#BanIslam Is Not The Message Our People Need To Hear

Currently the hashtag #BanIslam is trending on social media. This is the wrong message, but it requires looking a few levels deeper than merely reacting, and having a strong emotional response makes the monkey within happy, so it is what most people will do.

Islam is the tip of a pyramid of problems. At the top are crimes committed by people of Other origin, below that their low employment, beneath that their biological differences in intelligence and inclination, and below that the difficulties of assimilation. At the bottom — the foundation — is that immigration imports the Other and genetically erases us through admixture.

Do you like what you are? In the future, that will not exist; it will be replaced by a hybrid like those who occupy most societies on earth. This is the “beige future” that the Left adores, because it destroys culture and groups who resist total assimilation by the Leftist ideology.

When you carp about with the idea of banning Islam, this suggests that the entire pyramid of diversity problems boils down to removing one group. It is like the people who talk too much about the “evils” of Jews or African-Americans. The real problem is diversity, and until we end diversity, we will be a population headed for self-destruction.

Yes, today people are fired up about Islam because of the latest round of sadistic terrorist attacks. If we ban Islam, all of those people will nod their heads vigorously and go right back to sleep, missing the bigger issue that diversity is racist genocide against our people, and that our civilization is in decline and we get nowhere if we do not fix that.

You may not that the powers that be are not irked by the idea of banning Islam. If you ban the Muslims, the powers that be will find new people to import from somewhere else, probably East Asia or Indochina. They will then replace you with those, creating a beige master race which will be innately Left-leaning.

The goal is to destroy our people so that a permanent Leftist regime may exist. When they have control of the world, and all races are destroyed, there will be no option except Leftism, forever and ever. Every society will regress to a third world state, but somehow those who become Leftists will always have comfortable, even opulent, lives.

Whenever there is a problem, most people go looking for scapegoats and short-term “solutions” that miss the hard work of fixing the problem. It is the nature of mental mathematics: we seek the easiest solution to address our individual problem, which is that we feel bad about the bigger problem. And like panicked sheep, we run from a snake in the field into a pen manned by wolves.

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33 Responses to “#BanIslam Is Not The Message Our People Need To Hear”

  1. AntiDem says:

    I don’t hate Islam. I just recognize that it is incompatible with Western Civilization. But as John Derbyshire said, that’s what separate countries are for. Our tourists should be able to visit the Pyramids for a week, and their tourists should be able to visit Disney World for a week – but other than that, we should live separately. They should live the way they like in their countries. We should live the way we like in our countries. “Invade the world, invite the world” is madness… suicide.

    • This comment is so complete, there is only one tiny detail to add: we are Nationalist for us, not them. Time for self-interest to arise again. Every civilization wants to conquer every other so that it can be “safe,” and this means diversity in any form will not work.

      • AntiDem says:

        It is the job of Muslims to uphold Muslim civilization, Jews to uphold Jewish civilization, blacks to uphold black civilization, and so on. I bear nobody any ill will for looking out for their own people’s interests, and I wish them well as long as their interests do not conflict with mine, but it’s not my job to save them.

    • MeToo says:

      Yes, that is what separate countries are for. So, Mr. Derbyshire, ship your wife and kids back to China if that is what you really think.

  2. HFT says:

    I’m curious about the relative impact of the following two interactions:

    a) #BanIslam -> Awareness of disequality
    b) #BanIslam -> Tunnel vision, larger problem loses focus

    a) is good for us while b) is bad. It is important that we are allowed to criticize bad things, hence #BanIslam trending is a good thing. On the other hand, as Brett pointed out, Islam is not really the Problem, forced diversity is, so zooming in on Islam could dim awareness of the latter.

    But I can imagine a scenario where the implicit non-egalitarianism of BanIslam leads to the question of why we should be importing people at all, not just Moslems.

    In sum, I don’t think BanIslam is all bad.

    • The problem is not that it is bad, but good in a way that does not address the scope of the problem, thus offers people an easy way out. People tend to lunge at parts of the problem, conclude they have fixed it, and ignore the elephant in the room. Human psychology never varies.

      • Svmmoned says:

        Isn’t just better to say “#BanIslam” is not enough? Because it is only about blunt force and more control instead of genuine strength and understanding of the real causes?

  3. Exilarch says:

    My main problem with #BanIslam is that it is not extreme enough.

    I want to ban all POCs regardless of religion. That is the only sensible solution.

  4. I agree with the message Brett, but apart from combating diversity myth, we need a positive, and above all, meaningful identity of our own. Current surrogate identities we have, nation-state increasingly starting to fit this description by the day, offer nothing to stand for.

    We essentially value nothing, defend nothing, and stand for nothing. If we don’t form our own meaningful bonds, rooted in our own vision of life, we won’t be able to just pretend that we have values, or people which we defend.

    We need something more than just news stories to motivate us to action

    • The appeal of “MEGA” — Make Europeans Great Again — may address some of this. It is also inherent in Richard Spencer’s “Become Who You Are” and the four pillars described around here.

  5. Islamophobes forget that Islam had a great civilizing effect. Just read up on what Arabia was like BEFORE Muhammad. Islam even had a positive impact on Western Christendom through Aquinas and the rest. Would turning decent traditionalist Muslims into atheists and dissolving them into the Amerikan “melting pot” really lessen terrorist attacks? Realists need to attack this faulty narrative, not get behind it. We need to applaud efforts to set up new caliphates outside of Western countries without intervening militarily on either side, and should to a certain degree follow their example of developing a new conservative, spiritual culture here as well.

    • Svmmoned says:

      I think that many here are familiar with thought about Islam as a valid source of tradition. But we have our own sources, language and forms which are more appropriate for us and we simply strive for them instead.

    • Salger says:

      >Islam even had a positive impact on Western Christendom through Aquinas and the rest.

      You’re trying to spin the work of a man (Avveroes) who wasn’t a good Muslim as a credit to Islam.

      • You’re trying to spin a Maliki as not a “good Muslim”: more Western meddling in Islamic internal controversy that doesn’t address the West’s increasing racial miscegenation. You might as well say that Aquinas wasn’t a good Christian. Islam was once a force for good and can be once again as North Africans and Levantines are expelled from Europe back to their homelands.

  6. Bruno says:

    Just a little heads up Brett – what you wrote above about the goal of world domination by Leftism also applies to Islam.

    Islam will never be contained within a country (or group of countries), it’s goal is also world conquest and domination, it’s written in its DNA. The Jews know this very well.

    This is done through Jihad (violence and military invasion) and Hijrah (immigration and colonization), which is also in fact a sub-type of Jihad. They tried and were successful in the past with Jihad, conquering northern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, parts of Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia), etc. But they failed to conquer what would be their greatest prize – Europe and the West – because we were too strong. So they waited.

    A period in which Islam isn’t conquering land can only be temporary and will occur only because the lands they’re trying to conquer are inhabited by hostile populations with strong leadership, identity and military. Islam may appear dormant but they’re just waiting for an opportunity. When the conditions are right, as in the West today where oikophobic elites are facilitating the conquest.

    Leftists are convinced that “true” Islam is moderate and that what the Islamic State preaches is not true. We hear this stuff in our media ad nauseum. The reality is that this is just more wishful thinking from people so averse to reality that they need to create an alternative kumbaya utopia. In the real world, the caliph of the Islamic State – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – has a BA, MA, and PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, whilst our Leftist overlords masturbate to fantasies of “moderate” Islam.

    What you wrote above is absolutely correct – diversity has to go. But Islam is not like Confucianism or Hinduism, it is one of the most vicious ideologies in the world and must be banned. And if possible completely destroyed, otherwise it will always be around, dormant like herpes, just waiting for the next opportunity to attack.

    • I agree with you Bruno that we shouldn’t have Muslims in our countries; however, destabilizing the Muslim world with our armies is why they are finally taking over Europe as we speak. Maybe we should stop agitating against their culture and work harder to develop our own instead.

      • Bruno says:

        Our Leftist/Corporate overlords want to replace Whites in Greater Europe (The West) with other ethnic groups which are more compliant to Leftist policies and eliminate all competition because their utopias ultimately end up like Venezuela and they don’t want people comparing their results with such competition. Hence their One World Government wet dream with plenty of gulags to send all who mention reality/the truth.

        But it’s irrelevant that our overlords are destroying our countries with regards to the mission of Muslims of turning the entire world into an Islamic Caliphate. This is their greatest imperative and they will only stay dormant if the non-Muslims are strong enough to force them into that state. But if it wasn’t Muslims it would other groups. It’s just that Muslims are taking advantage of this opportunity to advance their imperative of conquest.

        And it’s not just race either, even though this may be the strongest component. In Switzerland, I believe most Muslims are Bosnians and Albanians/Kosovans and they’re just as terrible as the Arabs and Somalis. And to make matters worse, some time ago, I saw an interview with an imam of the Basel mosque and he said explicitly that Islam can’t be reformed, because for them it is the literal word of God. They’re not going to change.

        My point is, Brett is right when he says diversity doesn’t work. This is becoming more and more obvious to everyone in the West. But ultimately, we should seek to completely destroy Islam, even if that means replacing them with Hindus, Buddhists or even green Martians in their territories. Whites in White countries and Buddhists/Hindus/etc in their own countries is something we can manage and live with. But not Islam. Islam is a vicious stone age herpes intent on conquering the entire world. They’ll never leave “others” alone.

        We can’t just focus on defense, at some point we need to go on the offense.

        • Crusades went poorly when the West was ascendant. Will they go better now that we are degrading, fragmenting and declining? I say kick them out and use the South Euros, East Euros, Russians, Turks, Persians, Hindus, Chinese and Negroes as buffers as in olden times. Why must Northwest Euros ALWAYS take the initiative against Islam? Let these others who are closer to them in spirit and blood fight them or make peace with them as they wish. Islam is not the omnipresent threat you make it out to be. Do you really suppose worse idols wouldn’t emerge from Mecca’s ruins? Our true enemies are Crowdist whites. Expel the parasites and Islamic terrorist attacks against western targets will cease.

  7. Salger says:

    BanIslam is misguided since it’s under the New Atheist (who have Leftys highly represented among their spokesmen) assumption that Islam is some corrupting force triggering members of select populations (Negroids, Arabs and Arabized populations) to chimpout. Being proper Leftys the NAs follow a form of Blank Slateism and so harp on Islam for its “sexism”, “intolerance”, and whatever methods of pandering to victim groups (women, fags) instead of having hordes of 80s IQ overly inbred muds as immigrants. For more on this:


  8. EX says:

    The only things that matter are genetics and environment, which influence and feed on one another. Everything else is just ripples on the surface.

  9. NotMe says:

    Our Nationalism must include the right and duty to protect and defend ourselves. This obviously includes borders, and deporting and exiling those who may want to kill, harm, or racemix our people out of existence. The problem with muslums is similar to the problem with the police. Unless and until the “good” ones will willingly eliminate the “bad” ones from their ranks, none of them can be truly trusted or called “good”.

  10. Claudia Roth says:

    The same people who are panicking about islam love the nanny state that caused the declining demographics and rampant hedonism in the first place. Oh no, a bunch of un-educated third worlders are moving into our country! Soon we won’t have welfare and national old age pension anymore! Get rid of them so we can continue to enjoy drugs and fornication and not have children.

  11. epleguy says:

    It’s worth mentioning that “islam” and “muslims” are simply euphemisms for “other” in Europe.

  12. Missy says:

    I haven’t seen any leftist 3rd world nations. I think leftism is a psychological response to a civilizations material wealth and decadence…. so in order to get leftism you need a 1st world nation, … and in order to get a 1st world nation, you need high IQ. This may be a cyclical problem.

    • It seems cyclical because first world nations devolve to third world ones, at which point they are stable in the big picture and unstable at a local/immediate level.

  13. Avraham Rosenblum says:

    John Locke did not think Islam is compatible with the kind of free society he envisioned. That makes sense to me after what I have seen from Muslim in areas where they are in control. When they are not in control for some reason they make extra effort to behave like model citizens. I think that is a part of soft jihad. [You have to see the actual statement in the Two Treatises. It is an eye opener.]