Is the Alternative Right Actually White Nationalism In Disguise?

Neurotic Vox theorizes about the Alternative Right:

The alt-right is often dismissed as white supremacist Trump supporters with Twitter accounts, and they are certainly that. But spend some time talking to key players and reading the movement’s central texts, as I did, and you’ll find it’s more than a simple rebranding of the white nationalist movement. It’s the product of the intersection of a longstanding, long-marginalized part of the conservative movement with both the most high-minded and the basest elements of internet culture. It’s a mutated revival of a monster William F. Buckley thought he killed in the early 1990s, given new energy by the web.

In my view, this is totally wrong: the Alternative Right is an alternative to white nationalism as much as the Republicans.

The goal of the Alternative Right is to establish principles by which civilizations thrive, in contrast to the dying principles upon which we base our current time.

These include nationalism, naturally since all other options have failed, but also extend to many other options. In particular, the Alternative Right studies how the the common sense opinion of a population is replaced by that of its professional politicians.

A better way to view the Alternative Right: a recognition that liberal democracy has failed, and a searching for alternatives which are both not oppressive and not prone to decay like liberal democracy.

Of course the establishment wants it to be equated to white nationalism — they fear it!

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7 Responses to “Is the Alternative Right Actually White Nationalism In Disguise?”

  1. Ivar says:

    At this point the white movement is an inchoate force and not much interested in philosophy. I doubt the hard men who will take charge of the movement will be much interested in philosophy, either. They will be interested in building a hammer, and then they will wield it.

    • Ivar says:

      I should have added a bit more to my comment above. I am pretty much in agreement with you about a useful and positive ordering of society.

      However, I suspect that the white movement, if successful, will make the standard mistakes through yet another cycle, and only then may it be possible for a proper order to develop.

      • Not to sound too cheerfully blithe, but this is why I am a nationalist, not a white nationalist. We do not need a white movement; we need a movement for global order that is not liberal democracy plus socialism, and then within each of our nations, people need to develop their own populations. This is the promise of self-determination and self-rule; it gives every group a chance to live as they desire and must.

  2. Doug says:

    The cultural marxists dilemma: how to crack down further on the white dirt people of the Christian West without provoking Dorner x 1000 – each week.

    Better to be a bitter clinger, the only viable option is a long-term grass roots operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation.

    The right wing of the the cultural marxists will never get to the bottom of any scandal or corruption, never mind treason and felonies, but most of all what the cultural marxists are trying to do to my country, culture, and traditions, within the federal government. They not only know of what happen’s, been a part of it all and benefitted handsomely, their job has been to run a block on us dirt people all this time.

    This is genocidal war no less being waged.
    They just are not using tanks, drones, and bomber aircraft yet to wage it. Yet.
    The neocons are working up to it though. Their politically tacit appearing consent is passive aggressive, but it is something more. As noted, the cultural marxist light are loosing vast power internationally, along with the blood thirsty “diplomatic” corps, who are anything but diplomat’s, it will not be long before what they have done and are doing to the rest of the world comes home.
    After all, the real prize has not been world dominion per say, it has been destruction of Western White Christian culture, or to be succinct, White Men and their natural God given primal rights. The annihilation of Liberty and all it primal dignity it brings. It simply can not be permitted to exist. That is the long march. Everything we see the political class and racist genocider’s foist on us dirt people today is instruments to that end, they are sideshows to the main goal.
    Nothing is existential as white dirt people. We dirt people possess an indomitable spirit, an audacity unlike any humans. It is a measure of our tolerance and the unparalleled limits of that tolerance. It is innate, it is our manifest nature. It is why we must be liquidated. As long as we exist, the world can never be ruled, the soul of the human race can never be ruled.
    One can read whatever they want into that. Make every excuse and mealy mouthed statement of resistance is futile. And I say, you know what? Because Go Fuck Yourself That’s Why. Because Alternative Right that is why.
    Because if it wasn’t the truth of us dirt people, the cultural marxists wouldn’t be trying to commit genocide of The Christian West to begin with.

    But there comes a time when that tolerance is reached it’s limit. What is unleashed with loss of that tolerance is the indomitable. It is quite simply the most powerful weapon ever devised. It is called I Won’t, Nyet.
    Believe me, I’m no scholar or formally educated White Man, I’m an honest self sufficient working dirt guy, I really want no truck with anyone, but I can tell you in no uncertain terms you want to be on the right side of this fight when it unleashes itself in earnest.
    All niceties and chin music aside, what is in the wind is a war of mutual extermination.

    • This is genocidal war no less being waged.

      It seems to me that Leftism is propelled by a desire to avoid any kind of hierarchy or judgment, which requires removing all culture, history, identity, values, languages and ethnic groups and their replacement with generic versions, so that nothing competes with the ego for pre-eminence. This creates the indirect genocidal impulse you mention. I am documenting cases of this worldwide here:

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