How Barack Obama Misjudged His Presidency

As the Obama years wind down, people are wondering what went wrong. He was, in theory, a popular president who was then soundly rejected by winning votes for the other side in the presidency and both houses. This means that while he was popular, the results of his actions were not.

Zooming up to a higher altitude than how most politics are transacted, we see that Obama was hired to do a job by people who believed he could do it. Their hope was for a “post-racial” presidency, or that by finally electing an African-American to the office of president, America could overcome its vast racial fracture.

In other words, Obama was elected to heal the racial divide. Showing the arrogance common to people less intelligent than the role they are acting out requires, he did the exact opposite, and inflamed racial tensions. This is why he will go down in history as the least intelligent American president: he was elected for one task, and he failed it.

Thankfully, the result of this is that white Americans — and soon, Europeans — have backed away from the “diversity can work” ideal, and have started to realize the obvious truth: diversity cannot work. Groups have different self-interest, and diversity pits them against each other. Only the homogeneous nation can work, which is the concept of nationalism.

In that way, Barack Obama has been an unparalleled success.

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14 Responses to “How Barack Obama Misjudged His Presidency”

  1. Three cheers for (((O’Bomba))), OPOUTUS of the globalist tentacles. Long may it rain and wash his largesse out to sea.

  2. Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:


  3. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    If not for him there never would have been Trump. I absolutely agree that in that way he was wildly successful in changing the direction of the USA to exactly the direction I had hoped and prayed that America would take.

    • Obama looked to me like Clinton II, and acted it, but had none of Clinton’s self-serving refusal to undertake anything too challenging. Instead he forced it through, acting out the 1968er Leftist dream, and now the methods he used will come back to bite him either through a conservative presidency using the same means, or through the instant revocation of everything he did because it was based on executive orders.

  4. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    I would like the believe that his disastrous two terms showed America what progressivism is really like. I hope it will give Americans and instinctive distaste for it from now on and forever.

  5. NotMe says:

    Obama made the election of Donald Trump possible in the same way that Jimmy Carter made the election of Ronald Reagan possible. Carter was SUCH A BAD president that the country elected an actor, who despite his experience as governor of California, remained a regular American. Trump. despite his wealth, has remained a regular American too.
    Obama was SUCH A BAD president that the country elected a billionaire businessman.
    Let us take time to thank God for giving our country a second chance.

  6. J.j. Cintia says:

    This idiot still sees himself as a Messianic figure. Amazing how large an ego can grow when bereft of any intelligence. A man needs to know his limitations, and there’s the rub. His kind shall never grow to manhood. The genetic failure of arrested development. A pseudo, a faker. All buzzwords and packaging.
    Rush Limbaugh called him President Kardashian, and now we have a real Reality Star President. Only this time, the guy is good at it. Will Trump succeed? At what?
    A system corrupted can not heal itself. Trump has already doomed himself by hiring too many insiders. You can’t get swamp dwellers to drain the swamp. Its their home.

  7. NotMe says:

    We shall see, Mr. Big J little j.
    As for Trump’s hires, he is hiring proven DOERS, not professional government check-cashers.
    He fired Chris Christie fo recommending he hire a bunch of lobbyists.
    Quote- “His kind shall never grow to manhood. The genetic failure of arrested development. A pseudo, a faker.” We shall see whether that applies to him or to YOU.

    • james wilson says:

      Quite right. Trump quite literally had no organization behind him as he ran his campaign, then he sailed into the wind of two organizations to be elected. To do this he co-opted an organization man who was smart enough to see what was happening and had the courage to act. Anyone who is granted permission aboard SSTrump understands who is the dog and who are the fleas.