her” in particular, and since white illegitimacy was then a mere 5% it wasn’t that big of a deal. Which leads us to …

    3. “Free Love”, man. In the U.S. that nutty idea came from womyn and far pre-dated the “Boomers.” In 1872 a Thomas Nash lithograph graced the cover of Harpers Magazine titled Mrs. Satan, depicting first generation rad-fem Victoria Woodhull consorting with Da’ Devil while holding a banner that read, well, “Free Love.” Google it.

    Then it made its way to the Boomers via “Second Wave” feminists immediately after WWII, via books, magazines, and guess where else? in the classroom, being taught to Boomer females by “Greatest” and “Silent” generation female teachers. Now go Google “The Frankfurt School” and keep thinking how that worked out over a few generations.

    4. Porn and other associated deviant garbage, starting with Hugh Hefner, born in 1926, the first year of the “Silents” who in truth, roared. “Playboy” hit the stands “behind the counter” concealed in brown paper in December of 1953, and did so without a name. It sold so well to the Greatest and Silents that in January of 1954 it came out with the name “Playboy” on it. The oldest “Boomer” turned eight that same month.

    5. Drugs, man. Who popularized them? The Establishment. Timothy Leary (b. 1920), a Harvard Professor ended up on the cover of Time Magazine in’68 or so,essentially pushing the consumption of drugs, hallucinogenics in particular. It was he who came up with the saying, “Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.” That was a “Greatest” member exhorting the use of a drug by Boomers created by the C.I.A. in 1953, patented by them and produced on contract for them by Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland. And exactly who do you think was running all that reefer, hash, cocaine and heroin into the country. Underage Boomers?

    6. Don’t forget the voting age was 21 until 1972, when it was changed to 18. Exactly how much “real” political clout did a generation have that wasn’t eligible to vote in any sort of numbers? Duh? So “Who dunnit?”

    7. “Roe v. Wade” – Fought by a “Silent” female attorney and heard by “Greatest” and “Silent” judges.

    8. The “Civil Rights Act” of 1964, “Voting Rights Act” of 1965 along with the Hart-Cuellar Act in 1965 (Immigration law that has destroyed us as a nation) all were written and passed by “Greatests” and “Silents.” The immediate fallout was on who? The Boomers. All the other “Great Society socialism? Same suspects -same effect. It was “law.”

    9. “The Chicago Seven.” Most of you don’t have a clue, so Google up the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. “Wow, man.” Yeah. What a riot! Daley. And guess what? The ringleaders were all Greatests and Silents, the oldest being born in 1920. Again. The Weather Underground? Ditto. The Black Panthers? Ditto.

    Do you see a pattern developing here?

    10. Rock and Roll. Aside from the fact that it began in the 1950’s, taking off with the “Silent” Elvis, who owned those record companies? Boomers? No. Their progenitors. Johnny Cash showed up at Sun Records in the mid-1950’s to sell some gospel music in the late 1950’s and owner/producer Sam Phillips told him, “Go out and sin for a while and then bring me back something I can sell.” No “Boomers” involved.

    11. Trashy movies? Darn it again! Who owned those studios? Who wrote the scripts? Who produced them? Who advertised them? Guess who it wasn’t? The Boomers. Guess who inherited the model? Yes. Just like you have.

    12. There’s a helluva lot more and the evidence isn’t hard to find.

    ERGO – The “Boomers” were handed wreckage and just like you, went with the flow because they were taught to. Under penalty of law. Most of their teachers were “Greatest-Silent” socialists/feminists from colleges where the curriculum was designed by those of “The Frankfurt School.” The “LAWS” were already in place dictating where this place was going to go, and done so by their forebearers. It was like the field had been plowed, disced, harrowed and seeded by their immediate predecessors who then complained about the quality of the crop even though it was they who failed to water and fertilize properly after germination. A little weeding never hurt either.

    We were taught garbage, you were taught garbage, and we’ve all got garbage out and no one knows what the hell to do about it. And this might just surprise you as well. 95% of us went to school, had jobs as kids, moved into the workforce, busted ass, got married, had kids and thus families, and tried to move forward just like every preceding generation did. It was the mere handful that participated in the movement of the “68’ers” and a mere handful that then moved into academia, high politics and high finance. Those are the demographic cohorts, regardless of generation, who are always the destroyers.

    Metaphorically speaking, quit using a sawed-off shotgun when the target is best suited for a rifle.

    • The “blame” is universal and it goes a long way back and far before the “Boomers.”

      That’s true, but the 68ers had a unique role in making it inescapable. Without their acts, the situation might be survivable.

      • Dualist says:

        Yes, all of the examples you give above are undeniably true. But the Timothy Leary’s and Alan Ginsburgs were absolutely not representative of their generations. The Boomers were the first generation that actually lapped it up and said ‘yes’ to the evil – making its growth and propagation in society inevitable.

        A better defence of the Boomers is given by ‘A-‘ below. He mentions the fact that most young people in America were still actually pretty straight-laced in the 60’s. What proportion of all 18-30 year-olds were actually hippies in those years?

        But the crucial thing to remember contra this is the fact that many of those who would go on to have positions of power in politics, the media and academia WERE full-on adherents of the counter-culture. They are the only ones who really count. Their mores have now become our mores, their innovations our standards.

        But this whole discussion of the exact point when ‘it’ started is all a bit daft. Obviously, any historical event or process had precedents that lead to it. In history, nothing has a beginning.

        This slow evolutionary nature of history is actually one of our biggest problems: most people have short attention spans, and simply do not notice slow changes.

        Take immigration. If all the Mexicans currently in the US had arrived in one day, it would have been termed an invasion, and repelled. But because it has happened drip-drip, and whites have moved out of areas family-by-family over the years, any newcomers will now only find a wholly hispanic neighbourhood. The Left have always been better than us at playing the ol’ waiting game.

        Because people have become increasingly ignorant of history, each new ‘now’ they arrive at becomes the new normal. They have no idea it is even possible for things to be done differently. It is this inertia we must first overcome.

        • He mentions the fact that most young people in America were still actually pretty straight-laced in the 60’s.

          And yet, with the Boomer demographic reaching its peak power in the 1990s, the world shifted hard left.

          • Dualist says:

            Absolutely – and the reasons for this I explained in the next paragraph. I was agreeing with you, just adding more explanation to your comment.

    • -A says:

      It is not contentious here that liberalism is an old disease, originating in Ur, having its first congealescence in Babylon, going through many more waves until the “paradigm shifts” in Greece and Rome, to the Magna Carta, to the French Revolution, to “Parlour Culture” which started acceptable opium usage (popularized even further by parlor magician Aleister Crowley, if you want a timeline of pharmaceutical degeneracy)and making its way through the dead horse of Massachusetts Bay Colony and progressive Congealessence phase 2 in the post modern era. Boomers are not being called the patient zero of leftism.

      What your cacophony of avoidances fails to account for is indeed not only the number of Boomers who did take part in the 1968 protests but also those who contributed to bum culture since. A whole bunch of boomers living in dilapidated buildings in New York and whatnot isn’t quite going to have the same effect as their renown self absorption and bratty attitudes about politics, child rearing (ask any Gen Xer, apparently), business, economics and policy.

      Boomers have been in charge since their seizure of power by spearheading leftism instead of just looking at it critically. They have had a disproportionate involvement in censorship/media rating, false speculation, expansion of usury based businesses and economics, the bullshit concept of “infinite growth”, idealogical warfare in the literal sense(how self absorbed can one get?), self-glorifying parenting philosophies, self-esteem propaganda, and our modern vapid art market.

      I am sure many others could come up with other areas of society they have noticed Boomers obliviously and self-servingly butchering. However, this article seemed to focus on an overwhelmingly concurred upon experience that they were just shitty parents, making your rant seem a little out of place to me. A bit too much protest. Take it easy, 1968 is looooooooooong gone.

  9. JPW says:

    Gen X was the throwaway generation. The most aborted, most single-parented, and neglected generation in US History. The Boomers are *lucky* they outnumber the Xers.

    • Agreed. Generation X would have been abandoned, but instead, they had to suffer under the ex-hippies who came into power in the 1990s and really devastated the country. Not that it was heading in a good direction; the USA has been teetering on the brink since the civil war, but really lost its narrative about 20 years after its revolution. So much for the idea that democracy can be limited.

  10. Charles V says:

    I wonder how many of my fellow GenXers look around and ask themselves; “what the fuck happened to my country?”

    I wonndered until I stumbled into the Alt Right. Career Politicians and cultural Marxism destroyed this country from within.

  11. John says:

    @Charles V

    You got that right, and 90% of us Boomers” have been saying the same thing for thirty-plus years. At least you can read.


    Your first sentence makes all the sense in the world. The second one is nonsense. Did you not read and understand what the hell I wrote or do you simply seek comfort in your angst and confusion?

    “The Fix” was in, kid. Drop the shotgun and pick out those responsible, and it is not a “generation.” It is a few in each who deserve your hatred, because the rest of us and those in each and every just tried to make a living and make things work while the walls were tumbling down around all of us and no one could understand either why or how. (Note that there was no internet around to quickly disseminate either information or thought either. It was three network “mainstream” or nothing with “Walter Cronkite reporting.” And you wonder why “we” couldn’t figure it out? The tools didn’t exist.)

    As Charles V correctly pointed out, “Career politicians and Cultural Marxism destroyed this country from within.” He “gets it.”

    Obviously you are too damn lazy to even Google up The Frankfurt School, which was the main driver of the internal Cultural Marxism of which he spoke. It planned to do so and it did. That happened in the mid-late 1930’s, thus the exponential increase in the number of Marxist-oriented “teachers” instructing those who both parented and taught the Boomers. Hell, when I was in my sophomore year of High School in the fall of ’69 there were 40-45 year-old teachers wearing Black Armbands in protest of the Vietnam War, and that was in the most conservative and financially well-off school district in Colorado. Those were not “Boomers”, Dude! But they sure as hell were setting an example for them!The actual “Revolutionaries” were pre-68’ers who used what were in truth a mere handful of “68’ers” as their “Shock Troops” for protests on the various campuses. And note this as well – when you actually study the protests that went totally violent and the riots that were horrendous, you’ve got to go to 1967 to find those. Guess what, pal? “Black Power”, buddy. Not “68’ers.”

    If you cannot examine the past with an open mind and follow the evidence wherever it takes you, even places that you don’t wish to go or didn’t think it went, you are lost and shall remain so, being little more than a lint-cleaning navel gazer. Show some intellectual curiousity, grab a shovel and start digging. Then, and only then, will you find the guilty.

    I don’t indict my parents for Hugh Hefner. I don’t indict my parents for The Pill, nor the “Beatnicks”, or the fact that it turned out that Grandpa Walton was a leftist revolutionary and a flaming homosexual. I don’t indict them for those two 40-something “Greatest” and loudly “Silent” generation Marxist louts posing as high school teachers in front of my classes, or the fact that the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio caught on fire in 1969 because of pollution levels your generation(s) cannot even imagine. I don’t indict them for “Second Wave Feminism” because they weren’t Second Wave Feminists and didn’t even realize there was such a thing until the philosophy had reached social critical mass and thus firmly established.

    And you better understand another thing too. When it comes to your argument that “The Boomers are *lucky* they outnumber the Xers”, two things come to mind. The first is that you are too friggin’ stupid to figure out who the hell your enemy is. The second is that you had better *asterisk* yourself away in a “Safe Place” until we’re all in wheelchairs so you can sneak your fat ass up on us. That will be the only time “real men” like you will have a chance because when I was a kid there was hardly a one of us who wasn’t raised with a .22 rifle in his hands, and one whole hell of a lot of us either went to ‘Nam and/or continued on as life-long hunters. Hell, I’m sixty one and I’ll bet my bottom dollar I still shoot more rounds of medium and large bore center-fire rifle and handgun in a year than anything and everything you’ve popped off in your entire life. Hell, you probably don’t even have a damn gun. *Asterisk* that.

    If the collective “we” don’t get together, we’re collectively screwed. My wife and I had four kids (all homeschooled, then at least Bachelors degrees – all professionally successful) and now seven grandchildren. If you think for a moment that we want to see circumstances to continue to go to hell, you’re dreaming. That’s my D.N.A. out there and I want a better place for them. If I have to worry about some ignorant punk fragging me while the collective we should know “Friend from foe”, we’re doomed. Grow the hell up.

    • If the collective “we” don’t get together, we’re collectively screwed.

      Good point, but I think you misidentify the enemy. The enemy is liberalism/equality, itself a form of individualism, and that individualism was most clearly manifested in the “Me Generation,” with devastating consequences for Generation X.

      Outside of your happy situation, the conditions are such: most Generation Xers remain highly insular people, very distrustful, and inclined to drop their parents off at the first nursing home when the time arises, with zero guilt.

      • Tom Iron says:

        drop their parents off at the first nursing home when the time arises
        Actually as things get worse, they’ll be putting their parents out on the ice with zero guilt.

    • -A says:

      One more Boomer beaming about how other people are lazy, he didn’t have the internet back in the day, and presuming to lecture a complete stranger. When the stereotype fits…

      Okay, so you can point to origins. Great. What about the majority of Boomers who took the Frankfurt School too damn seriously? Nobody here is too lazy to google, it is really all we know. We will use it as it spies on us. Were the Boomers of old too damn lazy to use their library cards to contrast and compare economic theory? Weren’t peer review much less expensive back then? Even featured in libraries where they kept the magazines? Such resilience would have been an actual necessity in your day.

    • Jpw says:

      Why would I listen to anything you say? The favor would never be returned. No generation in human history has ever been as self-assured and conceited as The Boomers.

  12. William Dalebout says:

    “Unlike Millennials, who like zombies absorb the propaganda and bleat it, Generation X simply stepped aside to watch the giant fall.”

    Well no that’s not what happened at all. Generation X figured out early on that it liked being very angry, and that the best weapon they could use against their parents was to to be extra militant about progressivism and call them hypocrites when they betrayed their own values.

    Like every heavy metal, punk, goth and industrial band was culturally left. But instead of being about equality and peace it was about equality despair and violence.

  13. William Dalebout says:

    Also you should read Generations by Goldman and Strauss. This follows something of a predictable pattern.

    What’s happening now that is kind of amusing is that Millennials are looking to Generation X for a kind of reality check. People like Joe Rogan and Bill Burr and others who are becoming famous for calling out the boomers on their stupid crap.

  14. John says:


    “Happy situation.”

    Booted (literally) out the door at 17, bought a 66 Buick for 600 bucks that I lived in at temps as low as -28 the first winter while scraping by with part-time construction work. Kept busting ass, got roof over head. Kept working construction and eventually commercial landscape construction – primarily sophisticated, large irrigation systems and became an expert in it. Mainlines 4″-8″, that sort of easy, “happy” stuff.

    After ten years I found a literal “good gal” when I went back to school on my and then our own dime – all the way through and working all the way through. I keep feeling this “Me” shit all over hell. We got married and began a family with both working while I was finishing my B.A.

    After graduation, on a string and my good looks I jumped into the financial hole and bought a big Ditch Witch R-40 trencher, a commercial Massey Ferguson Tractor, a 1 ton 4×4 GMC pickup and a three axle trailer to haul equipment on and started bidding work. Prayer, indigestion, ulcers, work twelve to fifteen hours a day, design work for bids on weekends and be husband and father all rolled into one.

    “Me.” I’m feeling it all over. My efforts were pretty damn successful and after our second child was born my successful wife and I decided I could make up for lost income and she quit work because being a good mother and wife was more important than the carrot and stick of her careerism. And we were right. We’ve got great children.

    The topper? Being native Coloradoans back when that meant something, we had always wanted to live in the mountains. Not just “live in the mountains” like an Aspen or Vail sort of thing, but sort of a quasi-Jeremiah Johnson – “Back in the damn sticks” sort of existence. We had built the business so we were properly in debt, but fortunately it was worth a 100K or so more than we owed “The Man” and had some coin saved up from this weird thing called profit. So at age 40 I looked at her and said, “Hey. I’m starting to get a bit long in the tooth. If we’re going to do this, it’s now.”

    So, we “sold the farm” so to speak, which also took a lot of one’s time just keeping it up. It was about 20 acres with a crappy little house on it but two good barns we had bought 8 years before, but it was time to open a new chapter in the book. Simultaneously we sold off the business and packed up everything we still owned along with the four kids, the last an infant, and moved into the Northern Rockies since Colorado had been priced out of sight by “White Flight.” See that 1965 immigration act I mentioned earlier.

    Now, we just didn’t set up shop along some highway close to some remote little town and call it good. Nope. Surrounded on all four sides by the National Forest thirty miles from town up several miles of dirt road I have to plow for us to get in and out, in a drafty, dry-rotted old cabin built in the 1880’s with no well and no power and an outhouse 30 feet away across the creek and a semi-rotted bridge leading to it. And the cabin was heated with wood, boys. With stoves that we brought with us, including a wood cook stove for the kitchen. And there are bears and lions and wolves and wolverines and coyotes and badgers and such.

    Gittin’ the picture? The “Me” generation having it all handed to them.

    Well, I had just fired myself from my old job, drug the family into some strange sort of nature movie but one where the temperatures and snow and rattlesnakes and such are all very real. Screw up and people die, and there’s a five month real steep learning curve before that first winter comes.

    That was 21 years ago. Obviously we made it through. By the next spring I figured out an economic niche in the area, sold a couple of pieces of equipment I had brought along to buy the one I needed for the niche and went on to make a boatload of money in relatively short order. We then built a new house, our own hydro-electric plant for power, a new barn, a 30×40 shop, fenced the place and rebuilt the old cabin into a family chapel all the while picking rocks out of the dirt and creating one helluva productive garden area. Boys, we’ve even got indoor plumbing like the rest of you do. And we did it without falling into debt because we worked sunup to sundown, saved money, lived tight, and didn’t bitch about it.

    We raise our own critters, kill and process them, kill elk and deer and do the same. Vegetables and fruits are harvested and canned, along with about 40 gallons or so of “Hard Cider” put up to make the long winters a bit easier. We taught the children “the old fashioned way”, focusing on reading (the classics), writing and arithmetic, leaving the Neo-Narxist-New Age B.S. for the urban and suburban captives.

    We’re part of the “Me Generation” you fellows don’t even know exists.

    Break free and then live free. We did it, and we’ve now been married for 36 years. Toss the damn albatrosses aside and move forward. If your parents are that bad then do what the Lord said to do, “Let the dead bury the dead.” You fellows move forward. If we could do it, there’s nothing stopping you either. “Git-R-Done”, and “Good Luck!”.

    • crow says:

      White man have Ditch Witch, him happy man.
      This man, him not have Ditch Witch, have to find other thing make man happy.
      Man happy now, but man still not have Ditch Witch.
      Man not wantum Ditch Witch no more.
      Man not sure about moral of story.

    • -A says:

      I do have to admit that was a cool story. Allow me an illumination, however. Work is not the issue, it is the fact that it never gets us anywhere anymore. “Work” is not a magic word. It can either be an ouroboros or it can be a snake standing on its tail. Ouroboros goes nowhere but the abyss.

      What you have made out of your estate is nothing short of fantastic. I hope you have a peaceful life there and that your offspring follow your example of making the snake stand on end.

      • Dualist says:

        I’d say there are still just as many opportunities in today’s world. People just don’t look for them as much, unlike John.

        The main difference is that now, one is forced to do business with hatefull, neurotic people.

    • Dualist says:

      If the rest of your generation had retained the timeless values that you yourself clearly possess, the West would be a happy place today.

      • fodderwing says:

        Dualist, my own story is similar. Moved the family to a small southern town and endured some serious culture shock, but the end result was great success in every way I thought success should come.

        There were millions of us boomers who knew something was terribly wrong, and I think subsequent generations should understand that if there is anything that currently exists in our society that may be worth preserving, many and possibly even most boomers had a preservative effect on those things.

        The Alt-Right needs every hand. Let’s wait awhile to write the history.

  15. Stark says:

    The first boomers were 21 yrs old in 1968. So at that age their policies screwed up the country? It started long before that.

    • -A says:

      21 isn’t the age of helpless innocence. Men and women younger than that will take to the streets. It did, indeed, as said uncontentiously, start before that. The boomers still took liberalism to greater extreme. Hell, Boomers were the ones to ruined educational standards which progressively made things worse for following generations. I bring that up because, Boomers were better educated and did have a more sound grasp of how to use educational resources. For all of Boomers you insist knew something was wrong, they never looked to history? They never put anything to the test? Boomers took the decadence they were handed, made it worse, and everything after that is a product of general Boomer self-absorption

  16. John says:

    @ Stark –

    Right on! The stage had been set long before the curtain rose on that particular act.

  17. John says:


    Thanks, man. I hope the offspring do too, and because we instilled a hellacious work ethic in them the odds are high iffen’ the internal enemy doesn’t destroy they whole damn country as they flail away at this seemingly failing moment.

    The key is not working for “them”, but somehow, someway, for yourselves. Virtually no employer is ever going to let you get ahead and that’s been the case forever. Short of a bunch of the same ethnic or religio/ethnic types working with and for each other (which “we” do not do), sadly we’re on our own. “We” were programmed with some B.S. about “Rugged Individualism” when the truth is what that concept did was set each and every one of us against other members of our own ethnic group. That one social “programming” stroke damn near guaranteed our general demise and conversely insured the success of the more group-oriented “other.” Since the Marxists grabbed the levers of powers in the 1930’s and then spent the next several decades solidifying it, what hit us by the late 1970’s-early 1980’s was a political system that looked like “us” but was actually configured to be our oppressors while helping those who are culturally and ethnically foreign. Unfortunately, circumstances have simply become exponentially worse since.

    Find a niche. Exploit the hell out of it. Spend part of it smart (food and guns don’t hurt) and save the rest for making a move where the usurer does not own you.

    God bless you.

    • “We” were programmed with some B.S. about “Rugged Individualism” when the truth is what that concept did was set each and every one of us against other members of our own ethnic group.

      I agree that individualism is the root of the problem. Cooperation and group identity with transcendental goals are essential.

  18. Doug says:

    Surely the author realizes that 68ers have no monopoly on culpability. The 20’s were crazy enough and I don’t know that there is an accurate document of some of the shit that was going on during the previous 40 years. A “culture and values optional” approach was much more tenable during this period since population levels were still relatively minuscule and progress trumped direction as we still had a good 50 years before the advent of the microchip. It might be a little more imperative now that we actually decide on a path.

    Perpetual adolescence is never a good thing. The second “boom” of the baby boom is finally upon us as we struggle to meet their drugged n’ divorced life needs along with the needs of all those they decided were worthy of a free ride on the backs of the healthy. Photographic evidence of their wholesale values rejection in the face of spiraling population levels of the 1960’s further incriminates this most recent of humanity’s vertiginous episodes. Inadequate as the 1950’s may have been, the downturn of the 60’s is even more pronounced in its contrast with this “return to values” backdrop.

    If you agree we are on the wrong path then it should not be hard to see how Gen X is sandwiched between a generation too deeply entrenched and close to death to have any skin in the game and a generation that literally can not imagine a sane world having never even seen the remnants of one. 68ers just want to ensure a steady supply of Cheetos at the retirement home while plug-n-play millennials a la Chelsea Clinton are deluded enough to think they owe all their creature comforts to liberalism. Unique to the resilient 88ers is having survived the crushing bait and switch that became official just as they were entering the best years of their lives.

    • Surely the author realizes that 68ers have no monopoly on culpability.

      That is correct. The article is one part of a larger topic, but some Baby Boomers, accustomed to arguing this way, have tried an attack on the part as an attack on the whole.

      • -A says:

        They are doing it quite desperately at that. I have never really seen most of the handles of people claiming to be Boomers before and it really pulled them out of the woodwork. Even when John told his cool story though, he still lectured like we were sitting at his knee. They hate it when that is not the attitude given to them. It was expected they treat the Great Generation with such respect, often rather cruelly, so they assume that life works by seniority by default, without understanding how the elder-youth dynamic works in the most general sense within society.

        I still liked John’s story though. It speaks to my Ascetic, Hermetic nature.

        • Boomers are just proving how dishonest they are. The entire generation shifted left, and lied, and then they did the same here. I preserve it for posterity and mockery.

  19. John says:

    @ Brett –

    I’m to the right of Attilla the Hun. If you fuckers want to burn this whole thing to the ground I’ll bring the gas and the matches. I’ve got no love lost for it. We’ve all been screwed and screwed one good. The “good thing” that the piece of shit is incinerating itself, with a thousand small fires ready to join in one incredible inferno.

    Another historical tidbit – NO FAULT DIVORCE:First signed into law in 1966 in California by “Greatest Generation” Ronald Wilson Reagan, then made national law in 1975 by ‘Greatest Generation” Gerald. R. Ford, President of the U.S. Both men were “Republicans.” Again, the “Boomers” has nothing to do with it.

    And by the way, a picture may be worth a thousand words but at the same time it might not be worth a shit. For every photo of long-haired, dope smoking hippies doing their thing, there were ten thousand photos of people working and raising kids and the like that for some odd reason you weren’t shown. I wonder why that is? It’s like the news. My wife has grown habitually fond of saying, “Why are the telling me this?” She’s right.

  20. Caprizchka says:

    The Civil Rights Act of 1963 might offer a clue:

    Questioning it however would be “racist”, just like the Emancipation Proclamation and the entire catalog of “Progressive Amendments”.

    Questioning any of them is like a “sin”. Complete obedience to the “moral” leaders has been around for quite a while, actually.

  21. Fiona says:

    This is the most disturbing and disgusting conversation I have read yet. I am a teacher, and a “cusp” baby, meaning I don’t belong to either generation..or so it is said. But, I definitely belong more to the Boomer generation mindset of hard work wins the goal. I am a concert violinist and teacher, high level. I lost my career from a car accident (the performance end) and only teach at this point, and even taught high school for 4 years, getting to know VERY clearly the issues at hand. About 15 years ago, I began feeling the current changing. Actually, even in the 90’s. It wasn’t a good change. Even the music reflected horrific language and a drive to “be bad.”
    But, what I find absolutely horrific here is the response to John, in general. He speaks the absolute truth, and if you are too lazy, which I found that most millennial are, you will only surface google a topic and NEVER go into the depth necessary to put pieces of the puzzle together. It is FAR more complicated, historically, spiritually, psychologically, etc..than any Millennial or Generation x’er will ever understand, because they are stunted and very narcissistic. I saw teachers end up in the hospital because of the difficulty in teaching large classes of Millennial, or z’ers or whatever they are. I call them Millennials. I have them in my house teaching privately for 4 to 5 years at a time and I get to know them and their parents very well over time. The one thing I love about the Boomer generation was their work ethic. Something that people on this thread, with the exception of John, don’t even BEGIN to grasp. All I see on this thread is the same whining crap that I saw in the high school, in my home, and when having to deal with the gen x parents that seemed stuck in a 13 year old mindset of rebellion. There was no REAL continued growth or intellectual curiosity, only victimhood based junk that would only grow as time went on. I was teaching kids that came out of the Waldorf system, and they were so unable to focus and had horrific attitudes. But, I also taught public school kids and came to find that they were of the same elk. The parents would eventually attack, which had NEVER happened in the first 20 years of my teaching children. Not one fight. Those were boomers I was still dealing with. They had respect for teachers, whereas gen x caused major meltdowns with hatred in their hearts. I find them to be a blight on the human species, personally, and I am fed up with the attitudes and victimhood stances. But mainly, I really HATE the ignorance, no real knowledge, combined with the mouthy replies when this is pointed out, “but I have the right to my opinions!” My response in class was this…”yes, you do have that right, but I am so disinterested in what you have to say because it is baseless. BUT! I would LOVE to sit down with you after you have studied one of these subjects in depth for a few weeks and listen to your opinion at that point.” The kids just looked at me with blank faces. At the end of the 4 years, after being a “strict” teacher that loved them anyway, I got a card from them, thanking me for “seeing” them. So, what do you know, they actually felt cared for through discipline, hard work, talking with them continuously for four years, and telling them to stop talking back, kicking them out if they did, and then following that up with an arm around them and talking it out. I am so tired of the Gen Xer crap and blame. I really am. Grow up, put your big girl/boy pants on, and stop acting like a brat. This world going ALL THE WAY BACK to first recorded history, has always been a terribly difficult place to live. And, it still is. The difficulties have shifted masks, but most problems still stem from the same issue. The Human Condition. And, Imo, the last two generations made it far worse than any generations previously with their arrogance and entitlement issues. I see no decent future for most of them. Not because of the issues on the planet, which are profound and scary, but because they sit and do NOTHING! Yet, they expect to be heard anyway. So, I’ll say it again. Your generations are entitled and lazy, and if I have to choose a generation to belong to as a cusp baby, I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to go “boomer” instead of the others. They, at least, worked their butts off and I highly respect that. They didn’t act like babies. They worked for what they got, period. I respect that. Today? I have students saying to me,”get a job? NO! Why would I work for minimum wage! Where would I work anyway?”
    I answer, “How about at a restaurant hostessing or bussing? That’s what we did when we were 14 or 15. We all had jobs to earn extra money and learn about working with others.”
    As if that is so beneath them. Spoiled rotten brats. That DOES sum up what I’ve seen over the last 15 years or so of teaching. A terrible shift. I can’t wait until I no longer have to deal with such mental illness on a daily level.

    As well, I research this stuff in depth and have for over ten years, trying to understand what has happened. Well , the stats are in. 50% of the college kids have suicidal ideation, 30% are seriously considering suicide, and 10% are trying. The reason which they have found? In a two years study it has been confirmed that their frontal cortex’s didn’t develop properly. MRI’s confirm this. We are talking about Millennials. That is your decision making center, your personality center and much more. This is why the spin in anxiety all the time, and believe me, it doesn’t go away. I am still in contact with many of my ex students now in college and actually still mentor them on various college projects. They are generally miserable and seeking medications. They don’t have the capacity to ride out counseling or group talk. They go, but they don’t finish and don’t have the curiosity that boomers had in understanding things in depth, also a proven study when watching the differences in boomers research techniques on the internet vs. Millennial’s types of surface skimming for information, almost never in depth, even for college papers etc…Boomers dig and dig and still have that need and curiosity for knowledge. I like that. I like intelligent and knowledgable people. I don’t like lazy bums that complain and do NOTHING to change a thing, and yet still find oodles of time to blame past generations for their angst. How about research the last 4000 years of history to see the truth about this matter? That’s right x’era and millennial. Most boomers have done this that I know. Have YOU??????? I seriously doubt it.

    • The one thing I love about the Boomer generation was their work ethic.

      Work ethic? Most of the Boomers I knew had much more free time than people now, and waltzed into relatively easy jobs. They most went to work to escape their failed relationships and families after a certain point.

  22. […] a modern West which feasted on killing its best for illusions like equality, made the Boomers into a relentlessly self-serving generation; perhaps they were the ultimate individualists, or the “last man” that Nietzsche […]

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