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What is feminism? Like any good dessert, it has a surface and then a center.

The surface is this good-sounding idea of “equality.” We make women equal to men, and then everyone is happy. We all share.

Underneath that, there’s the problem that equality doesn’t relate to reality. Nothing in reality is equal. In reality, people take different roles and work together toward a goal.

When we look deeply into feminism, we see its center: a demand that women come first, using the justification of equality, at the expense of men. It’s women gaming the system for their own personal demands.

If extrapolated, this leads to a society where everyone does what they individually want, with no shared cooperation and no goal. In other words, anarchy. The ultimate freedom. And yet, the ultimate freedom to have chosen dysfunction.

With no goal in common, every transaction becomes a bribe and there are no social standards. You spend more of your time on society, working around its dysfunctions, avoiding offense, honoring all the petty people, than you do when social standards are high.

A man eschews a committed relationship with a woman to live on his own terms? How dare he put his own needs first? He must be a man-child.

Even women who don’t identify themselves as feminists feel extremely awkward when confronted by a typical Red Pill question: “What do you bring to the table in terms of dating and a relationship?”

Feminists tore up their side of the social gender contract and are desperate to keep men upholding their unbroken side of that contract. – The Private Man

While the above is true, in a broader sense it’s not correct. Feminism wants men to become slaves to women; the response however of “I refuse to serve” is to give up slavery, but also give up on civilization itself.

This means that the dysfunction spreads and ultimately you have to live in a more disorganized, less functional and less rewarding society. It’s like spiting your nose by cutting off your ears, or some other self-destructive but seemingly satisfying revenge-activity.

When MRAs demand equality, they are becoming a masculine form of feminism. They want equality for all men, and all women, which leads to a further denial of reality. In reality, no one is equal, remember — just like in the army, a corporation or even a primitive tribe, we all have roles. Equality destroys that.

The mirror image of feminism that MRAs desire will “feel good” for a little while, until they realize they have just empowered feminism and made a mockery of masculinity at the same time:

For the 1st time, Mary Kay has awarded the pink Cadillac to a man.

Jim Cundiff from Garden City, MI was awarded the most coveted award Mary Kay can present to their consultants.

“You’re familiar with the Stanley Cup or the Heisman Trophy, that’s basically what the pink Cadillac represents, I get the privilege to drive this car,” Cundiff said. – KLTV

That’s the face of equality for you. You, too, get the pink cadillac. You, too, get to victim status like a feminist. What don’t you get? A functional society and a role that is specific to men so there is a need for men. Now you’re more equal warm bodies with no particular value whatsoever.

In the end, that’s what equality means: because no one is special, no one is really worth anything. We’re interchangeable parts.

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