Sweeping problems under the rug does not make them go away

Here we are again, gathered around the campfire made from the same blazing problems.

The news flash for today, same as the news flash from yesterday: Diversity is not working here, it’s not working there, it’s not working anywhere!

Wasn’t it just a year ago that French cities burned? That riots wracked Europe? It reminded us of the 1990s, 1970s, 1960s, 1930s, 1920s and 1890s race riots in America. Or the clashes with immigrant groups of the 1850s through 1930s in Europe.

Modern society encourages us to sweep problems under the rug. Democracy and consumerism are entirely intolerant of unpopular truths. If a fact has a popular interpretation, then the fact becomes liberating, hopeful, and progressive.

If the fact contradicts some closely-held belief that makes everyone in the crowd feel good about themselves, then the fact is bad and anyone who brings it up is bad. A fact is known by its context in the dogma of the time, not its relationship to reality.

When riots break out, we comfort ourselves in the idea that they are distant or at least intermittent. We mock those who have temper tantrums at the participants, and call them ignorant and stupid. Only some impoverished redneck would blame those poor innocent symbols of our tolerance.

Sweep, sweep. We go back to enjoying the cheap labor our minority underclasses provide, and ignoring the problems. We make speeches about how diversity is our future, and how we’re going to beat the collapse of our societies by replacing us with people from third world countries.

Then if we have the money, we drive home to our all-white enclaves and hire minorities to do our dirty work at pennies on the dollar. Diversity is like a television jingle, advertising slogan or political rally chant.

Reality is far away. Each time we sweep an unpopular fact under the rug, we light the fuse on a festering problem that just gets worse year after year as the frustration builds. Frustration at our obliviousness and clear lack of concern.

For example, right now France is a warzone. It’s clear that diversity has failed, but no one wants to say it too clearly, or they’ll be objects of ridicule by those who want to believe a popular untruth so much they’ll suppress unpopular truths to keep it alive.

And yet French pessimism hits an all-time high. How can that be? We live in multicultural paradise. Diversity is our strength. Repeat after me.

People don’t want to look at the obvious, which is that diversity is not a strength; unity is. This applies to religion, ethnicity, race, gender, even values systems and ability. People like being around people like them. Those people understand them. It gives them the sense that they could work together with these people, and make something of benefit to all.

But that’s not popular. You only become popular when you accept everyone in all situations, which means people feel at ease with you. Like a fast-food restaurant, dive bar or desperate totalitarian army, you’ll never turn them away. They are always included.

As a result the problems get swept under the rug to fester adn pick up momentum, on all sides. Except that there aren’t actually sides, even if it seems that way. Diversity is what throws incompatible groups in with each other, and tells them to either conquer one another or be conquered by the lowest common denominator aggregate of all.

France burns again. Tomorrow, it may be your town. How long does it take before we learn? Before we stop blaming the participants (whites, blacks, Muslims) and start blaming the choices we have made as a society?

If we do not, the painful repetition will accelerate until we finally choose suicide as preferable to inaction. At that point it will no longer matter what is true or right, because there will only be the process of self-consumption.

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  1. NotTheDude says:

    I don’t want to sound like a dummy, but can someone offer how they think society can operate with an ageing, no mass immigration society. Or is it like I suspect, that we will have to take big changes in lifestyle and attitude. I can see what is likely but this site is a chance to here the opinion of others who are not defeatist, indifferent or stand to gain from mass ‘enrichmement’.

    • crow says:

      Overpopulation along with annihilation of the familiar (culture) results in terminal depression. Adults cease to reproduce, resulting, over time, in an ageing, stagnant population. Mass immigration is the direct cause (or one of them) of this; not, as is commonly believed, the answer to it.
      You ask how society can operate…
      Is it operating now, do you think?
      Did it operate before?
      Fortunes come and go, things constantly change. This is normal.
      What is not normal is to keep reacting and over-reacting, applying fix over fix, and forcing society to cease being organic, and to become, instead, a manufactured thing.
      Society either happens, over time, by itself, or it becomes, like ours, a complete and utter fake.
      A vaudeville show.

      • NotTheDude says:

        That is pretty much what I have thought. I just wanted to here it from others too.
        As much as I hate to admit it I need comfort and reassurance at times! Strengthens my resolve. I am only a baby compared to some of you I expect! I am, however cautious of muddling my mind with social agreement. That is how religions form. I wonder If we can balance a healthy largely homogenous population with out being swamped by various outside groups or overbreeding.

        • crow says:

          We are, I imagine, creating a religion here, as we go.
          But one that reveres reality, rather than fairytales.
          Although we have, as a society, largely lost our ability to recognize reality, it goes on existing, all around us, mostly unseen and beyond our awareness of it.
          Religion is very important, although not when it becomes as our own became. It forms a baseline of experience and orientation from which to operate. Without it, no society can last.

    • Mihai says:

      “Or is it like I suspect, that we will have to take big changes in lifestyle and attitude. ”

      Modern man has kicked out every notion of Spirit and discipline from his lifestyle. He wanted to be “free”, to do whatever he wanted, to be an “absolute individual”, without any consequence whatsoever.

      What he got instead is the complete annihilation of the illusory “free individual” in an amorphous mass of consumerism, corporate slavery and depression.
      The modern west suffers from all these problems enumerated in this article because it has replaced God and reality with ego and fancy.
      Postmodernism in the terminal result of this state of affairs: here, the delusion has reached maximum peak and the individual pretends to construct to his own reality, totally separate from the rest of the world.

      So this is why the “solutions” forwarded by our so-called elites (like promoting mass immigration from “third world” countries) are just going to raise the level of chaos. These solutions don’t have their origin in any higher principle and only tackle secondary problems of secondary problems.
      No one ever dares to tackle the root. Fear of facing reality and mass indoctrination are the main causes.

  2. Ted Swanson says:

    Diversity is not strength; Unity is.

  3. NotTheDude says:

    Noone seems to accept that you cannot be a completly ‘free’ human being and have the benefits of a functioning society. I cannot believe that any human that claims to be a rational thinker could truly deny the importance or acknowledge the grave risk of ignoring the fact that humans have and always will function right if they hold themselves to the bonds of kinship and shared thought and goals. My conclusion: most folk are mentally weak or sadly deluded.

  4. Lisa Colorado says:

    Problems don’t just go away. Wrong always fails. What’s sacred can’t be corrupted but it can be lost.

  5. Lisa Colorado says:

    You guys sound like young people who think life is over when your hair turns gray. Or that thought habits always harden and calcify. Old age is a time when it’s possible to feel joy in the lessons you’ve learned, and try new philosophies. My hair isn’t gray yet but I’m planning to move to a place where I don’t have to work so hard to pay for it, and I can find more interesting activities nearby. I’m going to keep studying and learning deeper things. Lots of us middle aged people are headed for that. They’d be a good population to listen to paleo-conservative ideas.

    • crow says:

      Who are you referring to by “you guys”?
      Naturally, we get a few drop-ins who have become thoroughly depressed by the sad excuse for a society they find themselves inhabiting. They generally respond well to ‘treatment’ :)
      Age, naturally, takes its toll. I am coming up to 60, and my hair is almost completely grey, now; what’s left of it. And I will not have teeth for very much longer. But I can still out-agile and definitely out-speed most teenagers.

    • NotTheDude says:

      It is total feaces to think that your life is over when you go grey, you are right. I am determined to live each stage of my life as it comes and do what is natural and right for each stage and not wish I were at another. then I can say i have at least tried to ‘live’.

  6. crow says:

    Here’s something I once wrote in an email, and came across it, by accident, today, and I thought it accurate and interesting enough to share.
    Apropos of nothing, but here it is:

    Leftism is a disease that limits vision to a few pixels.
    It simply can not see; either itself, or its environment.
    It is unable to evolve, since it has already arrived.
    Unable to learn, since it already knows it all.

    • Mihai says:

      You are making the mistake of blaming “leftism” for each and every problem.

      However, we should find the real problems where they are: the (post)modern world-view, devoid of any notion of absolute Truth and objectivity, the worship of the individual and his petty desires over Life and Reality.

      The left, it is true, embodies this the most. But we shouldn’t become deceived. The right has started to adopt many delusions of the left- the various utopias painted by some parts of the right being a good example.

      If you look compare the contemporary right with one in the 19th century, you will see that the current right has adopted many ideals that used to belong to the left in the past.

      • crow says:

        I don’t especially enthuse over ‘the right’, either.
        Only in comparison to ‘the left’ does it gain any kind of appeal.
        I could hardly sell a concept like ‘the no particular preference party’. Even to myself :)

  7. 1349 says:

    If we do not, the painful repetition will accelerate until we finally choose suicide as preferable to inaction.

    Or maybe…

    Do you know what “Stalin” means? Something like “one of steel”, “one descended from steel”.

  8. 1349 says:

    It’s clear that diversity has failed

    Come on, we’re just impatient! Wait some 20 years and there’ll be no diversity, as everyone will interbreed. :)

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