Lysenko Teaches Math For Amerika

Teach For Amerika thinks Western Math is dehumanizing. They have a point. Knowledge and truth are not about humanization. But then again, once you “humanize” something, you generally restrict that item to people or cultures that you legitimately consider human. So how and why does math enslave the poor humans? Treacle For Amerika explains below:

“In western mathematics, our ways of knowing include formalized reasoning or proof, decontextualization, and algorithmic thinking, leaving little room for those having non-western mathematical skills and thinking processes,” the training course claims. It continues: “Mathematical ethics recognizes that, for centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool… mathematics formulae also differentiate between the classifications of a war or a genocide and have been used to trick indigenous peoples out of land and property.”

Purging “inhumane” aspects out of our scientific database has a sad and dishonorable tradition in Western Culture. Other nations who have adopted more “humanized” curriculums include Germany while it Hitlarped and The Late and Unlemented CCCP. The American Thinker describes why Axis rather than Allied nations got A-bombed in WWII.

You see, Germans refused to accept any Math, Chemistry or Physics that had too large a contribution from (((The Banksters))). That pretty much knocked German Physics back to the level of The Bohr-Summerfeld Atom. Meanwhile, work by guys like (((Oppenheimer))), (((Einstein)))*, (((Berkemeier))), and I could go on all day long with many others, was vital to making the A-Bomb go Boom!. The Manhattan Project was big. A lot of very smart Jewish scientists worked on it. They helped the US military get miles ahead of Heisenberg and his compatriots in Nazi Germany. The Germans didn’t necessarily have to say “Mazel Tov!” to the Jewish scientific community to at least make intelligent use of the numerous facts they had unearthed. They were too Politically Correct to win.

The Inernational Socialists were not any better at mathing or sciencing than were the National ones. If you ever wondered why the couragious Socialist Paladins who served in the Soviet Army under Gorbachev had to go on emergency deployment to harvest the Soviet potato crop, you need to read up on the scientific consensus that grew up around the charlatanism of Trofim Lysenko.

Between 1948 and 1953, when he was the total autocrat of Soviet biology, he claimed that wheat plants raised in the appropriate environment produce seeds of rye, which is equivalent to saying that dogs living in the wild give birth to foxes. His fundamental, continuing argument was that theoretical biology must be fused with Soviet agricultural practice. After Stalin’s death, this principle caused Lysenko some embarrassment, for efforts to improve Soviet agriculture brought the abandonment of measures to which his name and fame were tied. His “grassland” system of crop rotation was abandoned in favour of cultivation with mineral fertilizers, and a hybrid corn program based on the U.S. example was pursued (Lysenko halted the program in the mid-1930s, for he was opposed to the inbreeding with which it must begin).

In essence, modern Amerikan educrats are now proponents of the worst theories of how to educate people. Social Justice Warriors never want you to learn anything that doesn’t support their dogma. As the SJW grows more dogmatic, that resembles actual ground truth less and less frequently. SJWs always double down. They will always have to exclude more and more factual information. Reality evades them. They evade reality. They cannot educate anyone. I’m not sure what Teach For Amerika thinks its accomplishing with this course, but it certainly comes closer to Soviet or Nazi indoctrination than it does to actual teaching. That happens when you are teaching STEM subjects from The Nye Quadrant and care more about “humanizing” math than teaching it as a rigorous discipline.

* — 1914 to 1932 Directed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Germany.

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14 Responses to “Lysenko Teaches Math For Amerika”

  1. Ronnie Waters says:

    When we no longer have to kill to live, scratch out a living from the soil, or man the barricades every five years, we get comfortable. In addition to the general narcissism and entitlement, all the hawkers of world improvement come out of the woodwork. I believe this creates a civilization where most of the activities essentially become a hustle. Yes, I’m talking about activities no different than the flim-flams you get from bums at the bus stations in any major metropolitan city. “Pssst, hey buddy. I got some cool watches for you.” And in this commotion we sometimes gratify each others needs, whether for sex, useful labor, or even healthy food to eat. So, perhaps we need to develop a better hustle than the current state of affairs provides.

  2. NHA says:

    This really isn’t about western and non-western. Its about civilized and uncivilized.

    India (Brahmagupta in particular) and the middle east contributed substantially to the western body of mathematical knowledge. Every major civilization has produced astronomy and mathematics in some form, and their ways of reasoning are structurally equivalent.

    Math is only biased against groups of people who were hunter gatherers up until a few hundred years ago. Presumably their brains will adapt eventually.

    Never mind, this is probably more about dumb sociology majors having basic Math get their feels hurt.

  3. coyote says:

    South Africa now is far down the road to abandoning all science in the name of tribal voodoo or some such shit. I pray we can get some of the whites there over here before their final extermination.

  4. Adi Barot says:

    That is completely false. There were more US-born Jewish scientists than foreign-born Jewish scientists working on the Manhattan Project. The idea that the Germans didn’t succeed in making an atomic bomb due to “persecution of Jewish scientists” was not only a self-serving idea put forth by a Dutch-born Jew whose parents died during the Holocaust, but it wasn’t even the primary reason he provided. Samual Goudsmit “concluded that the failure of the German atomic bomb project was attributable to factors such as bureaucracy, Allied bombing campaigns, the persecution of Jewish scientists, and Werner Karl Heisenberg’s failed leadership.”

    The author argues that the atomic bomb was hardly a “Jewish bomb” in light of the many gentiles who either worked on it directly or precipitated the same indirectly; and, furthermore, the Jewish peoples, though disproportionately represented, were hardly single-handedly responsible for Allied scientific triumphs.

  5. avraham rosenblum says:

    Steven Dutch has a nice essay on Lysenko:

  6. avraham rosenblum says:

    It has been said with some justification that the return to Plato by Kepler helped open the way for the Natural Sciences. While I have the utmost respect for Aristotle, still his approach lacked an appreciation for Mathematics. It did not have to be that way, because even if universals depend on particulars that is simply not any reason to belittle math.

  7. J.j. Cintia says:

    That idea that the National Socialists didn’t get the bomb because they rejected Jewish Science is the ridiculous canard the enemy uses to justify White genocide. You play into their hands when you use their lies. The Germans had the first jets, the first rockets and better tanks than we did. The fact that the United States and Britain were worried about the Heavy Water Experiments shows what huge lies have been told your whole life.
    The fact is, the Truth doesn’t enter into this. This “humanity” crap is Bullshit – all of it. What is this “humanity” drivel? Its not White people or Western Civilization. “Humanity”, “Humanitarianism” and “Human Rights” is Bullshit. Like the fake sins of “racism” or being told by morons to “tolerate” the destruction of the Western World to save the Fantasy World of Crazyworld called Gaia, the Mother of Cronus and Wife of Uranus (the “Sky God”) in Greek Mythology, this Anti-White narrative smells like shit and has less productive uses.
    Mathematics requires an IQ above moron and past the limits of brown retard. Anything brown retards cannot grasp is “waciss” and sheeit. The Road to Hell is paved not with Good Intentions but with emotional blackmail from con artists who have the “rational views” of Satan and the “humanity” of Xenomorphs that cannot serve Mankind – except as dinner.

  8. avraham rosenblum says:

    The CCCP I remember had to ask the USA for grain. This resulted in a Russian anecdote. Khrushchev asked Kennedy: We seem to be having trouble producing enough grain to feed out people could you send some shipments? Kennedy: Sure thing! Khrushchev: We also seem to be having trouble with our tractors. Could you send over a few shipments of American made tractors? Kennedy: Definitely. Khrushchev: We also seem to be having trouble implement the perfect communist system. Perhaps you could send over some advisers to help us perfect an ideal Communist society?

  9. jl says:

    There is only one humanized math in history: medieval university.
    “Non-western mathematical skills and thinking processes” point always to hen kai pan – one and all, identity of being and nothingness. There is no place for human here.
    And the same applies for “western math” either in its platonic or cartesian form. After all “Cogito ergo sum” has this precise meaning: “I think, therefore I am”, the identity of being and thinking. If one wish to has home for human, there is only one way: “I think AND I am”.
    By the way, soviet system was inherently western and utilized cartesian “method”. It has so called Plan (which is concretization of “Cogito ergo sum”) and Scrapyard of history (place for everything unpredictable, place for everything which was think independently of thinking, that is: place for human). It is no accident that apologists of “ongoing western dehumanization” was always apologists of “ongoing humanization of soviet system”. And it is no accident that apologists of whale well-being do not hesitate to destroy careers and well-being of unmanipulable humans.
    As for medieval university: it always struggled with inherent temptation for (illusive) “third way”, so we can (again) see, how fragile and is human freedom.

  10. jl says:

    Another remark (a-bomb):
    We have to consider two things, (a) Hitler was not in favor of this a-programme, it is safe to say that he was sentimentally undialectical, (b) a-bomb team was inherently unamerican, composed predominantly of european stalinists (so called useful idiots – what a nice phrase, by the way; one can virtually feel the systematical and methodical destruction – even destruction of reason itself) and their motivation was twofold: (1) to destroy Hitler because he attacked The future of human (note the idiotism in action: attack can be collaboration as well, and indeed the only sane position to explain this piece of history is collaboration; collaboration leading to fusion of bolshevism and Nazi into international socialism), (2) to give Soviets the true Soviet weapon (which they did), american role was only incubational (again – useful idiot comes to mind; by the way it continues until today, think of educational and informational posts held by socialistic left (I do not live in US so I do not use term “liberal”), drugs, etc: what a waste of right-minded, opened, innocent souls – something which were authors of so called Monroe doctrine well aware)

    Another remark (charlatanism):
    Revolution (in socialistic sense) is using institualisation to identify itself with “progress” of human. No wonder that every soviet “scientistic” instituitions were obscure producents of means for “scientific” leadership of revolution, producents of concrete utopies. And no wonder that socialism does not produce any technology (only weapons) and is fed, financed, defended in polemics, and even equipped with a-bomb from outside – by useful idiots. On the other hand it has something that magnets people – it provides illusion of possibility to grasp and manipulate world. Quit like God, it provides illusion of possibility of second creation.

  11. avraham rosenblum says:

    I forget their names but there were three or four mathematicians in the USSR that were I must say in the top ten list. That would be in Cohomology. I think they were doing as well as the USA in higher math. But that was the nature of the USSR. They decided on certain areas to concentrate on. Another areas they neglected.

  12. Chris I says:

    Maybe I should be the one to break it to Teach for America: the West didn’t pull math or physics out of its ass. Their laws were discovered. Arguing that Western math, or rather universal math, is racist because it’s beyond the scope of non-Westerners is selling the few geniuses among them short. I want to see these secondary math skills attributed to third worlders. Did they discover another set of mathematical laws we don’t know about? Does calculus have a competing theorem? Do they have proof that 10×10 is 101?

  13. Ronnie Waters says:

    Maybe everyone in high school and college should be required to watch the movie 1984 or God forbid read the book. I know reading big blocks of text for content is getting obsolete.

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