Balkanization / Patchwork Accelerates With Calls For “Bluexit”

Leftism fragments societies like all forms of individualism because it acts against order, which includes hierarchy, and therefore creates internal competition for power in those societies, causing themselves to tear themselves apart with infighting. This results in a “flat hierarchy” with a few leaders ruling over a raging mob.

When societies fragment, the first act is to try to guarantee the ability to exist apart from the insanity through “cultural libertarianism” or “freedom of association” or some other similar idea. These, like the American Constitution, consist of allowing some to break away from the rest through rule of law, which fails because the mob then just changes the law:

In a prior age, this problem was mostly solved through free association, home owner associations and covenants. People in that neighborhood would have prevented the threat to their property values by prohibiting the sale of houses to people who did not belong. It was not entirely fair, of course, but it allowed people to protect their property rights without having to resort to lying. As is always the case, there were trade-offs, but at least their was a natural way for people to guard their rights as property owners and citizens.

…Free association is illegal now. If a real estate agent is too obvious in how they handle these things, they face disciplinary action from the real estate board. A homeowner, who refuses to sell or rent to whoever shows up, can easily find themselves in front of a judge. Freedom of association is no longer a right in America. Everyone has to seek permission from the state before they can make these decisions. That means finding a place to live has become a game of cat and mouse for middle-class families.

Nice, decent, friendly people think they can write laws and that these words then have magical properties such that they cannot be violated. In reality, either the terms, the interpretations or the laws are changed to be inverted, or to do exactly the opposite of what they originally were intended to do.

As a result, the cultural libertarian / freedom of association types find themselves unable to break away from the mob, which was their intent in the first place. Anyone with experience in this world knows that most people are disasters caused by their own poor decision-making. As a result, groups always demand free stuff and the right to be included everywhere.

The next attempt by the functional people is to try to escape the dysfunctional masses by creating separate states. In this way, they think, they will be safe from the insanity and free to pursue their own path. As the Confederacy found out, however, this merely incenses the mob, which then attacks en masse.

However, a better way for this to happen is to encourage the dysfunctional mob to break away and then to isolate them economically, politically and culturally:

[I]t’s time for blue states and cities to effectively abandon the American national enterprise, as it is currently constituted. Call it the New Federalism. Or Virtual Secession. Or Conscious Uncoupling—though that’s already been used. Or maybe Bluexit.

…We won’t formally secede, in the Civil War sense of the word. We’ll still be a part of the United States, at least on paper. But we’ll turn our back on the federal government in every way we can, just like you’ve been urging everyone to do for years, and devote our hard-earned resources to building up our own cities and states.

…For starters, we now endorse cutting the federal income tax to the bone—maybe even doing the full Wesley Snipes and abolishing it altogether. We will raise our state and local taxes accordingly to pay for anything we might need or want. We ask nothing more from you and your federal government. Nothing for infrastructure, or housing, or the care of the poor and sick—not that you gave us much, anyway. All we want is our money, and you can keep yours, dollar for dollar.

In other words, go back to the Constitutional Confederation and un-do what has happened under the Constitution, and make America into a confederation — that tricky word, again — of states, not a unified country. The article claims some dubious things, such as how blue states fund red states, which is nonsense when you consider that blue state funding goes toward federally-mandated programs in those red states, which are otherwise just fine without blue state money.

This type of balkanization is the first step toward actual nation breakup. It will probably not work the way that Bluexit supporters hope, because eventually the nation will have to decide on things like foreign policy, and the two will be at odds. This means red staters fighting for blue state ideology or vice-versa, and that will provoke national collapse.

However, it has a positive side: it will remove the power of the federal government and allow the states to again be “laboratories” where different policies are tested. This will in turn concentrate all of the social decay in some areas, and let the other areas thrive by being family-centric and culturally-centric. The Right always wins under these conditions.

But, much like freedom of association, it will not stand. As the collapse happens, the various balkanized groups will begin forming alliances such that they can control the North American landmass. At that point, it will become clear that one can never run away from civilization decay: the only solution is to stop the bad leadership and relocate those that do not fit in the traditional civilization.

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7 Responses to “Balkanization / Patchwork Accelerates With Calls For “Bluexit””

  1. Dirtnapninja says:

    The Chinese have a saying.

    The Empire, long divided, must Unite
    The Empire, Long United, Must Divide

  2. States Rights. Freedom of association. Absolutely true.

  3. JPW says:

    Yes! Please. California Exit Alles!!!!

  4. Joe says:

    I think a Calexit is very possible and probably necessary. It’s very similar to the USSR break up of 1991. There was really no cultural connection between East Germans and people in Far East Russia or say Kazakhstan. Californias are the same way to people in Maine and Alaska. Diversity doesn’t stretch that far. I think we’re headed to the inevitable fate of every other multi ethnic empire in human history.

  5. Priss Factor says:

    This article by Israel Shamir is instructive about the way of power.

    Shamir writes:

    “Russia’s connection with the Alt-Right is a figment of the imagination. The Alt-Right has its Russian counterpart, the well-known philosopher and student of Heidegger, Alexander Dugin and his followers. They are faring worse than the Alt-Right in the West. Dugin is often presented as ‘Putin’s adviser’, but he has never so much as met Putin tête-à-tête. Dugin supports Putin, but Putin does not support Dugin. The philosopher has been pushed out of Moscow State University, landed in a marginal internet TV channel, and it is rumoured he is even being pushed out of that channel. His views are less acceptable in Russia than those of Bannon are in the US. RT, the Russian TV channel, news agency and site, is always cautious, like the BBC. Recently, an Alt-Right American of Russian origin, Nina Kouprianova, whose witty twitter has many followers, far from being a ‘Moscow Mouthpiece’, as the beastly Daily Beast claimed, had her articles removed from the RT site. Her full-blooded support for Putin did not help her at all. Dugin is not a frequent guest in the RT, or on any major Russian channel.”

    It goes to show that POWER is the decisive factor.

    An organization will defer to the Power even if it is hostile while dismissing(even abusing) the Powerless even if it is supportive.

    Jewish Americans, by and large, are anti-Russian, but they have the power. So, Russia goes out of its way not to offend American Jews even though American Jews pull every trick in the book to destroy Russia.

    But Nina Kouprianova and Alt Right people who defend Russia from globalism? They got no power and are of no consequence. So, they get ignored, or worse, even persecuted by Russian government to appease the powerful Jews who rule America.

    Stalin was the same way. He knew Hitler was anti-Soviet. But Stalin feared Hitler and was willing to accommodate him, at least until Hitler decided to invade in 1941. Anything to avoid war with Germany. Stalin even beat up on fellow leftists who urged different tact with Hitler because he feared Hitler and wanted to avoid a war with Germany. Germany was consequential because it had the power even if its ideology was very anti-communist. So, Stalin sent a signal to Hitler, “I’m with you than with communists who denounce me for making pact with Germany.”

    In the end, power has consequence. If you are faced with a big strong person who hates you, you must do things to ease the tension and goad him to be nicer. He can crush or seriously harm you, after all. If a weakling stands up for you, he is of no value since he has no power. Also, if the big strong guy who hates you demands that you punch the weakling(who supports you), you may well do it to appease the big guy to avoid conflict.

    Way of power.

    Same way in the US. Alt Right is supportive of Trump, American Jews loathe him. But Trump defers to Jews and dismisses the Alt Right cuz they got power.

    Defer to the power that slaps you and slap the powerless that supports you.

    Power decides. It can decide live or die.

    Here is a classic case of deferring to the Power(Big Potato) that opposes you while sidelining the relatively powerless(small potato).

    Your support has no value if you can’t back it up with power.

    Suppose there is an elephant, a rhino, and warthog.

    Elephant is stronger than rhino which is stronger than warthog.

    Elephant hates the rhino, and warthog likes the rhino.

    Elephant can do much damage to the rhino, and the warthog can’t do much to help the rhino.

    So, rhino’s well-being depends on defusing the rage of the hateful elephant than in summoning the support of the friendly warthog lacking in power.

    Indeed, if the elephant tells the rhino, “I will maybe go easier on you if you kick the warthog”, the rhino may do just that EVEN THOUGH the elephant hates the rhino while the warthog likes the rhino.

    It’s just how power works. No sense in being sour about it. We have to be reptilian and cold-blooded in assessing power. Machiavellianism.

    Indeed, this was the weakness of American democracy. People voted for politicians, but the real power of money and influence was held by globalist elites. So, once elected, the GOP politicians did the bidding of globalists who really loathed them while betraying the voters who hung their hopes on them.

    Trump signaled differently. He said he would take on the Establishment, and that set off panic. The Establishment attacked him all out, and so Trump had to appease them by appointing mostly same old same old. Trump has to defer to the power, even if it hates him. People who voted for him may support him, but they don’t have the PULL in institutions and industries.

    Even so, Alt Right has some real cards up its sleeves. Courage, conviction, honesty, and truthfulness are a kind of power. In the end, strong-willed conviction can move mountains. Christians and communists started out without power. But they had doggedness and determination. And they turned the world upside down.

    Even the biggest fire began with a little spark. The trick is keep the fire going against the wind and rain and looking for places where it is most likely to be spreads. Places with dry leaves. Alt Right fire must seek out dry leaves. Whites angry with anti-white-ism and globalist supremacism that can be traced back to Jews.

  6. Elenka says:

    Perhaps the predictions of Igor Panarin that the US will break up aren’t so far off………

  7. Diane D says:

    We should put more faith in what replaces a wicked government intent on destroying us rather than saving it. Think new borders and being with people having like values and culture.

    Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Imagine if that country were God-fearing and large enough to defend itself.