Tribalism Accelerates


Let us review what we have learned in sotto voce from the Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre:

  1. The cops cannot help. Being a police officer was a calling, when we were a unified nation and had something to work together toward. Now it is just a job, chosen because it comes with good bennies, the ability to retire at 45 and “double-dip” by getting hired in another security-related field, and political respect. The careerists won out. And so, the cops defer to authority in order to make any action. They do not take unnecessary risks. Their job is to do the job as defined, not the job as it should be. They waited for three hours during a mass shooting before going in, allowing the shooter to tag over a hundred people, and to have possibly killed more had he locked exits and kept shooting instead of goofing off on social media.
  2. The government cannot help. Across the Western world, governments turned on rainbow lights at their capital buildings. Every face glowed bright in the promise of the symbol, which allowed us all to feel morally superior for having supported the Correct side! And then, no one did anything else. Stop Islamic radicals? Make police more effective? Build a wall around gay communities? Step up profiling of terrorists? None of these have happened. Government was there to give the symbol that made happy feelings in the voters, and then its job was done, so back to taxing and spending.
  3. There is no unity. Despite the vigils and people painting the names of the victims on their ’91 El Dorados, there was no sense of unity. People are not stepping up to say “we are in it together and we fight together.” Of course, the media implies this, but the groundswell of popular support — beyond the group of committed neurotics who believe what they see on the television — has not occurred. In fact, the general reply seems to be, “Not my tribe, so not my problem.” Blacks, white straights, Hispanics, and Asians are all just biding their time, knowing themselves to be competing with one another and so, de facto, at war.

As reported here a short while ago, the internal paradoxes of diversity have collided and abolished it except as a symbol. This means that practical people everywhere are reverting to tribal identities, which exist as one or more of the following: race, ethnicity, religion, caste, class and realist alignment (Leftists/Communists versus everyone else).

The homosexual tribe stands alone because every tribe stands alone. This means they can expect no unity with the rest of their globalized multicultural nation-state entity, and that they feel no guilt in acting in pure self-interest. Just as women are voting for Hillary Clinton for the sole reason that she also is a woman, homosexual tribalists will now act only for what benefits their tribe above all others. “Is it good for the homosexuals?” is the only question on the agenda. And if other tribes suffer, that is their problem.

Wise observers predicted that this would be the result of diversity. Self-interest is one of those behaviors which every creature must indulge in, or end up dead, and so self-interest may be concealed or transferred somewhat, but it is never removed. When the silly white Leftists announced diversity, the rest of the world said: “The morons have invited us onto the gravy train. Let us go there, drain them dry, and conquer them, these people who are too stupid to live.”

When you look at non-native ethnic groups in the USA — meaning those outside of the founding Western European population — you see two types. There are those who have bought into the symbolic reality offered by Leftism, and those who have recognized it as false. The latter group keep their language, customs and allegiances, even spying for their nation of origin. They know they are biding their time until the takeover can occur, and that their tribe will need them.

Some have noticed this seemingly suicidal side to Leftism, but the Leftist agenda is to avoid tribalism so that the individual can profit enough to escape with the loot. Leftists negate their tribe because their only tribe is the self. It is not surprising that so many of them show the results of generations-ago slight admixture — an Asiatic lift there, a middle Eastern nose there, some Amerind or Lapp around the eyes — because they have never felt allegiance to the group, or anything beyond their own immediate comfort. They are dead souls.

As the results of the plans of these dead souls unfold, it becomes clear that Western Civilization and Western Government — now recognized as egalitarian, and therefore a gradual path to Communism — will separate. The national groups are already breaking into tribes, and they will enforce street justice by always defending their own and fighting for territory above all else. As usually happens, the Leftists who made it at the career of being Leftist will be boarding private jets for Switzerland, and the rest of us will fight it out in the streets, wondering how it got so bad so fast.

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14 Responses to “Tribalism Accelerates”

  1. AntiDem says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I am an enemy of all civilization-wreckers, as all of them are my enemy. I am friend to none, I will aid none, I will praise none, I will comfort none, I will cry over none.

    I’ve got no tears for the 50 degenerates who died in Orlando. Did they shed tears over the small businessman with a family who was sued into homelessness by the state for sticking to his principles and politely declining to bake a gay wedding cake? Or did they cheer as he was ruined for defying them? I’m betting the latter in every case – which disqualifies them for any sympathy from me. “Love thy enemy” means “hope that they will repent their sins and be saved from hell”, not “be their doormat and let them walk all over you”. I’m tired of “playing fair” with my enemies; of extending them consideration that they will never extend to me.

    In short, I have an much sympathy for their tribe as they have for mine; which is to say, zero.

    • I am an enemy of all civilization-wreckers, as all of them are my enemy.

      While I do not disagree, it seems to me that we must talk strategy here. A healthy society order prevents civilization-wreckers from wrecking anything larger than themselves, and can induce them to healthier behaviors or exile them on an individual basis. When homosexuals had their own districts and stayed in the closet, life was better for everyone. After the compromise of Western intelligence through homosexual Communist intellectuals, the threat of alienating homosexuals — and not merely restricting their behavior — became evident.

  2. -A says:

    When it comes to the cops, they most certainly love talking and acting in context of “what is right” or “what should be” as they operate wholly in protocol. They pick and choose when they are professionals and when they are men and think they can sustain this.

    On the exit strategy of the left, if at all possible, I say don’t let them. Bomb the jets, mob the bastards and hang them.

  3. Foam Penguin says:

    Actually I’m pretty sure white Leftists show remnants of generations-ago slight admixture because they are actually Jews.

  4. What I find is so sickening is the White Conservative outpouring of sympathy for homos and trannies who got mowed down in Orlando.

    I say BRAVO, you go Muslim Omar.

    The Right’s attitude toward Homos is so much like that toward Jews.

    Even though Jews are at the forefront of using blacks and immigrant/Muslim rage & hatred against whites, white rightists are the first ones to shower sympathy on Jews when blacks and Muslims turn on Jews instead of whites.

    Imagine this picture. A Jew gets a pitbull to maul you and your family, and this dog attacks you and your wife and kids… but it suddenly turns around and bites the Jew.
    Shouldn’t you be rejoicing that the Jew has gotten a taste of his own medicine?
    Or would you rush to help the Jew and offer him medicine and protection from the pitbull that he is using against you.

    Jews pushed open borders. Jews promoted PC. Jews spread anti-white hatred. Jews produce stuff like new ROOTS, 12 Yrs A Slave, DJango Unchained, and new Birth of Nation movie calling for anti-white slaughter.
    Jews demand that EU take in more refugees. Even Netanyahu of Israel says EU and US should take in more Muslims. Jews mess up Middle East and North Africa, and then they say white nations must take in Muslims.

    But whenever Muslims act badly in EU or US toward Jews or homos, white rightist shits are the first ones to snuggle up to Jews and Homos and bleat, “ohhhhh, we love you Jews/homos and wanna do everything to protect you from Muslims.”

    If a CUCKSERVATIVE is a so-called Conservative who serves non-whites, a Cock-Servative or Cock-Suckative is a Conservative or Rightist who goes out of his way to express sympathy for homos, the very people who desecrated marriage, who spread homo/tranny propaganda in American schools, who spread decadent/degenerate homo filth all over in ‘gay pride’ parades, who associate rainbow with fecal penetration and genital-mutilation, and call for firing/blacklisting of anyone who won’t kneel at the altar of buggery and degeneracy.

    It is Axiomatic of Western Politics that Jews, Homos, and Negroes are holy & deserve special worship UNCONDITIONALLY. Even in EU, there is some talk of ‘Muslims are bad’, but NOTHING about Jews or blacks or homos. But it’s Jews who changed immigration policy. It is blacks who are worse thugs and criminals than Muslims. It is Homos who worked with Jews to castrate white males and turn Western Culture into ugly kitschy celebration of decadence.

    The True Right must destroy this pseudo-holy-trinity of Jews, homos, and negroes.
    But judging by Rightest, even Alt Rightist, rhetoric following the Orlando shooting, it’s like the Right is hoping for some way to get in touch with the homo community and win their blessing as being homo-friendly. So, even though the Homo community has been working to destroy White America, the Right is hoping to win benediction from homos.
    Homos worked to get Obama elected. Homos pushed PC into every corner of society. Homos served Jews who messed up the Muslim world and displaced all those wandering Muslim men. Homos got so many careers destroyed for not bending over to the “pride” agenda. NY has a law that slaps you with $250,000 fine is you call Bruce Jenner a ‘he’. Homos and trannies even call for men with wigs to use girl’s washroom.

    But when a Muslim attacked homos, the Right acts as if homos are the ultimate red, white, & blue AND that stopping mass immigration is mainly to protect holy homos from Muslims.

    No, the Orlando massacre was fantastic in this sense: Homos got a taste of their own medicine. Homos supported Jews and Obama’s open borders policies to use Muslims against white conservatives, but it blew up in their face. We should be laughing and celebrating, not pandering and groveling to homos whose Gayria is worse than Sharia.

    The truth is Jews, blacks, and Homos do far more damage to white Americans than Muslims do. Muslims don’t control media and academia. They didn’t spread anti-white culture. Jews did. Muslims don’t control Wall Street and Hollywood and fund homo agenda to tune of billions. Muslims don’t control rap industry or porn industry or sports industry. Muslims don’t make TV commercials that denigrate white men. No, Jews and homos do. And Jews and homos have been bringing Muslims to the West in order to use the hammer of Diversity against whites. But when Muslims strike out at Jews and homos, white Rightists can be counted on to express sympathy for the poor poor Jews and homos.

    Imagine if someone takes a knife and starts to stab your family. But suppose he cuts himself in the frenzy. Would you then show him sympathy and offer first aid to help him and heal him? Orlando is a case of homo agenda’s anti-white policy blowing up in homo’s face. We should be laughing and celebrating.

    It is Jews who are hellbent on taking away your guns and making your daughters act like whores and have babies with black men. Muslims aren’t promoting Miley-Cyrus-ism. Jews and Homos are doing that.

    And we should seek a smart alliance with Muslims. No, I’m not calling for Muslim immigration. We should object to it totally and absolutely.

    But white Americans/Europeans and Muslims/Arabs have one thing in common: Their national domains are being smashed by the Jewish-Homo or Jomo Globalist policy.
    This policy has turned Middle East and North Africa into chaos and hellhole.
    And the resultant ‘refugee’ crisis is remaking Europe and even some American communities that are forced to take in all these ‘refugees’.

    Before whites complain about refugees, they need to focus on WHO created them in the first place and who are bringing them to the West. No, it’s not Obama or Hillary or Merkel. They are mere puppets. It is the Jewish Globo-Supremacists and their allies, the homo-imperialists.

    So, just as white nations should be protected from Jomo globo agenda, Muslim/Arab nations should be protected too. No more INVADE and no more INVITE.

    Jomo Policy calls for INVADE into Muslim lands and INVITE into white lands.

    Jomos are making whites hate/fight Muslims when both groups should understand each other and fight the Jomo Globalist scum who are messing up both the Muslim world and White world.

    So, no more of this Gavin McGinnes Cock-servative or Cock-suckative BS.

    Cock-suckatives are more embarrassing that Cuckservatives. Look at McInnes kissing Milo, the fruit ‘conservative’ who takes black homo cocks up his fruitkin arse.

    • Byzantium1452 says:

      Alliance with the Muslims you say?

      You have any idea how many Greeks died/tortured during their 400 years slavery under Ottoman Rule?

      Our country hemorrhaged to death, and our children were stolen from us SO THAT THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF NORTHERN EUROPE COULD SLEEP SOUND AT NIGHT.

      Take your ISLAMIC alliance and shove it where the Sun don’t shine.

      • Missy says:

        I agree with you. Muslim Arabs are the worst and most dangerous.

      • Alliance with the Muslims you say?

        Alliance with any other group, except toward a general goal like pan-nationalism, is not going to work because each group acts in self-interest, and in an alliance, those conflict.

    • Foam Penguin says:

      Get to the point, honey.

      People have things to do.

    • What I find is so sickening is the White Conservative outpouring of sympathy for homos and trannies who got mowed down in Orlando.

      It is not sanity to celebrate the indiscriminate gunning down of our citizens. Gay people, when constrained by culture, serve an important role, much as heterosexuals must be constrained from promiscuity in order to serve theirs.

  5. Missy says:

    “When the silly white Leftists announced diversity, the rest of the world said: “The morons have invited us onto the gravy train. Let us go there, drain them dry, and conquer them, these people who are too stupid to live.” …this is hilarious.

    Little do the left understand that kindness is seen as weakness. The left are a conquered people and would all ready be annihilated were it not for civilization protecting them. Or it could be, they are a product of a soft spoiled civilization.

    • Or it could be, they are a product of a soft spoiled civilization.

      I tend to see them as weakness disguising itself as benevolence and thus a form of strength. Like egotism, addiction, obesity, promiscuity, deceptiveness, and other eternal human pitfalls, the potential for liberalism is always within us individually and as a group. A healthy society beats it back in the same way it fights back against other parasites.

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