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Reddit Affirms SJW Double Standard: Doxing For Me, But Not For Thee

The site admins would not answer that question.

The long and the short of it: it is perfectly OK for the SPLC, ADL and mainstream media to report the names of people such as the user known as “Jew Goldstein,” the user who triggered journalist Kurt Eichwald with a flashing GIF image, but when someone uses the same sources and makes a list of SJWs, it is taboo.

Leftists always lie. By accepting an ideology based on a lie, equality, they have committed themselves to being in denial of actual reality in favor of this collective consensual social hallucination upon which the ideal of universalism rests.

They continue lying whenever given power. This is why as their power fails, the most important task is to physically remove them to other parts of the earth and exclude them from our world forever. They are mental zombies, a vitriolic plague on all that is good.

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