I’m p-paralyzed with happiness. – Daisy Buchanan

Western governments are paralyzed by popularity. The 50% or more of our budgets that involve payouts to our citizens are addictingly popular. People simply love these freebies.

As a result, our society — which long ago made the choice to become pluralistic, eliminating all values except commerce, in the name of equality — is led around by the nose by essentially bratty human behavior.

The brat wants what she wants, when she wants it, and if she doesn’t get it, she’ll throw a tantrum. She does not care about the consequences of (a) her actions or (b) people stopping what they’re doing to take care of her desires.

Parent lore has it that giving out gifts before making the child perform for them is a sure way to make brats. In fact, the best way to give gifts is based on a sense of your child’s overall performance. “You’ve done your homework all week, been nice to your sister, and kept your room clean.”

But giving rewards for certain good behaviors, otherwise known as bribes, or without requiring good behavior, both cause destructive problems. These correspond to government-created loopholes and our welfare state respectively.

However, it’s impossible to stop these programs in a democracy. They’re like a runaway train. Lower classes like them for the freebies, and upper classes support them from a sense of social status, or a kind of moral guilt imposed on them by others. If you want to be “nice,” support these.

As a result the modern government cannot back away from its freebies, even though they are the part of the budget we have lived and can live without. Our military budgets are actually lower than they have been in the past, and our operating expenses while high are nothing compared to entitlement programs.

In Greece they can’t stop them. If the country goes broke, anarchist youth riot in the streets and burn things. If you don’t stop the entitlements, the country goes broke. But if you do stop the entitlements, the anarchist youth riot in the street and burn things anyway. And you get voted out of office.

Our countries are paralyzed. There is no incentive to fix these programs. The first person who does stop the hemorrhaging will immediately be turned upon by an angry crowd who will accuse them of every vile sin in the book.

Never mind that the money isn’t there — and in fact, it was never there, except through the magic of debt we pretend we don’t have to repay — because these programs are illusory. Like running farms on acoustic guitar tracks instead of money, sweat, labor and time. It’s mathematically inviable.

We have structured countries that through democracy, equality and subsidized enfranchisement seem designed to work by uniting the inner brat in our population. The result is a lowest common denominator of human thinking. The Dunning-Kruger effect obliterates the ability to plan for the future.

Slowly we are learning that the problem is inherent to universal democracy (one man, one equal vote, even if the man is unequal to the task). Humanity cannot be trusted when asked about what it thinks it wants or desires. What you get is the monkey within and its illogical demands.

If we wanted to save ourselves, we would turn to an unpopular but functional principle called “leadership.” Like eating your broccoli before dessert, this is a time-proven way of finding the right answer, not just the one that pleases the crowd.

15 Responses to “Paralyzed”

  1. crow says:

    “u r rite.”

    That’s how many of us write, these days.
    Which, in itself, is testament to the state of things.
    And still, we send envoys around the third world, accompanied by aid that we first borrow from them, to try to get them to do things the way we do them. The democratic way…

    When the population of Canada was 20 million, I used to say:
    “20 million people can’t be wrong; it must be me.”
    But in light of subsequent experience, and the weight of acquired wisdom, I can now honestly say:
    “30 million people can be wrong!”

    True (:>

    Fortunately (for them), there is only one of me.

    • Esotericist says:

      Even worse is that 30 million (or 300 million) want to be wrong.

      They aren’t thinking about what will happen when they vote. They are thinking about how cool they look to their friends.

      Monkeys… we are still monkeys…

      • Duane says:

        I hate to break it to you, but we’re now one of the dumber primates. Even chimps and apes have organized meritocratic hierarchies that each member of the herd respects.

        • crow says:

          Who’s “we”???
          OK, it’s a figure-of-speech, but really

          “We”, as in here, by sheer dogged determination, as well as a tenacity of mission, tempered by above-average intelligence, make it our mission to crack the cryptic code of lunatic behaviour, as practiced by the “monkeys”.

          More to follow.
          Watch this space (:>

        • Esotericist says:

          That’s true. Maybe we can learn from our older brothers.

  2. A. Realist says:

    The way the average citizen sees it, “bad guys” like Republicans want to “take away” their benefits, even though those benefits are not economically or socially sustainable.

    All while talking about a sustainable society and driving a Prius bought on layaway, natch.

  3. EvilBuzzard says:

    Spain, with it’s 23% Unemployment, is still demanding that the Govt. do the same….
    It makes me see a mental picture of Don Quixote tilting against a windmill.

    • A. Realist says:

      The average person seems to think that if the money runs out, government should just print or borrow some more, and the money will magically retain its value.

      • EvilBuzzard says:

        Pretty much. The US Fed has a mandate to keep a steady price level. It executes this by targeting a CPI (Core) of +2% a year. When prices double about every 36 years, people act surprised.

  4. Sun says:

    Greece is a little different.

    The problem there is that EUSSR has imposed a triumvirate and political figures, not voted by the people of Greece, that are solely responsible to Maoist Barroso and his ilk.

    Other nations are getting fed up having to bail out Greece, particularly Germany (and other Northern) countries. In a systems which assumes that everyone benefits equally and participates equally, socialism reals ugly head by proving (once again) that inequality is inherent part of LIFE. The final solution has to be a dictatorship of the proletarian–which again ultimately fails and leads to a uprising.

    All systems have strengths and weaknesses, through time however, the weaknesses become exponential leading to change.

    There is a nationalist uprising across Europe due to this super imposed Superstate. A new federalist Union called the European Union.

    But I agree that many in Greece, and even more in Britain, are leftist “anarchist” are burning their way into peoples lives because they are angry over the lost of benefits–like a spoiled brat.

    However in a true right wing centered government and society such groups would never be tolerated with.

    • ferret says:

      “All systems have strengths and weaknesses, through time however, the weaknesses become exponential leading to change.”

      That means, there is no way of creating a good sustainable society. And even a new system that has only positive traits of others will eventually fail too, and ,as usual, with a lot of blood.

      Any system develops itself and develops its weakness, even if it does not have it originaly.

    • Esotericist says:

      There is a nationalist uprising worldwide because liberal democracy and consumer capitalism did not do what it promised! We were told, work less and live better. But our society is a giant failure from within, and while we have better products, they are still not so good that we do not feel the pain of our civilization’s collapse.

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