Reality vs. The MTV Idiot Box

Cable channels are freeloading via a cable company policy known as bundling. Fifty channels get pushed into a “standard package” that includes about a dozen channels you like and three dozen that you could care less about. These become parasites which you pay for without enjoying. One such parasite that hasn’t offered meaningful or desirable content for a good three decades would have to be Music Television (MTV).

SJW convergence is so complete and all encompassing at MTV that they have totally hit the bottom. You see MTV has discovered the pale-penised persons (PPPs) and this fills their trolls with concern. So they have reached out with their slimy tentacles. They want to help, so they have given white males a list of New Year’s Resolutions that they can adopt for their own like a nice, bracing shot from the hemlock bowl.

Guys, they know nobody’s perfect. But you out there in the PPP zone, you can all do better in 2017. Perhaps MTV doesn’t know any white people who publically admit to their Melanin deprevation syndrome and couldn’t find any tribes of them in old editions of National Geographic. Thus, they searched their own archives and found these two charming examples

So I felt sorry for the schmucks and out of pity for the execrable Laci Green, I decided to offer MTV a way they could do better in 2017…

Maybe they will figure it out. Maybe they won’t. You can wager your hard-earned paycheck they won’t buy a clue and collect on any odds some fool put on offer. They are safely in a cable bundle and consider themselves immune from consequences as they fatten themselves on other people’s talent.

There is only one cure for MTV putting the idiots on the idiot box. Cut The Cord. Make MTV a loser for any bundle it’s hidden amongst. Force cable companies to offer a la carte menus. Until the industry so reforms; cease and desist your patronage. MTV, ESPN, HBO and the other SJW cabletard channels all hide in the bundle to avoid facing reality. Reality that tells them they have to stop insulting and demeaning the audience to get them to stay in the theater. Only cutting the entire bundle will make them feel enough of a burn to purge their SJWs and put something on the tube that isn’t idiotic.

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5 Responses to “Reality vs. The MTV Idiot Box”

  1. DysgenicGarbagge says:

    I remember taking a communications class back in 06 and when covering cable we talked about the a la carte option. For some reason leftists consider it censorship. I guess if the government is forcing businesses to provide a la carte then you could make the argument that people by their own choices in channels are forcing some channels out of the market. Which means that the left is against government intervention in the economy and wants the cable cartel to charge the disadvantaged huge amounts of money for those fifty channels even though all the watch is paternity court.

    • Jpw says:

      That is Leftard. You getting to choose and not selecting what they want is censorship. One solution. Cut the cord.

    • Consistently, people have asked for a la carte pricing in cable and been denied. The reason for this, it seems to me, is that much of what the entertainment industry considers important is not important to its audience, and would be eliminated.

  2. Truth-hammer says:

    The explanation is not difficult or hidden. The (((cable providers))) have a vested interest in advancing the Jew Matrix through Jew Spew (liberalism, collectivism, Marxism, socialism, Communism, anti-white propaganda). (((They))) already control the entire Jew Matrix Meme/Narrative and do not want to lose any of the outlets utilized to parcel out their vile message.

    • As long as there are idiots willing to buy mass media, and most people are idiots, there will always be evil people empowered by that.