Whipping cheating husbands

We fear for ourselves so much we fear all conflict and all physical consequences.

But what if a big pain is needed to avoid a big destructive trend?

public_floggingMost Bruneians want husbands who cheat on their wives to be whipped, according to a recent survey in the Muslim-majority country.

“The result of the survey is an indication of the pent-up feelings that women harbor against irresponsible men,” an unnamed social worker from Brunei was quoted as saying on the website.


Brunei can do what they want; I’d also support this in the USA.


  1. highduke says:

    Hell, I’d support it anywhere! Husbands only because men are the agents of values. That would strengthen moral fiber, fear would make average men act virtuously, only the sickest type would violate & social conflict between the sexes would ease. The whipping should cover the entire back & ass so that the man couldn’t sit or lie down for as many days as possible & it should be televised on all chanels live & uncensored.

  2. Jean says:

    Not sure I agree, really.
    Got here by reading blogs on Game, women, and how to grow as a man. Someone linked here, don’t recall where or who. I disagree with some of the resulting politics, but agree with most of your logic. Here’s the issue, though:
    You said, ” Husbands only because men are the agents of values.”

    If you’re in the U.S., you already know that whether or not that statement is true, women are amoral when allowed to act however they wish without consequence. If you would say that women should be beaten for their infidelity too, I’m OK with that. And I’d extend it a little, too, to make rape a serious crime again, with punishment that fits (and not the public crap, the “court of popular opinion” where a man is demonized while his possibly false accuser is shielded.) If he’s demonstrably guilty, he gets a needle. If she knowingly fabricated it, then probably SHE should get said needle. And in the lesser case of adultery, she should be beaten in similar fashion, though perhaps adjusted a little for differences in body mass (IE, man might get beaten with a thicker rod. MIGHT.)

    Justice applies to everyone, and singling out men in any way is immoral. Let’s not fall into that trap.

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