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The End

In an individualistic society, the only question is the individual. For this reason, when society fails the correct — economically efficient — course of action is to become an anti-hero who takes all he can and then dies young. Cool is measured by how little you care. The point is to live well, briefly, before assuming the responsibility to fix the mess.

That was Baby Boomer, Greatest Generation and Flapper Generation logic. That was the old cool.

The new cool is to stand up and punch “the end” right in the face. We are one iteration of a civilization that has existed for all time and should continue to do so, and we cannot think well of ourselves for being merely cool. We need to be heroes and conquerors, banishers of doubt and darkness, shining examples of the principle of courage over doubt. Nothing else will suffice.

And so we put aside the self-pitying dramatic songs written in minor key using Asiatic and Middle Eastern scales, and instead assert what is in ourselves. We will never find our values in social groups, which is what “cool” does. We find it by pitting ourselves against the void and coming out triumphant. Nothing else is a real challenge, and we hate to be bored.

We are the new era of humankind. The old self-destructed by following too many rules and pretensions, but we the new are concerned only with reality and how to maximize it. We want to shrug off the failure and build ourselves up to a new Golden Age where we are more logical than the Greeks, more powerful than the Vikings and more organized than the Romans.

We are the future. The end? It was only the end for a lie. This was in fact the beginning, if we have the will to make it so, and I believe that we do.

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