Multiculturalism causes cultural simplification

Malcolm Pollack notes how diversity creates a reduced form of culture, the “grey race” spoken of around these parts on a regular basis:

…multiculturalism causes what I will call a kind of historical “stenosis”. As more cultures are added to the mix, all of which must be given equal weight, the area of “overlap” — the foundation of possible commonality in the new metaculture — becomes smaller and smaller. Because culture is heritage, the effect is that history is “tied off”, like a newborn’s umbilicus.

I have written about this topic for some years, but usually as a corollary to some other idea, but it is this: when multiple cultures coexist in the same space, the rules and social mores that govern that space must expand to include all acts permitted by each of those cultures. This results in an attitude of extreme permissiveness. That leaves as the only attributes shared a belief in a common ideology, economic system and basic self-interest.

As a result, culture in the meaningful sense is lost, and replaced with government rules and pamphlets, entertainment and other mass appeal madness. This means the paradoxical formulation is that diversity, instead of resulting in more culture, results in less of it. Values systems are a zero-sum game after all.

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  1. Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:

    Good. What writings explore the development, or lack thereof, of culture in the setting of empire or other multicultural milleau?

    • Johann Theron says:

      The British Empire decided to “release” there colonies in exchange of a “Commonwealth”. They moved from enforcing British culture to accommodating multicultural in a common structure. Initially it worked because those countries were separated. But then international companies started exploiting all these easily accessible markets, such as IBM, resulting in research in these multi cultures. Read “Culture’s Consequences”. This was followed by Banking and World Bank and IMF including the UN, that found the NWO thinking that actual multiculturalism as a one word concept can work. Just be reminded that elites are actually quite stupid.

      • Elites are chosen by their ability to succeed in school and socializing. This is a far lesser standard than the “excellence” the ancients demanded.

  2. Shitlord Johnson says:

    So increasing diversity decreases diversity?

  3. Cynical Optimist says:

    In my view, cultural practices are tied to a specific way of life (specific to a certain geography, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and so forth) and are both an input to and output of a group’s success or lack thereof. So we are naive to celebrate Holi or Cinco de Mayo or whatever by some superficial means, because in doing so we implicitly give approval to much more than just music and burritos, but a whole way of life, which is largely inferior to our own (liberals may cringe at that judgment, but they implicitly agree if they think that our country is the land of opportunity to which others need to escape).

    What irks me even more is that by the superficial multicult glitter-fest, we trivialize (and also disrespect) tradition and history. I’m not saying here that, say, kids shouldn’t dress up as Indians for halloween because it is appropriation, but we should recognize that cultural practices are part of a larger pie. What’s ironic is that all these other cultures we openly embrace were borne out of homogeneous populations, and by forcing diversity on our country we squash the very process by which cultures arise.

    • EX says:

      Most everywhere you see or hear about culture its always the superficial aspects that are mentioned, unless its something that they (mostly liberals) disprove of, in which case its bad and racist. The same mistake is even made by not so liberal publications that state that culture is something that can be appropriated by anyone and in some other sentence claim that culture creates or influences behaviour of groups, or individuals, not the other way around. The way it is used is way too ambiguous.

      • Leftists seek to trivialize culture in order to make diversity seem workable. To them, it comes down to different cuisines for restaurants they can brag about having gone to before their friends did, and ethnic dances that can be taught to preschool kids.

    • liberals may cringe at that judgment, but they implicitly agree if they think that our country is the land of opportunity to which others need to escape

      This is a really interesting point…

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