Americans do not trust diversity

Recently, American citizens were polled regarding whether the “melting pot” (diversity; multiculturalism) is weakening us as a nation:

However, nearly seven in ten say that immigrants are a burden on the taxpayer, 62 percent think they add to the crime problem, and 59 percent believe they take jobs away from Americans. – CNN

Nearly 70% of Americans think immigrants are a tax burden, and almost that number think they cause crime.

What are they telling us here? Let me advance some thoughts:

  • Diversity doesn’t work. Forget racism; it’s stupid. Forget happy hippie kumbaya horsepuckey; it’s equally stupid. Let’s look at the reality of the situation: more than one culture cannot occupy the same space without causing inevitable conflict. The idea that we can isolate ourselves in our apartments and “ignore” social change without being affected is a modern phantasm of the mind. What if we wanted to integrate with a culture that supported cannibalism, or female circumcision, or coprophagia? It’s not our place to tell them they’re wrong, but we might point out that conflict is inevitable and “tolerance” only makes the problem worse by forcing us to ignore the underlying conflict until it explodes.
  • Supporting diversity is a way to climb socially. People who want to look benevolent and generous to others look for pity targets. If you find a disadvantaged group, whether orphans, the developmentally disabled, the ill, the impoverish or the minority, it’s a way for you to show other people that you’re better than them.
  • People who want to come here are fleeing disaster zones. If your country is stable, happy and prosperous, you don’t want to come here. You’ve already got a good life. But if your country is a corrupt kleptocracy, ridden with disease and warfare, where most people are making poor life decisions, heck yeah you want to get here. Only there’s a problem: if people in that country had any clue, the country wouldn’t have gotten into that state. So we’re importing clueless and damaged people.
  • Diversity supporters are giant racists. When you ask them why they like diversity, their answer always includes ethnic food, if it’s not limited to that. They usually talk about different perspectives, as if you have to be from a different culture to think outside the box, but then they get back to ethnic food. What they really mean is that having lots of cheap labor enables them to live above their income level. In fact, the entire American economy is tanking because people lived above their income level, in part thanks to cheap Mexican indio labor.

With the events of the past week, in which the left finally saw (and will immediately forget) what a racism accusation does to a career, the American white middle class is pulling back. When diversity was spun to them as helping other people, they thought it was a great idea. Now they’re seeing that it has an inherent cost, which is that the white middle class becomes the “giver” and an endless stream of people coming into the country become the “takers.”

And even worse, in the meantime our culture loses focus; we no longer have a culture, but we’re like an open-air mall. You want food? Go to the food court. You want athletics? Downstairs. But there’s no organizing principle to it all, like a culture should be. In the absence of culture, government and corporations gain more control of us.

These are the things zinging around in the heads of Americans as they answer polls about whether the “melting pot” has strengthened us or weakened us. The answer is probably more complex: it has diluted us, confused us, and left us with a war zone of crime, disorganization and constant blame against anyone who has more than the newcomers.

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  1. SAM says:

    While I agree that immigrants tend to run rampant & stir a lot of trouble, I for one am black & I’m a American born citizen. In your article, you keep referring to “white middle class”. “White middle class becomes the ‘giver'”. “The American white middle class is pulling back.” Do you think all minorities are lowdown, dirty & don’t have any class? I work, own a home & appreciate being an American.

    This country does need to rectify the problem of illegal immigrants but I can tell you that just completely dumping them back where they came from won’t work at all. We need to help other countries establish better forms of government & replenish their economy so there won’t be a need for them to come here & possibly even do away with outsourcing. Who knows? It’s just a thought.

    • Doug Vance says:

      Who helped the American settlers establish better forms of government and replenish their economy with the result that Americans did not emigrate? There is no socializing better societies when the people themselves, as gene expression composites, who make these societies, are what needs to improve.

  2. John Walters says:

    ‘We need to help other countries establish better forms of government & replenish their economy ‘

    Sorry, between Goldman Sachs and Madoff, all the USA money has been stolen by other ethnic groups.

    There’s nothing left to pay for handouts to Americans, much less other countries.

  3. Steve says:

    Realistically America can’t fix every damaged country and it’s ridiculous to think that we should spend money and resources to do so when the infrastructure here is rapidly falling to shambles.

    We should be friendly with other countries and encourage them and their people to do the necessary work to make their nations strong and prosperous, but we can’t do it for them.

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