UCSB shooter part of elaborate zombie ritual


At first I saw no reason to comment on the latest killing, except perhaps to reiterate two points. First, these shootings are generally borne out of desperation and frustration so profound that its origin lies in the design of our civilization itself. Second, the reason these shootings happen is that our idiot media and politicians use them as talking points and make the shooters world famous.

If you’re going to kill yourself anyway, might as well go out in a blaze of — well, not glory, but at least the equivalent of buying 500 SuperBowl ads as the world’s most advancement and pervasive media machine shouts your name a thousand times a minute to every nation on earth. For a few short weeks, you will be the media superstar, even if you won’t be there to see it.

As time went on, this media juggernaut made sure to use this killing to advance its own political agenda. This is from the first person quoted in the CNN (which is Pravda for the West, like MSNBC) article about the victims:

“Why did Chris die? Chris died because of craven, irresponsible politicians and the NRA. They talk about gun rights, what about Chris’ right to live?” he continued.

From the liberal view, this shooting was about guns.

From the conservative view, and from reading Elliot Rodger’s manifesto, this was about something else:

  • Smaller than average height male
  • Of mixed-race heritage
  • From underconfident white father who compulsively chased Asian females
  • Family divorced when he was seven
  • Father was absentee for “work”

Most of his victims who were injured were injured by his car, a BMW; half of those who died were killed by knife.

We’ll hear about the gun violence because the leftist idea of “equality” requires a total lack of personal responsibility. If there’s responsible, we must be responsible to something, and that makes us all less equal than it. Even worse, if we violate it, we’re acting as if we’re Not Equal and that erodes the doctrine of equality itself.

School shooters tend to be acting out of frustration with the world, and often like Jeff Weise or Pekka-Eric Auvinen, they are doing so as a massive protest against a civilization that at the level of its structural design is insane. This offers students a feeling like death as they are pushed by the system into a black hole of wasted adulthood, knowing that in the end, whatever distracts and creates illusions will win out over truth. It feels like being eaten alive.

If we want to stop school shootings, the first thing to do would be to get an agreement among media to not publish information about the shooters, including their names and manifestos.

If we want to stop gun violence, we’re out of luck because guns will be 3D printable in metal within the year, and if that fails, there are two giant borders and two giant unguarded coastlines through which guns will pour. Making marijuana illegal brought more of it into the country. Making guns illegal will do the same.

But even more, look at our society itself. It is misery. It is misery that clothes itself in the appearance of happiness to avoid appearing as if its members are not successful. We the Peasants rallied against our kings, thought we could do better, and failed. We produced more technology, but by every other metric, our lives are miserable.

And yet, to admit that misery is to state oneself as inequal, and the Crowd will scoff as it did at Elliot Rodger, seeing him as unfit because he stated dissatisfaction.

The Zombie Ritual is formed through the basics of Crowdism: we declare ourselves individualists and band together to enforce the principle of equality in order to enforce our individualism. This creates a mentality where people declare what they want to believe as true, and when they act on it, they make disasters. Since seeing these would be to admit personal inequality, people cover up this nonsense with the kind of platitudes found in greeting cards and New Age blogs. Thus adults stagger out the door fully prepared to live a 100% lie, and their kids who are not yet afraid (enough) see this and wonder why they are being shoved into this abyss.

In a more sensible world, Elliot Rodger would have been born in China to Chinese parents who stayed married and worked regular jobs. He would not have had a BMW. He would have, through arranged marriage, found a woman roughly his height. He would have worked a job like his father. But he would have had something this society could never give him.

A place.

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8 Responses to “UCSB shooter part of elaborate zombie ritual”

  1. Hauer says:

    Unfortunately, forcing the media to ban all reporting on these psychos isn’t going to do much anymore. The internet has given all madmen a giant soap box to spout their inane beliefs from. Suppressing the information through more traditional channels will only increase the public’s morbid curiosity in such tragedies.

  2. crow says:

    Having ‘a place’ is a vastly important concept. If any human has no sense of belonging, that human is going to become an outcast. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly can become a bad thing, and if it does, it can become a very bad thing indeed.

    It was bad enough, for me, even when I was young, but it has become far worse, since. Now, a young person sees his own country and culture being given away to anybody who shows up, for free, while he is being progressively excluded, more and more, from his own culture, by his own people.

    At best, current culture is an alienation-machine. At worst, a production line for psychopathy.

    The term ‘civilization’ doesn’t really seem to apply any more.

  3. Bob Wallace says:

    His stepmother made fun of him for being a virgin and said her son was more successful than him.

    He was short, scrawny, weak, weak chin, squinty eyes. Such half-breeds have a hard row to hoe.

    • crow says:

      But one thing all losers have in common, is the potential to wreak absolute havoc upon society. It is society, itself, that gives losers that potential.

    • Quartermain says:

      Another example of a wicked step mother and weak father?

  4. Foam Penguin says:

    Some of my absolute favorite anus.com articles are the ones about the school shooter/public shooter mentality.

    Everyone has a big limpout about how they want to “understand” public shooters so they can fix the problem, but the single most offensive and accurate thing you could tell them is that there is a rationale behind public shooters that makes sense from their perspective.

    Everybody in this society harbors aggressive feelings towards it, that’s why everybody’s economic strategy is to “keep your head down/nose to the grindstone” until you can head for the hills and retire in a gated community and never have to see a commoner again.

    People who have the most occasion to be in a bad mood PLUS enough intelligence to realize how shitty life is, and that it’s the direct fault of The Masses, will obviously have some motive to take their suicides on a detour through mass murder.

    There’s a sick psychology behind how people react when you say that though. It boils down to shooting the messenger with a hint of Freud – many who hate society and the modern human condition bitterly can’t admit it to themselves, and so they exhibit reaction formation behavior by displaying the exaggerated opposite of their feelings. They become the biggest and most vocal friends and supporters of the status quo, and when you point out that perhaps those who hate society have a bit of a point, it reminds them of a lot of dark feelings that they won’t allow themselves to feel. The result is a defcon 1 chimpout, usually with accusations that since you *understand* mass murderer types you must *be* one. Then comes the lynch mob. All the good chimps scream “predator!” and bare their fangs and fling poo.

    There’s so much wrong with society as it currently exists I could write a book on it. However, I feel sorry for mass shooters. I wish they could’ve learned as I have that it’s much better to simply survive by cunning and to totally isolate yourself socially and emotionally from mass society so you can build a way of living that makes sense to *you*.

    This dipshit shooter wasn’t trying to do that, he was trying to fight the uphill battle of occupying a “winner” role in a society designed so he cannot. It’s a shame, he was caught up in the same trap this site speaks of so often, which is referencing reality through the logical constructs of others rather than just directly referencing reality.

  5. As usual, liberals are jumping all over this to forward the ‘gun control’ agenda, even though it is useless. If the Sandy Hook incident wasn’t shocking enough to provoke knee-jerk gun control measures, this sure as hell won’t be, especially since the senate is likely to shift right dramatically during the midterms.

    As to the shooter, I never like the leftist tactic of absolving the murderer of responsibility. This is essentially what they are doing when they blame the weapon used. However, we have to be more honest when analyzing a young character like this. Evil, yes. Insane, to some degree if less so than James Holmes or Adam Lanza. A product of society, ABSOLUTELY.

    I don’t think we can ignore the fact that for all their faults, countries that are more traditional in their ways do not see this kind of violence, and there is little record of such things in our own history going back to a time when we were also a more traditional society. The difference is, in my opinion, that we have a deadly concoction of a rising number of people suffering from mental disorders, and a largely urban consumerist culture focused on money and sex.
    How will feminist gender-pimps respond to Rodgers’ online screed of a manifesto laced with a profound hatred of women? Well, we already know. Yet another example of the ‘oppressive patriarchy’ that makes men feel entitled to women. A laughable concept considering patriarchy has been forcefully relegated to Amish communities by lawyers and the media.

    The issue is not sex, the issue is sex. And by that I mean this has nothing to do with male/female. It has to do with the defilement and de-mystification of sexuality. Since the 60s, sex has gone from something kept between those having it, to sitting atop our culture’s golden pedestal. It is on T.V., in literature, at the movie theater, in music, in daily conversation, all over colleges. It is to a point these days where many young people see college as a brothel rather than a place of learning. If this was the view of Eliot Rodger, no wonder his frustration grew as he found none of what he was promised by movies and society in general.

    As much as Islamic terrorists are products of the culture they surround themselves with, so is Elliot Rodger the extreme face of modern America. What if he had been born in 1895? Even with a pathetic father, do we think he would have turned out the same. No. The attitude he had would not have existed. He would not have desired the whores he appears to fantasize about in his Youtube videos, who desperately want him for sex. Such women were correctly ostracized from society in times since past.

    A lot has been made of sex taboos in the field of anthropology. Why more than most other human practices, has sex been surrounded by taboos throughout human history? We may be realizing the practical reason for such things right now. If sex is not flanked by a socially imposed mystique, a restriction, an expectation that it is a minor fact of life compared to honor, duty, morality, faith and community, then it becomes a cancer that invades everything. Nothing escapes sexualization, and it becomes the absolute imperative for young males in particular.

    To change the outcomes, we have to change the culture’s attitude to sex. Until that is done, I fear the worst is still to come

  6. Repair_Man_Jack says:

    If it had been someone from Huntsville, the shooter would have driven a used Lexus instead of a new BMW. The used Lexi are how poseurs pretend they are more nuveau riche than they truly are.

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