Credentialism Has Died

With the rise of practical realism across the West, many sacred cows are dying, and the one that is facing the biggest death is education.

When we believed everyone was equal, “education” became a magical mantra. Get some education in these people, and they will turn out alright, the wisdom went. We will teach them right from wrong, and how to do things, and then they will be just as good as the “supposedly” highly competent people who invented the methods they use.

This unleashed a nightmare maze of certification, occupational licenses, degrees and training programs. These however did not produce the desired results, but as is often the case with human best intentions, the opposite. Competence declined as it became clear that all one needed to do was sit through the classes and pass the tests, both of which were dumbed down in order to be “inclusive.”

As we watched legions of highly-educated and certified people bumble their way through decisions and make poor choices, the reaction from the population has been one of disbelief. How could something so well intended go so wrong? Education is not magic; it tests people in their ability to be good at, well, education. It is less complex than reality and rewards yes/no answers, not understanding complexity and the basis of most decisions in life, trade-offs.

Even in places like Silicon Valley, people are discovering that education and the ability to undertake test-like quiz questions has not delivered a more competent workforce, but the latter. You get bean-counters and memorizers, not thinkers. Quality plunges.

In the near future, these certifications will be fading away even faster than they are now, replaced by reliance on proven results. That in turn requires giving people a chance in entry-level jobs without certifications, which requires doing away with Affirmative Action and other programs that penalize employers for failing to hire or promote those who are from protected groups, even if they are not competent.

In fact, if the West wants to revitalize its economy, it will have to do away with Affirmative Action like programs and other means of promoting people other than by hard results. These pad the employment numbers, but make everything more expensive as five workers do the work that one once did. This in turn makes jobs boring and thankless for most people, cubicle slave McJobs with no future except benefits and repetitive, make-work labor.

This change will come about not as much through law as through an attitude shift. The West has had enough of “political”-style promotion programs that reward people for saying the right things or having the right memorized knowledge. Instead, we are looking toward people who can think independently again. With this comes a resurrection of our strength, and deprecation of the legions of qualified incompetents that we have now.

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5 Responses to “Credentialism Has Died”

  1. J.j. Cintia says:

    Public Education was always a fraud. It was billed as a “literacy” program to get Americans to read. Actually it was the brainchild of an efficiency expert working for fatcat factory owners. These fatcats couldn’t find enough compliant idiots to do mundane repetitive tasks and leave their small businesses and family farms and take low paying robotic labor. Cybernetics actually started as a field of factory labor efficiency. Robots and machines are just a technical component of repetitive low paying labor.
    Credentials are what makes the fraud of “Affirmative Action” seem legitimate at first. By making bogus claims that “disadvantaged groups” were being discriminated against, they lied to everyone that there was “untapped potential” is pea brained low IQ Third World gutter trash. Then they used federal Funds to bus these morons to bring colleges into a Marxist Model of dumbed down indoctrination. They hand out phony degrees to low IQ morons to dilute the labor pool and decrease wages. Due to their innate stupidity, low productivity and fake degrees, they can break labor’s back and lower wages to slave wage levels. Globalism is Slavery.

  2. Aodh Mor MacRaynall says:

    Fascinating it is, how great minds run along the same path. Our conversation at table lately has been about education. I remember when I came along the goal for the young was to actually get a job, not just any job, a ‘good’ job. Admirable in itself, but then at the same time the lie began that to get a ‘good’ job you had to have a college ‘education’. Fair enough. College was affordable, easy to get into and was not considered an end in itself. With the rise of credentialism has come a cultural shift. It would simply be repeating what you have written to say that college ‘education’ is seen as an end in itself. As an end in itself, it has become incredibly more expensive and every jack-ass that’s breathing has to get a laughable education. I know of what I speak. My people are cheated out of the benefits of education while the lazy and truly incompetent are encouraged to suck up resources that are in short supply in an effort to accomplish something not short of raising the dead. And make no mistake, the real social problem is not that the lazy and incompetent don’t produce; it is that they consume resources at a greater rate than the competent. I have been proclaiming the death of credentialism for a while. It’s good to see someone else say the same. My children have so far avoided “college” in favor of other credentials. We should all start doing the same.