Why the Alt Right Won’t Succumb to Leftist Hysteria


Why is using NSDAP imagery a bad strategy?

First, the Alt Right does not equal National Socialism, so Alt Rightists would be misrepresenting themselves. But we also aren’t Libertarians, yet there is no outrage when Alt Rightists use Libertarian sources. So this is not the real reason why using NSDAP imagery is a bad strategy.

The real reason is that people in the political mainstream have a conditioned repulsive response to NSDAP imagery: their minds shut down when they see a swastika, and they become unable to consider any ideas with such branding or association. This is reinforced by mainstream media that actively vilify and attack NSDAP symbols and ideas. Because of this, introducing anti-progressive, anti-liberal, and anti-modern ideas to them generally works more smoothly without it because it denies them that excuse to stop listening.

However, there is a problem with this. That conditioned response is not triggered only by NSDAP imagery. It is also triggered — though to a duller degree — by any hint of suggestion that significant racial or sex differences exist, by critiques of democracy as a fundamentally flawed system, and any lack of support for egalitarianism. Even expressing the desire for the continued existence of European people can cause alarms and inhibit thought in those who are in the political mainstream.

Further, the mainstream media make no distinction between genuine NSDAP convictions and any anti-egalitarian ideas. Those who make purely scientific observations about racial differences are still called “Nazis.”

And so the same reasoning that suggests complete rejection of any symbol associated with the NSDAP in any way would also seem to suggest avoidance of the very ideas that are at the heart of our cause. In order to not be shut out of mainstream discourse, and in order to avoid being tarred with incorrect labels that reinforce that censure, it seems we must water down our communication to the point that anything substantial is lost, and simply hope that one day WWII propaganda and the mass media that reinforces it will fade away on its own.

This is obviously not a sound strategy. We have two routes around this impasse.

With the first, we can charge ahead boldly and speak openly, honestly, and unapologetically the truths that need to be said. We will be vilified and attacked, and many will shut off their minds when they hear us, but the conditioning is not absolute, and brighter minds (which are more important to us) will have a chance of breaking through. We will never convince everyone, but we don’t need to or want to. This is the path that has been taken by this site.

With the second, we can meet Hitler in a warm embrace, emblazon the swastika on hitherto innocuous cartoon frogs, and crank up the death camp ovens to 6,000,000 degrees. Take the Nazi straw man that has been wielded against us, pump him full of post-ironic steroids and send him back to the enemy so that their absurd hysteria entertains and delights us. Create such an over-the top scathingly mocking caricature of the left’s caricature of us that the epithet “Nazi” falls limp and impotent from their hateful lips. This is the path taken by sites like The Daily Stormer.

What must be recognized is that those in the first path do not benefit by attacking those in the second. Doing so will not save them from being labeled “Nazis” — nothing will. Now is not the time to be tip-toeing around the left in the hope that they’ll leave us alone. Even the flimsy excuse of not wanting to hurt Trump’s image has become completely irrelevant now that he has won.

On the contrary, those who take the first path have much to gain from the success of the second path. If these trolls and jokers succeed in breaking the NSDAP taboo they will have opened a wide space of ideas in which all the principles and ideals that lead to an ascendant civilization can breathe freely and thrive.

The left has absolutely no credibility. At this point, this rare chance we have with Trump, this narrow opening through which we may possibly use political means to save our civilization it would be utterly foolish for us to pay any attention to leftist hysteria except as an opportunity for exploitation.

Realize that any leftist, any mass media outlet that would attack the Alt Right because of a few audience members raising Roman salutes would have attacked the Alt Right in any case. Instead of succumbing to your their hysteria and bickering with your allies, focus your martial energies on your enemies!

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26 Responses to “Why the Alt Right Won’t Succumb to Leftist Hysteria”

  1. Pavol Horvath says:

    Embarrass, offend and shock the left to death! You can use any means necesary.

  2. Dave says:

    TL;DR be as Nazi as you want to be, boys, because they’re going to call us Nazis no matter what.

    • DysgenicGarbagge says:

      Might as well have some fun with it

    • Paul Warkin says:

      Even better: “be as jokingly Nazi and irreverent towards the taboo as you want, because they will call you Nazi anyway and not taking them seriously about it will make their attacks less effective; or just ignore Nazi stuff and don’t worry about it.” I wouldn’t advocate actually modelling ourselves on the Third Reich, and I wouldn’t endorse National Socialism as a solution to our situation.

      Using NS branding seriously is not a winning strategy (and this is not what Richard Spencer did), but capitulating to the taboo of NS effectively means endorsing the left’s use of this straw man against us.

  3. NeoApollo says:

    Thank you this is the first article I haven’t seen attacking spencer on the blogs I frequent besides daily stormer or trs. We need to stop punching right it’s a waste of time and loses focus.

  4. Agree with the thrust of this- the bad guys would have said all those things anyways, and sooner or later it will all just become part of the normal background noise of public life that people filter out.

    In the meanwhile, though, the challenge those of us who *aren’t* trolls, jokers, or unreconstructed NS face is of being dismissed out of hand by people who will just assume that we are, and filter out what *we* have to say accordingly for a long time before they finally filter out what the Left has to say. I don’t give a crap about what the Left does or doesn’t think of me- but I *do* care a great deal about the prospect of people in general saying to themselves: “oh whatever, that guy is probably just some punchy ageing skin who thinks it’s 1991 and Skrewdriver are still around, ignore”.

    • Paul Warkin says:

      There is some risk of that, but it’s not as likely now for two reasons.

      First, it is a lie to say that, for example, recognizing biological racial differences is the same as National Socialism. The lie has been pushed by the mass media WWII, and it’s only one of the many lies that has been repeated with growing intensity and multitude over time. Recently, somewhere around 2015, the lies have accumulated to the point that their inherent contradictions with themselves and with reality reached a tipping point and effected a cultural shift from unquestioned acceptance of the taboos that the lies promote, to a growing doubt of their legitimacy.

      Brexit and Trump made this trend more recognizable and amplified it as the major news outlets pushed harder and more openly to oppose them. They’ve jumped the shark; everyone has now seen them repeatedly lie that Trump is Hitler (“we really mean it this time”), and so when they see those same people saying Spencer is Hitler, they’re better able to recognize it as a lie.

      The result is that, now, when a news anchor says that a group is Nazi and therefore evil and gives as sole evidence for this a few seconds of video of a small number of its members raising Roman salutes, the typical viewer is less likely to accept this without question. The taboo is not as strong as it was.

      Second, mainstream news media are no longer gatekeepers of information. When that same viewer hears that NPI are Neo-nazis because of the context free video excerpt, they are able to check online to see for themselves what was actually said in the speech, and see that NPI does not identify with National Socialism or any of its spinoffs (from Hollywood or otherwise), and actually has some very interesting things to say, things that can not be heard from the mainstream.

      So the threat of playful NS hijinks overshadowing and discrediting serious discourse is now not as great, and in this specific case, the concerns are very much overblown: remember that all Richard Spencer himself did was use the word “Hail” and “lugenpresse”. Sources that overreact to this, mainstream or otherwise, discredit themselves.

    • Immanentist says:

      Racial realists like Jared Taylor are fooling themselves by calling Jews “white” or “white enough.” Jews are not white. Most of the left’s hubris comes from Jewry, as displayed with the media attacks on Trump, and the financial backing by Soros and other Jews. It’s silly to be a racial realist but give the biggest parasites in the west a free pass. This site criticizes whites but hardly ever Jews. Why are they exempt from criticism? Why not admit that they’re part of the blame?

      • crow says:

        Leftists can never understand why not everybody is just like them. You are free to dislike Jews. So is anybody else. But not everybody is going to feel the same way.

        What’s written here, and the way in which it is written, is the way this place is. It isn’t presented with you, or anybody else, exclusively in mind.

  5. NotMe says:

    All these years (decades), I thought I was a constitutional conservative. But thanks to the Leftist media, I have found that I am a Nazi/White Power racist ! Woo-hoo ! I am free to be ME !
    Like Dave says, they’re going to call us (YOU !) a bunch of Nazis anyway- I say shove it in their faces!
    I enjoy triggering the bastards with my rebel flag and 1488 decals, and my White Power clothing. Come join the fun !

  6. epochehusserl says:

    I think that you are wrong in underestimating the stupidity of Richard Spencer’s antics here or am I misunderstanding the meaning of this post?

  7. J.j. Cintia says:

    You’re wrong. Hitler wasn’t evil. He was an enemy of the banker crook class of international swindlers. The Left has used Hitler to demonise Whites. Even men like my Father and Uncle who fought in Europe are now “Nazis”.
    Fuck ’em. Embrace it. Like their phony bleats of waciss, take the mantle of the Man who Fought the Enemy. If we adopt their boogeyman, it won’t make them stronger. They’ll piss their pants.
    They’ll call you a “Nazi” just for not embracing your killers. Embrace it. Lets see if these fuckers have any more labels they want to use?

    • They’ll call you a “Nazi” just for not embracing your killers.

      This is true. At what point do we start repeatedly hammering home the fact that all Leftists are, in the recesses of their hearts, Stalin and Robespierre?

  8. It’s not one or the other. I belong to both groups. I wear the Amerika feudal crown with reality based people and the Daily Stormer Swastika MAGA cap with crowdists. Different strokes for different volks.

    • I wear the Amerika feudal crown with reality based people and the Daily Stormer Swastika MAGA cap with crowdists.

      There’s only one way to act around tools: to treat them as exactly what they are, and manipulate them into reacting like trained monkeys.

  9. Asian Reactionary says:

    Think you’ll find this terribly amusing. HuffPo argues to let the South go.


    • Now this is worth celebrating… and promoting to all of our liberal friends! What a hateful author and a string of logical fallacies and misrepresentations, but she reaches a good conclusion: the South won, and the North needs to leave us and go be itself elsewhere.

  10. J.j. Cintia says:

    Let the Left clutch their pearls. How can these demented fuckers claim to be morally outraged anyway? They deny morality and every basis for it. The wonderful thing about National Socialism is the way it makes them foam at the mouth and mouth curses like a Tourette’s case. You have to realize that words and labels are about 99% of their whole arsenal and strategy. Neuter that and all they have are outright threats and violence. Their pretensions for peace and civility perish quickly when their words and labels fail.

    • You have to realize that words and labels are about 99% of their whole arsenal and strategy.

      I agree. As Tom Wolfe has said, they are homo loquax, the man who manipulates with language.

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