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  • To keep this Texas county red, Republican says it’s time to become politically intolerant

    Tolerance creates a paradox because it is a negative outlook. That is, you seek to avoid being intolerant, instead of having a goal outside of the tolerance-intolerance dichotomy. When you decide on “tolerance,” you give up your other goals.

    Republicans are only belatedly realizing this:

    “We need Republicans who are calling for the deportation of all illegals, the DACA babies, the anchor babies, & more,” continued the July post that pointed at a recent Tarrant County vote to let sheriff’s deputies continue working as ICE agents. “We must allow AND give cover to those with more extreme views on the right wing of the party.”

    In other words, the extremists were right all along; the humanistic, tolerant, pluralistic, and diverse society is hostile to realists and will replace them. Good luck slamming that barn door, guys. You will have to retake Texas by force.

  • Quarter of district’s Hispanic students were absent the day after ICE raid

    Life is more like a market than a social event. That is, social events are used to cover up the raw market reality. In this market, strong signals are important because they convey what will be rewarded and what will not. When we signal that immigration laws will be enforced, those who are violating them make themselves scarce. If we do this consistently, the “pincer strategy” works: we raise the cost of coming here and reduce the reward. If we get even more serious and abolish the toxic stew of laws including the Fourteenth Amendment, Civil Rights Acts (1866, 1957, 1964), affirmative action, and disparate impact, then we send a strong signal that diversity has failed and we are cleaning up the mess and moving on (without diversity, in other words). Trump is moving from the margins to create the market reality that will support this type of legal change. If we were to eliminate the high overhead of diversity — lawsuits, bureaucracy, useless employees no one can fire, unions — America could become the most competitive nation in the world again, which would mean that Europe and Asia would lose their militaristic ambitions for world domination.

  • Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials

    So much for the idea that we do not have corruption in the first world. Even if he did actually kill himself, most people are thinking that the number of wealthy and powerful Leftists who depended on him to keep their secrets probably had him done like Seth Rich. Even worse, it seems like they want us to think this — otherwise, why not a succinylcholine-induced heart attack? — in order to keep us in line. The big point is that under Leftist rule, the first world is no longer free from third-world style corruption. Our great democratic experiment, and with it the notion of American exceptionalism, has failed.

  • Real pay cut for millions since 2010, TUC study suggests

    The rare admission:

    The head of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Neil Carberry, said businesses have faced increased costs since 2010 such as the apprenticeship levy and pension auto-enrolment.

    Mr Carberry said boosting the UK’s lagging workplace productivity was key to improving wages and salaries for employees.

    Raise costs to employers, and salaries go down. Make society hostile, and workplace productivity goes down. Import many impoverished people who have low ability to have skills, and productivity goes down. As with most things in the present day and age, our solution is to abolish previous “solutions” and allow the situation to naturally fix itself. Interestingly, in the US we have a different variant of this problem: salaries are going up as the value of our currency is going down (mainly a response to the great Obama cash giveaway, since when you hand out money you trade off value for demand).

  • Crews install final panel of new primary border wall project

    The project was started by the Trump administration in 2017.

    Just saying: the far Right had better stop cucking to despair, and instead get behind Trump and the Republicans and drive them further to the Right. You have no other option except to be dramatic for internet points by wailing “Oi, Trump abandoned us” and then letting the real enemy further take over. We need to get past such petty personal interests and instead focus on the interest we have in common, which is reconquest of our own civilizations and dispossession of the Left so that we can end diversity, entitlements, and other insanity choking us.

  • Insect ‘apocalypse’ in U.S. driven by 50x increase in toxic pesticides

    What have we done that requires so much toxic pesticide? We have added quite a few people, and shifted to a farm labor force that is entirely third world, which means that we are handing them simpler tasks and not counting on them to do things like figure out how to kill off the parasites. In addition, we have moved to hardcore factory farming, which means giant fields in which pests congregate, and so we depend on pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotics to keep these vast mobs of plants surviving. Our system is more than unsustainable, it is unwise. Note that these pesticides are mostly neonics or neonicotinoids, the production of which consumes 70% of our tobacco crop, preventing us from becoming world leaders in delicious pipe and cigar tobacco.

  • U.S.-based experts suspect Russia blast involved nuclear-powered missile

    “This reminds us of a string of incidents dating back to Chernobyl that call into question whether the Kremlin prioritizes the welfare of the Russian people above maintaining its own grip on power and its control over weak corruption streams.”

    One wonders how many Swedish children will die from cancer this time. Russia has not had a stable government since they overthrew the aristocrats. Might we dare say the same thing for the West? The great democracy experiment has failed yet again, just as it did in Athens (and previous societies, as documented by both Herodotus and Plato).

  • Growing number of newcomers, refugees ending up homeless in Canada: studies

    Across the West, immigrant populations are driving up demand for housing and therefore, making it brutally expensive. The native citizens, already taxed to the breaking point, are now paying a new crypto-tax through the higher cost of housing themselves. The immigrants, who are the usual integration non-success story, are finding themselves squeezed as well. Democracy will respond with demands for more taxes, more money, and more false economic activity to justify it.

  • FBI arrests Las Vegas man who allegedly wanted to shoot Jews, LGBTQ bar patrons

    We really need to differentiate whites who believe in nationalism from White Nationalism,™ a movement with specific tenets based in National Socialism and related theories. Whites who are nationalist recognize that nationalism is ethnic, not racial, and so want to preserve their ethnic group, like those who realize that America belongs to the ethnic Western Europeans and not other “white” groups or non-white groups. White Nationalism™ tries to work around this realization the same way that the Democrats do, which is by asserting unity in diversity through ideology. In the White Nationalist™ view, all whites are equal, and if we share the same belief in the messianic apocalyptic cult of National Socialism, we can drive out the non-whites and genocide the Jews and live in Utopia. This is an exact parallel to what the Leftists tell us, which is that if we all unite around the ideology of utilitarianism, we can drive out the bad non-egalitarian people (and perhaps genocide the whites) and live in Utopia. Just as the Cold War now appears to have been a protracted negotiation between two factions of the Leftist cult, White Nationalism™ reveals itself as simply a variant of the Leftist cult. We need something better: a traditional society, where culture and nationalism produce social order, with an individual reward system instead of collective reward, ruled by those who are most competent not most popular, with most functions of government being carried out by customs, standards, norms, and charities. Get us out of modernity! White Nationalism™ simply offers a racist type of modernity, and while it seems like a stern and absolute solution, it in fact is merely the infection perpetuating itself in a new form.

  • El Paso attack upends white nationalist normalization plan

    This article looks more closely into the various factions of the Right that have been grouped under the “white nationalist” label, but points out what the Left fears:

    One of the highest-profile examples of the normalization tack is that of David Duke, a former KKK grand wizard who traded the klan’s signature white robes and pointy hats for a business suit, adopted more mainstream conservative talking points, and made the runoff election for Louisiana governor in 1991.

    If those on the Right ditch the “we are rebels” trappings of National Socialism, and focus instead on responsible politics that will make life better for our people, we get ahead. We no longer need to act like outsiders; everything we feared has come true, and now people are looking for those who will address that problem. However, they do not want ideological radicals who will kick off more world wars, genocides, or open race war; they want to keep what they have, and have diversity go away as gently as possible. This is pure common sense. We do not want to lose what we have worked to make real, but we also now recognize that diversity is demographic replacement, and want it and those responsible for it to go away. More ordinary people than ever before share this sentiment, but they are leery of the weird costumes and propensity toward pointless cruelty of the White Nationalist™ far Right. While it is good to have them fear the threat of violent revolution, we need to offer a better society, not just a better ideology.

  • German politicians flew more in 2018 than 2017

    The environmentalist Greens had the most individual journeys per capita, at 1.9 flights each. The average across all parties was 1.2 flights per parliamentarian.

    Again we see the inherent hypocrisy of an inverted world. Those who fight against certain abuses are those who want the exclusive ability to indulge in those abuses.

  • UK army combat units 40% below strength as recruitment plummets

    No surprise here. People join the military in order to defend their people and way of life. They are less excited about joining a rainbow militia whose purpose is to enforce a dodgy ideology onto the rest of the world. Americans supported the Iraq/Afghanistan war when it was thought to lessen terrorism, but withdrew their support once it became an occupation with the intent of “nation-building” based on the idea of bringing democracy to the natives. In the same way, Britons are dropping out of a military that always promotes women and minorities and is based in ideology and not commonsense defense of the realm.

  • Genetic analyses indicate that the effect of being overweight and obesity on cancer risk is at least double than previously thought

    Modernity and its sedentary lifestyle of do-nothing make-work jobs is killing us. However, it is what most people want. We are either going to admit that we need to choose our best people and let them decide for us, or let the mob rule and suffer under its perpetually mediocre choices.

  • Born in Israel, hundreds of Filipino children risk expulsion

    Diversity has died because diversity has failed. Now we are simply deciding how to clean up the mess. If you want a healthy nation, you want only the founding ethnic group to be in that nation, which means that you must repatriate all others. Unlike racism, this is not saying that these other groups are “bad,” only that they do not fit what is required for a healthy nation and therefore must go back home on the basis of their genetics and not their political citizenship. We will see more of this around the globe.

  • UK economy shrinks for the first time since 2012

    The EU exists to protect French and German industry. Despite all the talk about peace and avoiding future world wars, the impetus behind the EU has always been financial, as we can see from the course of its progression:

    In 1957, the Treaty of Rome creates the European Economic Community (EEC), or ‘Common Market’.

    In 1986 the Single European Act is signed. This is a treaty which provides the basis for a vast six-year programme aimed at sorting out the problems with the free flow of trade across EU borders and thus creates the ‘Single Market’.

    In 1993 the Single Market is completed with the ‘four freedoms’ of: movement of goods, services, people and money.

    As always, qui bono means “follow the money.” The EU is there to dominate anyone else with power, which includes the UK, which signed on because its nitwit voters wanted more free stuff including easy travel for their vacations on mainland Europe.

    Eventually, the high cost was revealed — this always takes a generation, or 35 or so years — and the UK voted to get out. Their politicians were warned that the risk there was in sending weak and uncertain signals, but instead, they opted to waffle around Brexit and now are paying the price. Make a clean break and this does not happen, but those who oppose Brexit wanted to delay the process as long as possible in order to make it painful, so that eventually the voters would tire, panic, throw up their hands, and just accept what the elites wanted them to do.

  • U.S. says border agents patrolling river shot at from Mexico

    For Hispanics, the border crisis is already recognized as the first stages of a race war. The same people who brought us the Alamo and Pancho Villa now want to retake land that they think they should own, despite having never really held it, because otherwise they have to face their own inner problems like a relentlessly corrupt and failing state peopled by those who proudly display apathy as their major personality trait.

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