Black holes

Scientists don’t really know what Black Holes are. Then again, there are a great many things that scientists don’t know. They have their theories – often ideas dreamed up over coffee and doughnuts -  and in the manner of scientists, they then set out to convince themselves, and those of us who take scientists seriously, that their theories are facts.

They think that these Black Holes, far from being the absence of anything, are, in fact, a whole lot of somethings, so densely compressed that not even light can escape the gravitational wells of their aggregated mass. Who knows? Maybe they are right.

But there are other kinds of Black Holes. Some are, indeed, the absence of something…

I’ve often wondered just why it is that Left can not accommodate Right, and vice versa.

Why must there be this never-ending, never-resolved schism between two sides of a whole?

Why this seemingly inevitable, interminable, unresolvable conflict that serves only to sap the fabric of each, resulting in ever less?

What the hell is going on here, anyway?

As it happens, I had an idea over coffee and doughnuts, the other day. Well: not doughnuts, since a gluten-free doughnut seems not to exist. Yet. A theory, you might say, burst out of nowhere, and into my mind. It was an interesting one. It went something like this…

There seems to be something missing in the makeup of those who tend to the Left. Being missing, this nothing is utterly unable to imagine the missing thing. What is not there, is unable to see what is not there. Something not-there is unable to grasp the absence of itself.

It seems obvious, really. But not until it becomes obvious.

Those who tend to the Right, have this thing that is so obvious, to them, that to imagine it not being present, is impossible. These people are unable to fathom a state in which something they take so much for granted, simply is not there, for others.

So what is this thing, that the Left does not have, and that the Right does?

Imagine it as a lack of ego.

The Right sees itself as part of a whole.

The Left sees itself as the whole.

To the Right: its identity is subservient to the whole.

To the Left: its identity is itself.

Self-importance has consumed the Left, to the point where not even common-sense can escape. It lies, crushed and trapped, inside a body that continues to operate – to a degree – without it. This body does not know it lacks common-sense, or even what common-sense is. While the Right observes this phenomenon, and can not imagine what is going on, or why.

There seems no escape from the consequences of this condition, other than the obscure possibility that the Left will suddenly, inexplicably realize that its own ego is destroying all it depends upon for its very survival. Indeed, the survival of everything it seems not to realize it is a part-of. And this, it would seem, is rather unlikely. Such a realization would require an ability to be reverent to the natural order of things; to step aside from being unquestionably correct, and prostrate oneself before that which is greater: Civilization, Love, Life, Nature, Planet, Cosmos. And, dare I say it: the concept of God…

Reverence, or the lack of it,  is at the heart of this Black Hole. Without this thing, nothing works. Lacking this baseline, this reference, this context, everything must inevitably cave in upon itself and be lost. For the momentary and worthless pride that is all that ego has to offer.

The schism we see, seems a final state of decay. Whether or not this condition will ever right itself and allow the two opposed states to re-integrate, remains to be seen. But I have to say: It doesn’t look good.


  1. James says:

    “They have their theories – often ideas dreamed up over coffee and doughnuts”

    stopped reading there.

    1. crow says:

      There’s a clever boy!

      1. Viktorija says:

        Guess he’s one of those on the Left who can’t see what’s Right. Sucks to be them!

        1. Ethan says:

          I think that is more accurately stated as “He’s one of those who Left because he knows what’s Right” and yes, it does Suck.

          @Forest Johnson I hope you don’t mind my linking to this post, as I was writing an article, and found your image on google. If you have a problem with my stealing of your artwork, let me know, I’ll kindly remove it. Great post btw…. Actually, I like the entire site… Your feed is messed up, won’t let me subscribe. :)

          Have I successfully diffused this would-be comment war with my distractions?

    2. Matt Parrott says:


      I also stopped reading at that point. I mean, how hard is it to insert a proper em dash? If he’s trying to get away with using a hyphen and pretending it’s an em dash, what other less obvious tricks might he be pulling on his readers? It’s not even an independent clause, FFS.

      You hold down ALT, then pluck 0151 on the numeric keypad while the number lock is on. HOW HARD IS THAT TO DO!?

      Bloggers who inappropriately insert spaces before and after their dashes aggravate me, but a blogger who has no idea how to handle the difference between a hyphen, an en dash, and an em dash is unworthy of my consideration.

      Coeliac disease is the least of this man’s problems.

      1. crow says:

        I notice that certain people dismiss and ridicule anything they judge to be something they disagree with or do not like.
        Which – although they fail to see it – is precisely what the article was about.

        My use of ellipsis is a matter of style and custom.
        Along with my English background.
        Along with fewer typos, misspellings and oversights than almost anything else you will (not) read.

        I see the article nicely decanted out the charlatans and spoilers.
        Genuine humans will – no doubt – have no trouble at all, reading, appreciating, or tolerating it.

        1. Matt Parrott says:

          I didn’t make my sarcasm and its intended target clear enough. I was mocking James.

          This is a quality essay to which I don’t have anything substantive to add.

          1. crow says:

            Brett caught your intent. He is smarter than me :)
            Thank you, for that.

  2. Organicist says:

    One sees this a lot in philosophers of a Leftist bent, who tend to be Idealists and Anti-Realists. This is the same reason that Leftists chalk everything up to “social constructs”; in the mind of a Leftist, perception is reality, because reality consists of I, myself.

  3. Kinderling says:

    My observations of left and right brain-damaged individuals leads me to conclude the polarity or handedness of a society Right or Left is due to
    – suppression of one hemisphere by a Super Hemisphere
    - and the denial of the other.

    Suppression leads to believers and to their domination by the first half-brain who has certainty itself. Ignorance is bliss.

    Left-Brain suppressors and thru resentment who had eradicated the Right-Brain would be those who follow the Mosaic, St Paulian and Mohammandan belief systems. God is up, women are down. Stupidity factor: “Was that a Jinn just then?”

    The opposite: Diversity up, men are down. Stupidity factor: “If he believes he’s an Alien he’s an Alien”

    All this from a chicken that used its left brain to focus on crumbs between sand, and the right brain to keep a look out for the fox.

    Islam gives us the art repeating breadcrumbs and Socialism a bed full of puke.

    Someone will pay for it.

    1. crow says:

      I have a feeling, Kinderling, that your reply is probably very insightful, yet its meaning is far from clear.
      Would you try again, please, for less ambiguity?
      I – for one – am interested in your observations.

  4. Organicist says:

    [...] That. Amerika: Inequality, Politics: What Use Are They, Anyway?, The Tipping Point, World Peace, Black Holes, Knowledge [...]

  5. Kinderling says:

    Hi Crow,

    The brain, in simplicity is made with two hemispheres, left and right, and a frontal cortex, the Executive Function, to rationalise and act upon such information received. Left Brain devoted to context and Right brain to patterns in the abstract.

    Brain lopsidedness has its lines between the genders, as rather than compete they sought to cooperate to maximise survival by choosing each other for these attributes; and also between differing human ‘races’ whose heminisity had brought a sense of order between environment and man. ‘Man is female before God’ some proudly say allowing their left brain to submit to non critical reasoning of their Deity’s decisions.

    Women were given the job of foragers to use their intuition to survive and men to hunt, to use their insight of psychology. The mind is shaped by interpretations of reality. If you no longer hunt you no longer perceive. Boys playing computer games have the brains of toys. Girls buying food and clothes off pegs from a supermarket have brains of mush.

    Technology and culture has moved away from the reproductive advantages for being mono-brained with little puppy-dog wives to Spartan he-men with the state becoming mono-brained Mother or Father. For some the land is a living Gaia, for others it was received from a Creator. Society dominated by scriptures or the Feng Shui putting everything in its proper place. Moderates goes with the flow, as long as there is a sense of abundance created by expansion, it works.

    Some people have Aspergers and others have OCD. There is no counterbalance to correct their information received. Things not placed in the right order, or things not placed symmetrically, distress them. If they rule a country, you will be made to wear it on your sleeve.

    So blindness occurs naturally as most people are weaker on one side of their body. Exercise improves symmetry. Meditation exercises too, if not fanciful escapes, can do this for improving the brain.

    I have hopefully dealt with half-brained perception and the received laziness making them not develop to be able to effectively rationalize.

    Now to ‘Blank holes’ that occur because of trauma. We ‘forget’ simply to protect ourselves from emotional pain. A 32 year old woman recently ‘forgot’ all her troubles by going back to the safe memories when she was age 15. Those were all the memories she had and she believed she had woken up at that age.

    Naomi came back however, with all her memories intact. She had not forgotten one jot. She had just suppressed her thoughts into non-thinking.

    So if I am naturally mono-brained and I am then traumatized into non-thinking in the weaker brain I can become a classic believer instructed to kiss the baby or shoot the baby.


    – suppression of one hemisphere by a Super Hemisphere
    - and the denial of the other.

    To follow a leader who you think is like you because they tell you everything you want to hear, and then demonize their enemies so you can never think, (haram to do so), “what must it be like being them”

    Children who resent their mothers or fathers close down the brain lobe that resonated with the voice of that parent and join support groups that ‘help’ them into their new identities.

    Unless a man is born again…

  6. crow says:

    Many thanks, Kinderling.
    That was an epic dose of insight into something rarely seen.
    The final sentence summarizes what is necessary.
    Anyone can be born as a baby.
    Who is able to then be born again, as an adult?
    Great stuff!

    1. Kinderling says:

      If you make a man greater than yourself, even fashion a Father-God outside yourself, you are made inferior for It, for God should have been within you all along.

      If your left-brain then, (where the sense of everlasting soul sits), submits to the Superior Outer, it always hungers and never finds, for it should have been a spring and not a bottomless pit. Then your right brain, which is normal, becomes the dominant voice in your head; it chatters incessantly, and make a person “sin” to do things beyond their control. So it is banished, and all women banished too, to make a sense of balance and Left-Brain Authority in a dhimmi’s brain. A plastic and violent man, lest they be discovered.

      Such are repetitive and copycat lives until they die. People are amazed that at their last breath, they still did not know, and begged to be received into heaven they never found.

  7. Dack Thrombosis says:

    I’m quite certain that no matter what black holes are racist in some way.

    “This is the same reason that Leftists chalk everything up to “social constructs”; in the mind of a Leftist, perception is reality, because reality consists of I, myself.”

    The left likes social constructs because they’re just that: constructs, which means they can be changed, molded into something new like the New Soviet Man the USSR promised all those decades ago. It’s the idea that mankind can change reality to suit itself.

  8. Apuleius says:

    I have often wondered how a convinced atheist, being a finite creature such as we all are, can come by the authority to make any pronouncement about the nature of an infinite universe or any transcendent presence that might be outside of that infinite universe or even any metaphysical statement.

    The whole ontological proof thing always seemed so tiresome to me, with acceptance of a received tradition the only way to break the impasse.

    At any rate, I was having a discussion with one of my positivistic, left-wing atheist colleagues one day about what great literary works I though were worthwhile and absent-mindedly happened to mention the prominent role of piety in the Sophocles’ play Antigone. This triggered an alarm in her brain and I could tell that she had dismissed his works out of hand. In short, she would never condescend to read any of them. Ever.

    In reflection, it occurred to me that the convinced atheist violates the Taoist concept of emptiness. If you imagine a cup full of water, you immediately realize that nothing more can be poured into it. On the other hand an empty cup can be filled easily. So yes, there are these other black holes.

    More’s the pity.

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