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Leftists Are Prey Animals

No one wants to admit it, but the ecosystems that we see out there in nature are mirrored within humanity. We have our apex predators, niche adaptations, generalists, and most of all, prey animals. In fact, most of us are made to be eaten by the rest.

In fact, humans invent the fiction of “equality” so that we do not have to see that in social interactions there are winners and losers. This benefits the shopkeepers, who do not want us to think about their profit margin, as well as the losers who do not want to feel bad.

Nature unlike humanity finds its basis in the ecosystem model which is inherently based on inequality and the establishment of hierarchy. In an ecosystem, each organism finds its niche, which means that the hierarchy is not just vertical, but has room for variation within the same level.

This may have inspired early egalitarians. “If the shoemaker is on the same level as the carpenter, and this parity helps them be friendly together, society might be easier and less threatening if we were all equal vertically and differed only horizontally.”

No one needs this kind of thinking except those who expect that they will lose out in a contest for competence or supremacy, and those who hope to profit by selling those people objects or services.

This reveals that, at the end of the day, egalitarians — including Leftists — are those who suspect that they will be prey and not predator. That includes the shopkeepers, who exist solely because someone else having organized civilization allows shopkeepers to have a role.

Naturally every peasant dreams of being a shopkeeper. Instead of hard hours of labor in the fields, he could sit behind a counter and sell people products for high prices that he bought cheaply in bulk. It is like winning the lottery or in Vegas, for the prole.

The natural elite can learn from this. We are the predators, in that we keep the herd in line by trimming off its excess numbers by killing the weak, unwary, stupid, defective, unwell, and incompetent. They fear us because they know that we are the face of their death.

At the same time, too many of them destroys civilization because they glom together into a sticky aggregate which then takes over power. We either kill them or they destroy us.

It may scare the Leftists to know that they are prey animals, but they should even more be scared by the knowledge that what is required for all of us to live well is that they be prey animals. Their rule destroys us; predators reaping them strengthens us.

As humanity comes out of the fever delirium of eglitarianism, we are looking again at natural metaphors for what we do. Nothing humanity has created approaches the wisdom and efficiency of nature, and so instead of fearing the predator, we find ourselves praising it.

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