Election 2012 Part III: Moving forward (but not progressing)

In the unhappy current state of affairs, we have an election that is basically demographic warfare, an electorate that has a tenuous hold on reality, and a great chance of being eliminated when entitlements and amnesty make the population go Soviet Lite.

As analyzed in other parts of this series, our civilization is in the grips of a me-first mentality, and this has resulted in a morally corrupt culture that elects gift-givers over result-deliverers. This is analogous to the fall of the Soviet Union.

What we turn to next is how to fix this mess.


There are a number of competing theories.

Some think we should not fix the mess and let the Democrats run the country into destruction. However, it often takes decades or centuries for results to show up.

Others think the right should abandon any issue tied to demographics, and pander to non-white groups. However, these groups never vote Republican because their identity is that of a non-majority, and any party that endorses a right way of doing things (versus the pluralism of the Democrats) is inherently majoritarian. Pandering to non-white groups won’t work.

Others think we should throw out the social conservative angle to our parties, and run on economics alone. This view presupposes that the voters understand economics, which this election has proven untrue. Others suggest we keep social conservatism to pander to new demographics. However, as others point out, dropping social conservatism is a suggestion made by liberals who want to see a schism in the right.

Still others have suggested a move to a harder-right direction. In particular, the underground far-right wants to abandon Republicans entirely or to make the mainstream right drop its neoconservative/RINO wing. Others more sensibly point out that the GOP is leftist-infused already that a shift to the right would connect with actual conservatives, who among white Americans are at least the majority, but advocate a more restrained type of hard moderate right view.

And still none of these suggestions address fundamental problem: Mitt Romney was right about the 47%. The Democratic response in the 1960s to rising right-wing power in the face of Communism was to home-grown a fifth column of useful idiots by making the native population neurotic, importing a replacement population, and swelling government with addicts to the public dole. In short, socialism from within, like a cancer and not a conqueror.


When we look at the problem as it has been framed above, the question is no longer the football-game-like “How do we win the election?”

It’s a simpler question: how do we unite the remaining 53% of the country who aren’t insane, drugged on entitlements, well-meaning neurotic urban socialists, or urbane proto-elites hoping for a spoils system?

The answer is through a clearer mission. Conservatism is making things work. Conservatives are the people who create the ends-over-means analysis that enables society to achieve its goals. Liberals are the ones who make the feels-good-man analysis that equal immunity from reality is what people want, and therefore is “good.”

The following battlepoints illustrate this view:

  • Keep social conservatism. Americans generally oppose abortion and gay marriage. Our views need focus and some common sense however. Our goal is to stop abortion being the ex-post-facto birth control of the disorganized. Because they aren’t in that situation, we can allow women who have been raped or whose lives are in danger from the pregnancy to abort. Let their primary care doctors decide. Gay marriage is really a question of health insurance and other privileges for gay couples, but these don’t require marriage; we should suggest an alternate plan.
  • Reconcile our secular and religious wings. Many of our people are religious, and most conservatives would agree that a strong religious and moral background is essential to a healthy nation. However, that doesn’t mean we must be religious to the exclusion of all else. We need to spread the idea that science and religion are both visions of the same divine aspects of reality. Anything that is God’s word is also common sense if we think it to its logical conclusions. We also need to push back against the illusion that Science can be our new religion.
  • Smash the entitlement state. Mmake it a cornerstone of our platform: we don’t want a Soviet-style system or even a European socialist one where everyone is guaranteed something, and thus there’s no incentive to perform and paralytic high internal costs. We want a system that rewards performance and can move quickly. This incidentally will stop us from working insane hours as we recognize that more hours does not equal more results.
  • Disenfranchise the undeserving. Obstructing voters at the polls is a dumb idea, but requiring Voter ID is a good idea, as is thinking about rolling back the voting age to 30. The Democrats will oppose this but it at least forces them to admit their appeal is not to the country at large, but a coalition of those who do not participate (in some cases, yet) in making it what it is.
  • Go after big media. Hollyweird and the left-leaning news-entertainment establishment are quaking in their boots for this one. Tax them, investigate them, remove their legal protections and force them to be accountable. I don’t think they ever will, so it makes sense to raise the cost of doing business to the degree that only the honest stay in the business.
  • Smash the unions. How dare we let the Democrats blame us for the offshoring of American labor. What happened was that unions drove our costs through the roof and frequent strikes made it impossible to rely on American labor. The failure of Detroit’s auto industry showed us this. Let’s be forthright about our desire to make unions accountable for their actions, and to reveal their ongoing, persistent and intrinsic connections with organized crime and Socialist groups.
  • De facto states’ rights. While this election was being fought out, something interesting happened. States are their own rules to work around federal law and enough of these rules are sticking to thwart federal power. The feds only give the states tax money if the states obey certain laws, but they can obstruct, nullify and circumvent others. This allows states to compete on the basis of the type of society they offer: do you want fast ‘n’ loose anarchic California, or a more conservative state where you pay less for the dysfunction of others?
  • New environmental goal. Instead of wasting our time and energy every time a liberal claps and shrills the words “Global Warming,” let’s propose an alternate green policy. Here’s mine: buy up all undeveloped land and put it in trust with a permanent conservation agency. Incentivize redevelopment of the inner city. Gentrify and clear away wastelands. Use what we have, and give the rest back to nature. This will reduce carbon more than any economy-destroying carbon caps program.
  • Take on education. We have sponsored a liberal bias in education at the same time education has, like nations in the grip of liberalism, become self-referential and lost touch with the needs of its students. This is true for K-12 as well as college and beyond. Let’s de-fund the bad guys in academia and replace them with people who teach actual skills, not propaganda.

What we need here is not another platform in defense of the state, but a platform designed to create a new civilization on the ashes of the old.

We are the new radicals and we have a stronger mandate than revolution. Liberal solutions have destroyed America and Europe. They create more misery and alienated, lonely people who have nothing in their lives but liberal dogma and entertainment. We will not only un-do that damage, but bring us a new age of prosperity and happiness.

By thinking outside of the box like this, we can roll over the 200-year-old liberal cancer that’s been eating us away and build a new world on top of it. Voters now consider Congress, the media, government, and even capitalism to be defunct at this point. Let’s listen and rebuild. Every liberal failure is a possible victory for us.

The basis of liberal thinking has been that they are more rational than us, more compassionate and more educated. Let’s point out the obvious instead: rationality has failed us, as have education and compassion. When we focus on end results, we win, and that’s what the new right-wing can offer.

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  1. That is massive stuff.

    I woke up at about 4 am and started to think about what in conservatism will last, that we ourselves can promote. Here are some ideas:

    I. Giving to the poor is not the cure for poverty. Poverty grows out of a mindset that influences living. Giving to the poor is giving to support poverty. The answer for poverty is a new state of mind that words to build a stable foundation for a basic emergence from poverty to financial health. *WE will have to get out and teach experientially.

    The words of the poverty mindset:
    I have no choice.
    What am I going to do? Somebody give me something to carry me through.
    I lost my job. I lost my spouse. I’m sick. I can’t work. What can you do for me?

    Write out the steps of health in order of power.
    1. Get all the assistance you can
    2. Start to build networks and do some work.
    3. Learn about life off of welfare
    4. Get a qualification to work in a field while maintaining your network
    5. Start saving money

    But the thing is, how can I help? I can donate things to charities. I can volunteer, but I have done it and I get burnt out on pity and hopelessness.

    II. The individual is the smallest minority and deserves recognition and protection. We need to know our rights and the boundaries and responsibilities.

    Maybe I could help teach this.

    III. Conservatism is making things work (hey, Bret, right?) to the extent we understand the problem, we can work to fix it. We seek healthy functioning and adjustment when needed. Then we do not fail to stop intervening and let things adjust themselves to running properly.

    We need to see the signs of dysfunction such as small things getting neglected, etc.

    We need the courage to speak calmly of what we’re seeing.

    IV. It is a basic tenet of progressivism that when people are angry the other side has power over them. We must work hard to resolve ourselves and be calm and collected. They will try to keep us traumatized and helpless. But we can grow from our defeats and remember who we are.

    • Oh yes–and
      V. We must have laughter. It’s the only way to put down the devil.

    • Giving to the poor is giving to support poverty.

      Giving to the poor creates learned helplessness.

      The individual is the smallest minority and deserves recognition and protection. We need to know our rights and the boundaries and responsibilities.

      I find this to be dangerous ground. The individual does whatever it wants, and that means you no longer have a society, but a society of as many societies as you have people. There’s no common ground.

      We need to see the signs of dysfunction such as small things getting neglected, etc.

      Small things that are neglected teach learned helplessness as well, in that there is no punishment for injustice, which teaches us to accept more injustice.

    • But the thing is, how can I help?

      I think all of us have a singular mission now:

      Join with the conservative/rightist party or group of your choice and make things better.

      Help out in your community, succeed in your career, become important and then and only then let your views be known (in “publicly acceptable” form).

      Keep the flow of news and information going. Rally the troops. Bring in new people with kindness and hope, also tough reality.

      I’m not going to bother with any charity until the big problem is fixed.

      • I live in cow town. I don’t identify with many of my co-Republicans. I’ll have to start talking with people and find out those who I do identify with. I’m not a church-going true believer at all, and I’m sure there are others like me who believe in principles that work, but are culturally more jaded.

        • I don’t identify with many of my co-Republicans. I’ll have to start talking with people and find out those who I do identify with. I’m not a church-going true believer at all, and I’m sure there are others like me who believe in principles that work, but are culturally more jaded.

          Where I am, what has worked best for unity is to stop worrying about the details. If they are right-wing, I will participate, and will try to distinguish myself through labor and intelligence such that people are curious as to what I have to say.

  2. We are the new radicals

    This is better than true.

    It’s Romantic.

    Modern society blows, and we should just say it, and stop defending this old sad tired amalgam of money and power.

    Fight back, with something better.

  3. NotTheDude says:

    Ha ha I meant ‘to hear’! I agree with most of this. I’m not a fan of Religion at all but we all have hope in something bigger on here even if you, like myself cant escape the conclusion that life is meaningless overall, except when we change that. Liberals thrive on compromise. Even a compromise not in line with what they want is a win for them because their very being is based on equal validility and not discarding any different way of doing something.Keep laughing at them and keep just a bit of rational hate for Liberalism in the back of your mind. Cut off the head and sit back and watch the beast wither and die.

    • Liberals thrive on compromise. Even a compromise not in line with what they want is a win for them because their very being is based on equal validility and not discarding any different way of doing something.

      It’s easy to be a force of entropy. They don’t care what the compromise is, just that the enemy has been forced to abandon a logical position and is now settling for a half-crazy one.

      • EvilBuzzard says:

        Exactly. And once the mean gets moved, they’ll drift 2-sigma further left. It’s a simple philosophical application of statistics.

        • That’s the point of it all. It’s like tearing silk. They want to make that first cut, and let the rest of it tear, so that there’s no social order to get in the way of their egos.

          • EvilBuzzard says:

            WHich leaves two choices going forward.

            -Make them own it and pay the Mainteance Tab.

            -Blow it the Kfuc up.

            I’m in camp #1 for the nonce.

            • I think that’s the best strategy. Make them stamp their logo on what’s about to fail, then let it fail, then come in to fix it and this time, we demand a contract up front. We’ll fix your mess if you repeal the Hart-Cellar act, roll voting back to age 30, agree to limit government costs to 1% of GDP etc. But we won’t fix it if you insist on business as usual.

              Blowing it up just lets them continue to blame us for their problems, which is what liberals always do.

  4. my 6th idea of conservatism: Ownership of one’s own problems and the solutions.

    That gets exploited by the Alinskyites. They just have to make us feel we’ve done something wrong and we go searching for what’s right instead of moving ahead.

  5. Here’s an idea: Form a compact with a group of people to move to a small city with lots of available housing and good tax codes, like Wyoming. There are some very, very beautiful landscapes and it’s not all super-windy. Or maybe Texas, or South Dakota.

    Start buying in there, move in, and talk amongst yourselves about how things should go. Have everything encoded so everyone knows what to expect and stuff. Grow the town by invitation. Start with young people who haven’t established themselves yet.

    • crow says:

      Yes, great idea, on paper. I’ve been thinking that, on and off, for years, about my little island, which is overrun by super useless leftists who do nothing but lobby for everything to be free, like the ferry.
      Seriously, that is all they seem to do.
      But in reality, your idea, and mine, takes many people, who can work together, and I declare, we have, as a race, lost that capability.
      Golly! Will you look at all those commas!
      Punctuation: one of those disappearing marks of civilization.

      • But in reality, your idea, and mine, takes many people, who can work together, and I declare, we have, as a race, lost that capability.

        That’s what happens when everyone is an exception to the rule. That’s what liberals champion. It’s called pluralism, relativism, or just a lack of morality if you’re me.

        That’s why they want everything to be free. They want to destroy society so that there are no standards. Everyone is an exception. The problem is that nothing will work. Then corruption comes, then filth, then stupidity and wham, you’ve got a standard third world nation.

        That’s what leftists want. In a third world nation, there are no standards. Everyone is accepted and equal. In total poverty, crime, filth and helplessness.

    • http://n55.dk/


      It can go to extremes. I’d like something quieter, like The Woodlands but as a small town.

      There’s still plenty of land in TX.

      • That is too extreme. Yeesh! If they want to make a town like that, go ahead. I’m just thinking that having my own little earth-sheltered dwelling and a couple of goats or something and let everyone be whatever color they want… Ah well. It all breaks down into shoulds and what ifs… I just want to get to know my neighbors again.

        • I like what N55 does, except for the emphasis on art. Art is dead and should be.

          Not sure what I think of NWF. I don’t like the idea of politics being the cornerstone, or race by itself. That sounds too liberal to me.

          A society based on ethnoculture including shared values? Best to define those values first, instead of doing it backwards.

      • The Northwest Front is run by some very dubious people.

        N55 is more my thing, but I realize that a society only works well when it’s homogenous.

  6. crow says:

    Nice trilogy, Brett.
    Sorry I’ve been asleep for several days :)

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